Friday, November 11, 2011

So It has been forever since I have been on here. I have been crazy busy and just getting use to life with 3 kids. It has been pretty tough but it is finally getting easier. I think it was so hard because we moved and were remodeling with a newborn who turned into a crawler and into a toddler all while doing the remodel. We have slowed down on the remodeling and Jude has started playing and playing hard by himself. : ) I have enjoyed getting to take more pictures and being creative again.

Cade and Lane are doing very well in school. I'm so proud of them. Cade has only 1 B and the rest A's. He recently got saved. Wahooo! And this Sunday he gets baptized. I'm so excited! He has doing so well about helping me around the house. He has a huge heart and likes to get prizes for his brothers with his own money.

And Lane is at the top of his class. In Kindergarten he is already reading!! I can't believe how much he knows. I do have to give his teacher credit because she is amazing (Mrs. Midgett)! He loves reading, he is a fantastic big brother. Jude just adores him! He makes us laugh and he gets so shy at times.

Jude like I said is playing really well on his own. He loves horses! He loves to rough house with his big brothers. He isnt potty trained yet but he does pee in the potty at least once a day. I'm not pushing him because I have learned with the other two you just encourage and when they are ready it will be alot easier on me and on him. He isn't 3 yet so there isn't any need for me to stress about it. He melts my heart.

Chad is doing well. He gets bored because he is stuck on the house all day. But he had been deer hunting. He got his deer for this year. That was special because we all came out to check it out. That meant a lot to Chad. And the boys thought it was cool. I have a picture with chad and his boys but for some reason can't find it right now.

Gus... well he is just large. : ) He is such a good dog. The most annoying thing about him is his size. : ) But that is the worst thing I can say about him. He asks to go outside and is so great with the boys especially Jude. Yes they are using him as a pillow

Jude actually crawled up there and fell asleep.

And he keeps Chad company at work. : )

So we are doing well just staying very busy. : )