Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I got everything done yesterday except to get will's package sent. : ( I'm doing it this morning!!! I have to wait until they open. Lane woke up feeling HOT!! I gave him some tylenol and held him while i figured out a puzzle. He started feeling fine. so we went to walmart to try and find something to eat. when we got home, chad was home from texturing his dads entry way. I fixed supper and then we went and washed the pilot, it was bugged out from chads trip. We came home did baths, and the boys went to bed. Chad and I did a rating for Cade (for the speech therapy).

Cade woke me up around 1 a.m. coughing like crazy! so i got up gave him some benadryl and water. He grinned at me. He is so sweet. He had another coughing fit when I was in there so I told him to calm down, he did and stopped coughing. I didn't really here him the rest of the night. It was hard for me to go back to sleep. I didn't finally go until after 2:14.

This morning this morning this morning!!! I got up and went to get in the shower. Cade came in and wanted me, I gave him a hug and told him he could go lay on the couch (he just layed in the bathroom floor, and Lane woke up screaming momma! i was in the shower by this point and he came in the bathroom hysterical. it wasn't a very relaxing shower! Lane finally calmed down. They ate breakfast and got dressed - very nicely. On the way to Cade's school a light came on in the pilot. I think the tire pressure is low. I also filled up with gas and when the pump stopped i just hung the thing back up. It isn't even full!!! Oh well! I took Lane to school and when I opened up the door to get him out I knew it wasn't going to be a very good drop off. Yep I was right!! He cried again!! I guess I need to make sure they are in bed way earlier! Now I'm home and just want to take a nap!!! : ) Too much to do in a mom's world. Hopefully I can take that nap with lane. : ) We pick bryson up today. I told the boys but they weren't fully awake so they are going to be excited after school. Bryson is excited, he told his teacher this morning. : ) He won't be here long but it doesn't matter too me, he is good when he comes over.

I have a guilt trip!! So yesterday I picked up the speech therapy papers and filled them out. I passed it a long to his teacher and told her that I didn't want him to get behind so I went ahead and got this all started. I left feeling bad that I didn't talk to her before I did it. She told me that she was going to talk to us about it at parent teacher conferences which is sometime in October. I figured she was, I have just been so worried about this for a long time and there is something I can do about it. This morning I dropped off the last part and told her that we could hold off if she thought we should. She said she talked to the prinicipal and was told since I requested it that it had to go through. I FEEL HORRIBLE!!! She said Cade was doing a lot better. I feel like I hurt her feelings. I'm so thankful that Cade got her. He has learned so much and loves going. I can see how his speech will improve with the different things they are doing. And I trust her judgement. I just didn't know when it was a good time to talk to her so thought I would get paperwork stuff done first so no one was waiting on me!! I want to write her a note or just tell her how I feel so she doesn't think I went behind her back. GOSH!!!

I better do my hair and get ready to go to the post office. I need to do some dishes and laundry too!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday we did nothing!! it was great! The boys and I stayed in our pjs all day long until 5:30!! Chad woke up and went and helped is dad. He got home around noon. We just vegged!! it was nice to have my family all together. : ) After supper we went for a walk/bike ride. Cade didn't get to ride his bike the whole time because he rode in the middle of the street. Hope he learned his lesson.

Cade's allergies are bothering him. He hasn't had any problems with that until now.

I dropped the boys off at school. Lane cried when I dropped him off. I think he was really tired. I went to get paper work for speech therapy for cade. I talked to his teacher after school today and she said most kids are talking fine by the end of pre-k. I'm going to give her the rest of the paperwork and tell her I'm up for whatever she thinks we should do.

Heidi and I went for a walk this morning. it was cold!! I got the boys and came home. Lane stripped down like normal and went and layed on the couch. i think he might have a fever. : ( He got in trouble for not talking to daddy so he had to go to his room, where he fell asleep on his bed. it is 2 and he still hasn't eaten lunch.

Cade and i ate lunch and he has been talking NON stop since we got home from school!!! He usually doesn't talk this much!!! LOl!! We ate lunch and then got Will's birthday presents ready to send. Cade is so excited!!! : ) He did a good job helping me. We also got some school papers together. Calley keeps all of zaine's papers in big folders so they are all together and in order of his age. So I stole her idea!! I finally got 2 big folders and put some papers in there. I still need to get the earlier papers together.

I got on the computer to check my email and cade got a chair and sat beside me - still talking non-stop!!! The baby started kicking and i told him so he keeps checking my stomach to see if he can feel our baby. : )

I have been really worried because I haven't felt him move very much. On saturday i had a big cry and deep conversation with God. Sunday, I felt him lots and same today!! God is awesome!! : ) i better go write some checks, call a few places, do a puzzle with Cade and hopefully we can go by the post office to mail that package!! oh and we have to run by the store to get something for supper!! I think Chad is going over to his dads to texture their entry way. I think that is all for today. : )

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So today my pictures got moved to 2:30. I got a call at 11:50 when I was walking out the door!! I really wasn't sure when they would be but got a phone call at 2:15. I was a little irritated but it wasn't so bad. I had fun doing them, and they didn't take very long. They were all really nice people.

I actually called chad to see if they wanted cokes from sonic (happy hour) and didn't get a hold of anyone, so i drove by the house. Still no one home, so i went by walmart for Rick. He is doing the mural for a friend of his and so chad has been helping him. I didn't get enough stuff for them to do the protective coating on it so i went and got them some more. Chad was home by the time i got here and they had went by sonic!!! i didn't go because I didn't want anyone to feel left out! oh well i need water anyway.

chad got home around 5:30 and then went to guys night out not long after. Needless to say I miss my husband. Haven't seen much of him since he got back! he is going back up to help his dad tomorrow. guess it is just me and the boys again. Can you tell i'm a little down. I have been lately. I have been pretty emotional. I just want to cry!! It will get better, it always does.

The boys and I got mazzio's for pizza and watching spiderman. It is 8:35 and Cade is still eating (after an hour), Lane and I are all ready for bed!! I'm going to go lay my big booty on the couch with my number 2 boy and relax (if i can). i hope tomorrow i will have a better day!
We got Cade from school and drove around looking at some garage sales. I'm looking for a nice looking high chair. I have one but it is ugly and big! So if i don't find one then i can live with this one.

Oh Cade didn't get a sticker today at school because he hit someone!! what the heck!! ggggrrrr!!

We came home at lunch and layed down. i was the first one to go and then Lane. Cade just played nicely in the floor. After I woke up, I made some cookies and organized the garage a little bit. The boys helped me with the garage which made it go so much faster!

It was time to go to the tailgaiting thing for the homecoming football game. We got there and Lane freaked out. I guess with all the people and the noise. Plus they hate when they can't find me so that is a little scary that that can happen. There was hotdogs and hamburgers out there but the boys refused to eat so we went and watched the big kids throw the football through the hoop. After they were done all the little guys went out there. They had a ball. i made them quit because some other kids were coming in a taking their footballs away from them and just being rough. Made me mad and the boys were so sad! Cade wanted to get his face painted so we waited in line for that. then we came home because Chad should be home. Yeah he was. We put jeans on and got ready for the football game. I painted on Lane's face - he was too scared out there to do it. We went by sonic and got something to eat. The game was ok. the boys stressed me out i couldn't see the dance team or cheerleaders very well, and waited forever with crazy kids at the concession stand. I told a girl that i graduated with I don't remember it being like this and she said because it wasn't! I got to thinking and it wasn't and I know I was way more considerate then most of those kids out there. i had three little girls cut in front of me. I finally said, hey what is going on, I was next the last three times. She let me go, but dang I waited too long for little kids to be like that! we sat by rick and glenna which was really nice. I don't see glenna very much - so it was nice just to be there with her. We watched half time and then left. i was way too stressed out, plus it was getting late and I was tired!

Chad left this morning to help his dad with a project and he will be back around 11:35 to relieve me. i have pictures to take at noon. i'm kind of nervous but there isn't much i can do. It is for a family reunion and I'm taking group shots. Not to much to it. Just have to line them up in rows, kind of boring. i just hope everything goes fine. I went to school with two of the people there and chad graduated with another one. So I'm a little nervous on that part.

i better get in the shower and calm the boys down!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yesterday we drove to Liberal for Cade's doctors appt. The ride wasn't too bad considering the car doesn't have ac. The ride back was a lot warmer!! We went and looked around walmart. I was going to get some fabric but forgot measurements and the comforter to match!!! We did get will's birthday present. His bday was on monday. I didn't realize it was already september so i didn't call him. I still haven't!! i'm terrible!! Cade wanted to buy him every toy. He was so excited to pick out his presents. He took his time and found what he wanted. We then went to Cade's appt. It was for his ears. The doctor said there is no more fluid and he looks perfect. He told me I could start him on speech therapy. I need to call Glenna or talk to Mrs. Dudley to see what I need to do to get that going.

When we got back we met bryson, heidi, and rylee at the park so the boys could ride bikes. Bryson just got a big bike so he is in too that. The boys enjoy being able to ride in a big space. We stayed there for about an hour. We left and had to go by walmart to get a few things for supper. I also got the boys shirts and iron ons.

When we got home, I put them in the bath and fixed supper. They ate and was in bed by 8:15. We didn't even have to read books. i had some much needed quiet, watch anything on tv, crying time. I also had to get the printer uploaded on the computer so i could print out there iron ons. that was a pain, but finally got it working. i stayed up until 2!! i hate when chad is gone. : ) I don't know how wives are able to do it!!! Calley how do you get any sleep!! : )

This morning the phone rang at 6:57! it was chad with my wake up call. : ) I don't know if I would have ever gotten up. LOL! He was very sweet and made me smile - which is hard to do at 6:57 in the morning. LOl! I did the boys shirts. they didn't turn out very well. i don't know why, but the iron ons wouldn't stick very well! i think i did everything right. i just gave up and kept them as they are. the boys still like them. lane and I dropped cade off and here we are. i need to get in the shower and get will's package ready to send. wish i could go back to bed. : )

chad will be home this evening. WAHOOO!! he wasn't even gone long, but i miss him and my car. : ) i better get going on the day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i know i already posted this morning but thought since i had some time i would get some pictures on here. the first ones are of the boys and their babies. Cades is "baby owen" and lanes is "nemo". that kid just can't get over the name nemo!!! LOL!! They fell in love with these things. Cade doesn't do much right now with his but lane carries his around.

The next picture is of Kung Fu Tiger Monday. Since it is homecoming Cade's school is doing all this fun stuff (just in case you haven't read my other blogs about it. ) I decided to make cade an outfit and of course lane had to have one too! Cade wore is all day. He loved it. Lane loved it until he got home and stripped down. Didn't hurt my feelings cause that is just what the kid does when he gets home!! they got to pick out the tiger they wanted on their shirts - so that made it even more special. Lane wore he shirt yesterday (wed.). He loves it. Tomorrow is actual homecoming so i think we are going to go get orange shirts and do an iron on, so they have a few "tiger shirts". At Cade's school they have every friday as orange and black day and Cade only had one shirt so now he could have a choice of three different ones. : ) I guess I better get somethings done today!!
oh so i drove the car today after a month driving the pilot and i must say i am spoiled!! not that the car is a bad car (i'm really grateful for it), just that the pilot is just so new!! : )
Not much happening around here. We had a normal day yesterday. Cade got his school pictures taken. The photographer called him spike and Cade thought that was so funny.

our computer crashed and it had to be rebooted. The good news is my pictures were still in the folders but everything else was wiped out!!! I'm so tired of computer problems!! At least I can get on a do my basic stuff. I just need to buy adobe so i can do my job!! Which is fairly expensive.

We went out to eat last night and then cleaned out the pilot for Chad. He left this morning and will be back tomorrow. Fast trip to go to work and take a class.

I started ready a book about birth order. Haven't gotten into the real explaining part yet.

I better go and get the boys ready for school. Lane has pictures and Cade has sports day (wear favorite sports team).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yesterday: Cade loved wearing his karate outfit. He was one of the very few in his class to dress up and he looked awesome!!

When we got home after school, Chad found a full can of paint (the right paint) so I did two coats in the hallway.

Not much happend yesterday. I fixed supper and the chicken tasted funny - so we ate corn dogs! gggrrrr!

Today: Today was crazy hair day at school. I didn't know what to do with cade - his hair is always crazy. The handbook had stated no color sprays in the hair so I marked that one off my list. Guess what, lots of kids had it in their hair!! So today Cade was one of the few that didn't participate! I felt horrible. Tomorrow is picture day. I forgot to pick out an outfit before bed so i have to figure it out in the morning. He wants to wear the dragon flame shirt that I made him!! i'm not sure but I might let him.

After I dropped the boys off I went over to Heidi's. We have been doing pretty good with walking. We are so tired when we are done - which is good. We started last week and went Monday, tuesday, wednesday and so far we are doing good this week. I think we should be able to do it on thursday of this week because the little guys have school for pictures.

i went to walmart and got a few things. i lost my list somewhere in there and had to try and remember what i needed. i saw calley there. it was good to see her free! : ) I'm glad that she gets some time to herself now, everyone needs it!

I fixed lunch, took a shower and the boys and I layed down. Cade, of course, didn't go to sleep but Lane and I did for two hours!! I was so tired! My body really needed it, except everyone is already in bed (including chad) and i'm not tired. : )

i fixed supper, which was ok, a little too spicy! I fixed the boys a pb&j. Chad hung up blinds in the computer room!! WAHOOOO!!! i hate not having windows covered. : ) i started organizing the garage!! it is a mess! i got everything but all the tools and crap done. : ) I'm going to get an organizer tomorrow and get that all organized. it would be a lot less stressful to find things and to just look in the garage. plus i have a few photography sessions coming up so it needs to be done.

I also got a new purse so I moved everything over. That is about it. My teeth feel so much better. : )

I was trying to post pictures of my kung fu tigers but for some reason it won't pull it up. i will try later. i'm going to go and finish watching the end of dancing with the stars!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday night I went to girls night out. I must say that i love my girls. We didn't do much but just being able to be around them is great. I think I might talk too MUCH!! : ) We ate and then went to stage and just looked around. Then we decided to take Calley and Misty dragging main. LOL!!

Saturday, I woke up, fixed french toast, took a shower and went and took some family pictures. I think they turned out pretty good and the family is just awesome!! Afterwards I stopped and took some pictures of sunflowers, and went to main street to see if i could find any deals, then stopped off at the family dollar. I'm wanting to get strollers for the boys but I can only find pink or purple ones! When I got home Chad had decided to start redoing the hallway. So he textured pretty much all day. I made the boys some pants and ties. This week it is homecoming so all the schools (public) get to be apart of doing fun stuff this week. Tomorrow is "Kung Fu Tiger" - dress up in martial arts stuff. So I made them black pants, orange band to go around waist, head and upperarms (orange of course) and then got black t-shirts to wear. Tonight I Ironed on a tiger that has kung fu tiger below it. Lane is in private school but still wanted to do it so I'm letting him. : ) i also got the pictures from earlier fixed and emailed to the family. went to be around 3 a.m.!!!

Sunday - woke up, warmed up french toast, and went to walmart. I had to get primer, ceiling paint and the colored paint. They didn't have the brand that I use and they guy reassured me the paint would match with the rest of the house (it was the expensive paint that i got). We got everything painted, chad got two doors hung and guess what!? The paint doesn't match!!! it is way to glossy even though it is a satin finish!!! so guess where I'm calling tomorrow to get a refund on the other paint can we didn't use!! They better give me one. He said the only difference is that it is more durable! how about more shiny!! so after a hard days work we looked back and hated the paint!!! I'm pretty mad because I had to clean up and all that jazz (boys bath, supper, boys bed) after working hard all day!! Now i get to paint over it! GGRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Plus the boys weren't very good today because Chad and I were working on the house, and the iron ons that I got for the black shirts is not what i wanted!!! at least we got a lot done today. we just have to do a coat on the walls and touch up the touch ups in the spare room!! it is now 10:51 - i'm tired, my feet and back hurt and I don't know if i can sleep. maybe tomorrow i will be in a better mood. : )

oh i picked up the babies mattress yesterday. Looks pretty good! I also found two pairs of pants for the boys (thanks heidi) and it equaled $10! Found something for my new niece!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I got all the Mdo pictures past out. So far I haven't heard any complaints. I'm sure there is some out there.

I finally got the wedding dvd done!! WAHOOOOO!!! Now i need to finish a collage. I do have family pics this weekend, next weekend family pics, and maybe next week baby and family pics. There has been a couple people asking about senior pictures. It comes in groups and then gives me time in there.

I got my braces tightened yesterday and I have to wear rubber bands. He said in 8 wks I should be looking really good. : ) I'm def. feeling the pain!! The lady was pretty rough with me this time. It is close to when I first got them on. I'm up for the challenge though. I already see some awesome progress!

I also had my doctors appt. Everything went really well. She had a hard time determining the heartbeat because he was moving all around! I loved it! His heartbeat was 158. She said the way I'm carrying and different signs she thinks it is a girl. Man, is she going to be suprised!! : ) I got Oct. 16th for my doctors ultrasound. I don't feel him a whole lot, but at least i feel him a little. I can't wait until it is more and all my boys can feel him. : ) that is going to be so cool!

I got laundry pretty much caught up, there is a load in the dryer, i went through my closet and weeded out clothes I can't wear, and replaced them with ones I can. In the process of doing that I organized the maternity clothes that are too big and those that are too small. I got my package ready for my pictures tomorrow.

oh last night chad and i did a lot of touch ups on the computer room. there is just a little bit more touch up to do and it will be DONE!! Chad will prob. finish it tonight. It is just painting the brown paint in the inside of the windows and touching up and places on the wall. shouldn't take that long. all the white stuff is done!! i'm so excited. As soon as we get done i will post some pictures! it is a BIG difference!

Today Cade drew a picture at school. The color this week was blue. he did color the shirt blue but for some reason when i posted it on here it turned orange. I don't know. I haven't talked to him about the picture yet, I just found it, but I LOVE IT!! i love that this guy has ears. : ) thought i would post it.

Funny story!!! Heidi is prob. already laughing because she knows what it is! Heidi picked the boys up from mdo for me yesterday and they went to her house to play. I went over there to visit a little bit and let all the boys play. Heidi had been feeding rylee - when the boys found bryson's baby doll. Well Lane took to that thing. (i'm going to be getting cade and lane both one). Bryson said it was time for the baby to eat lunch. So what does Lane do, he pulls up his shirt and puts the babys face in his chest and says the baby is eating from my tummy (remember heidi is breastfeeding rylee)! He did that several times - I couldn't help but laugh, well I was crying from laughing so hard. But I did explain to him that boys feed babies with bottles or spoons, and only mommies can feed babies like that. it was really cute!!!

tonight is Girls night out (gno)! we are just going out to eat, but it will be fun. the last gno we had we talked for two hours at the restaurant.

OH... thanks to heidi and diana i found a baby mattress for cheap!!! I'm going to call the lady and maybe go pick it up tonight!! WAHOO! now it is time to go on to the next thing to stress out about! finding a computer armoire!!! i have been looking but nothing. I like the one heidi has but i need a lighter color and i can't find it. I am hoping to look when i go on my girls trip.

i better go and finish getting things organized. I need to put the rest of my reg. clothes in its bin in the shed!! i also posted a picture of my nursery stuff.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

hmmmm, Trying to remember where I left off. Chad made it home safe. He was broke (from losing all his money) but he was safe and had a great time. We went over to Rick and Glenna's on Sunday. It was a nice visit. Cade was cranky for most of it, but maybe he should take his nap during the afternoon. : ) I decided to call them up and ask if they wanted to get together since it has been awhile. Glenna made peach ice cream (chad and rick cranked it), and it turned out really good.

Monday... I did the usual morning routine, went to the store, got boys, fixed lunched, took naps, went for a walk - boys rode their bikes, went to the park, came home fixed supper, cleaned up, took a shower, and laid down with the boys (watched a movie). Cade was asleep by 8 and Lane by 8:30, oh and i was down by 9!! Chad stayed up and watched the football game so i just laid beside him until it was over. oh when i was eating supper a wire on my braces got loose!! i could feel my teeth moving.

Tuesday... I got up a fixed a good breakfast. man was my mouth hurting and that gave me a killer headache. Cade didn't wake up until 7:30!! He was tired! Went to school and Heidi and I went for a walk. We are going to try and do it M-Th. It felt good to walk. I went and got the boys, came home, fixed lunch, cleaned up, layed down with lane for a little while, took a shower, been trying to finish the wedding dvd!! (man that is a pain!) We went to different furniture stores to look for a computer armoire (maybe we can do that in okc) and then went to walmart to get a few things. I made chicken spaghetti for supper (so it took me all day to do, but it is worth it), salad and rolls. cleaned up, put boys in the tub, worked on dvd still. My mouth is still in lots of pain and tylenol isn't doing much. I have an appt. on thursday and i can't wait. Except that the pain in going to double since my wire came loose. : ( I'm still working on the dvd.

Exciting things going on around here:

Cade has been learning letter sounds at school. They call it the animal alphabet and it is easier for kids to read faster because when they see the letter they know the sound. Anyway, they do a different letter every week (but of course goes over all of them everyday). Cade is really into it and is finding them in books. He does a really good job! I'm so proud of him. He is even recognizing letters they haven't gotten to in their lesson. He is just soaking stuff up and school!

Lane is also doing very well. They do little worksheets at school. They don't put a lot of time into it but the last two days they have talked about under and over. We worked hard on this last night - he was wanting to say up and down. Today he had it down. Some of the other things are on and off, in and out. They are fairly simple but I'm still proud of him. And he is wanting to be apart of cade's letters. : )

I go to a check up on Thursday. Just a regular baby checkup. I'm always excited to hear the heartbeat. I'm anxious for the ultrasound (next month). Ready to just let all "hope" of having a girl go away for everyone. I hear it all the time. I'm confident we are having a boy and hate to burst people's hope but I'm ready for everyone to get excited about this little boy. He isn't just another boy, he is a new boy and I'm excited!! (sorry on my soap box) I can't wait to hear the heartbeat. I don't feel him much which makes me worry a little.

I get my braces tightened on Thursday!! A step closer to perfect teeth. Heidi told me my teeth looks a lot straighter! WAHOOO!! I haven't paid that much attention but they have. : )

I'm going to check on this dvd and see if it is time to actually get this thing burned!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We have had a pretty great weekend. I got up this morning at a donut and mowed the lawn. That in it's self was tiring. Zaine (josh and calley's son) had a football game so we went to watch him play then went and ate at McD's. We then went by the Sassins and picked up Zaine then came back home. On the way Calleys I saw a garage sale with a toddler bed and mattress. I don't need a toddler bed but I do need a cheap mattress. Well I decided I would stop on the way home and ask for just the mattress. When I drove back by someone had just bought it!!! Oh well. We came home a played. Calley and Destiny came over for a little while. It was nice to visit and show off the nursery stuff. : ) I was glad that they stayed for awhile - I could have done longer. : ) Lane fell asleep and cade was cranky so it was probably better for them. LOL!! I got pictures all caught up and ordered. Well all but one collage but I need to consult with my technician (Chad) and something about it. : ) I feel awesome to have that done. : )

Chad called and said he lost all of his money but was having a great time. He sounded stress free. : )

Cade and I ate leftover and we are now waiting on Lane to wake up. I don't know what to do tonight but I'm thinking braums and come home and watch a movie. : ) I guess that is about all. Oh I just remembered I have clothes in the washing machine!! Better go change that out!!

I had taken Lily's 2 year pics so thought I would post a few of her.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today started off smooth and then got hectic! : ) When I finally got Cade to school it all slowed down a little. I went and took Mother's Day Out pictures. They went really well! All the kids were really good. There was one cryer but it didn't last long. Actually one other kid is the only picture that I don't really care for. I think that is pretty good. The picture is good, the boy is not a cute as he could be. : ) I posted the pictures of the boys. They needed mdo pictures too. : ) I have all the pictures done, posted and ready to place my order! WAHOOO! I have my sisters order left to do and then I can place it. I'm ready! That is what I have been consumed with today.

I fixed ribs in the crock pot, with mashed potatoes and gravy. I didn't have any veggies to go with it, which the boys like. LOL! Chad played with the boys outside, just got done putting up window sill and is now working on the closet sliding doors!!! WAHOOOO!!! The room is just so close to being done!! WAHOOO! LOL!!

Cade was in a really good mood today. Lane was a smart mouth this morning but has been so much better. He did snap at me around supper time. They played out in the rain for a long time tonight. Now it is time to take baths, pjs, brush teeth and bed. WAHOOO! CAn you tell I'm feeling good today. LOL!! I am exhausted though!!

Chad leaves tomorrow on a guy trip. : ( I will miss him, but he really needs this! I hope he has a great time and is able to get rid of the stress build up he has. : )

I better go, Lane is talking like CRAZY!!! He keeps wanting me to play the mobile - i'm going to get sick of it. : )

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last night Chad decided to get the crib out. So we put that all together. I was nervous at first because we only put it together one time, and I wasn't sure I would remember. We did pretty good. We just had to fix a few things that we put on upside down!! LOL! The boys really wanted to help so they cleaned it off. It was pretty dirty from being in the shed.

Lane didn't go to school again this morning. I know he is fine now, but didn't want to spread any germs to the other kids. So after dropping Cade off, we went to walmart then came home. I washed the boys bedding and pillows, of course the rest of the laundry- that i still need to put away. Off and on today I have been painting doors. Chad said we could invest in a paint sprayer so that is what I did. It took all day but I have 10 doors finished!!! WAHOOOO!!!!! I also got the window sills painted.

Chad went over to his dad's house to texture their bathroom. So he doesn't know that the doors are all done. He knew I was almost done. We had a problem though. The doors kept blowing off the fence and one landed on a paint can. Yep! Did some damage but I think I did a pretty good job hiding the crack.

I take Mothers Day Out pictures tomorrow!!! I'm kind of nervous just because I'm taking pictures of so many kids! I still need to get all my backdrop stuff together. Shouldn't take too long, as long as I can find everything. LOL!!
I better go and take a shower, I am all pained up!!

So the pictures I posted are from the dinosaur museum, putting up the crib, cade and lane snuggling on the couch yesterday, and when we stopped and hiked around coming from Colorado. Not necessarily in that order! : )

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This weekend we went to Colorado Springs (chads mom's house). While we were there we went to the dinosaur museum. It was pretty neat. They had the largest male t-rex (Stan) and some other cool looking creatures. The boys enjoyed it. Lane got to hold a t-rex tooth (not real) and he didn't want to give it up. : ) Glenda and I went to look for fabric and then found the nursery set. She helped me out a lot on ideas. I had fun doing that.

Yesterday was just another normal day. The boys had fun at school. I missed Chad a lot yesterday, couldn't wait for him to eat lunch with us. I went by Heidi's house because she still wasn't wasn't 100% sure we were having a boy. After I left, she was sure. : ) I went to walmart and got stuff to make pizza for my boys. I went to bunko and won $5! : ) It was a lot of fun. Chad said they had fun making pizza (which was really good), they played hide n seek and a new dancing game - which is suprising, I guess a little of me is rubbing off on Chad. : ) The boys had baths and in bed sound a sleep. Chad and I talked a lot last night which was nice.

Today I woke late! 7:35!! OOPS! So I had to get the boys ready and out the door by 8. They did really good! I was a little cranky because I didn't have time to wake up but the boys were fine. Lane didn't want to go to school today. He pukered out his lips and gave me some tears and I just couldn't make him. Which is a good thing, because after nap he threw up and had a 101 temp. He seems to be doing pretty good right now. But he is such a good sick boy and no matter how he feels he can't lie down for too long. Supper is all fixed (made chicken crispers, but they didn't turn out like they did last time), and is mostly cleaned up. Chad still needs to eat. He went and made some window seals for the spare room. They looked really nice! I'm so proud of him. He has gone full force into redoing this house, not knowing how to do half of it, and still doing a great job. Well I better go. Need to get the boys all cleaned up for bed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

OH BOY...#3

We had the ultrasound done. And yes we are having a boy!!!! I was pretty sad and I did cry but through my Faith in God I quickly overcame that. We were second guessing the ultrasound because we never saw anthing that proved we were having a boy. We watched the ultrasound on dvd over and over and over again and still nothing. Last night we got home and I put in the cd with pictures of the ultrasound. We saw very clear a penis. So I am now 110% sure we are having a boy.

The weekend didn't turn out completely like I thought. After finding out we were having a boy, Chads mom and I went looking for fabric. AND NO fabric that I wanted is out there!!! I want to do the nursery in turtles and be able to make everything but there was nothing. So that left me discouraged. We went to Burlington coat factory and found a turtle nursery set so I bought it!! I am going to be making some things for the room - (curtains, pillows).
I am still sadened a little because I still didn't get that little girl I have been dreaming about but I'm getting a very special baby boy. I love the boys I have and wouldn't trade them, so I know this one is going to be the same way!! I'm excited to get the nursery going - Chad has a little bit left to do to finish the remodeling of the room.

Last night I was looking a the nursery stuff and Chad just started laughing (softly) and said WOW we are having a baby!! LOL!! Well yes, glad he is realizing that. : ) It is all starting to be reality.

I'm posting pictures of our new baby boy. I know what everything is but it took a little while. : ) Hopefully you can see him. : )

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Did my normal routine, except Lane didn't have school but MDO. In between dropping Lane off and picking up Cade I downloaded new pictures to my photography website. There was a lot I didn't have on there. I'm glad that is caught up. Now I just have to finish Lily's 2 yr pictures so Sally can see those. I'm still not done with my wedding dvd but I'm waiting for songs to finish that.

The main photographer here, his wife just had a baby, he was swamped before but really swamped now. So I emailed him and told him I could help him out. I need to find a good time to be able to do that. I'm really excited to help him get caught back up.

Today we are leaving for CO. I need to take a shower, load of laundry then pack. I have cleaned the car (inside and out) and got most of the toys packed. I wanted Cade to pick some out. It wont' take too long.

I'm so tired today!!! Didn't get much sleep last night. Maybe I can sleep a little on the way. : ) I better go and start my list. : )

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today is was cold and rainy. I did my normal routine with the boys. Didn't do anything to exciting, cleaned, laundry, lunch, supper, clean up for all that. At 6:30 Heidi came by and we went to sorority. It was my first meeting. I'm pretty excited about it. Looks like I get to be apart of some pretty cool stuff and the ladies are all really nice. I'm still trying to learn names though. I even got a welcome present from my beta buddy!! That was so nice!

I'm still stressed about this ultrasound but super excited to go. Can't wait to be in colorado!!! I need to do one more load of laundry then pack and do last minute cleaning of the house, oh and can't forget to get the cat all set up. : ) I'm not only excited for the ultrasound but just the trip in general. It is going to be so much fun!!

For suppers I am two for two. The boys (all 3 of them), have eaten supper up!! Thanks Chef Bill! Last night I made Zesty Italian Meatloaf - boys asked for 2nds and chad really liked it, and he hates meatloaf. I made potatoes Au Gratin with it. Then tonight I made Southern pork chops with broccoli, cheddar, rice casserole. I was looking forward to my other meals but guess I will save them for when I get back.

Chad and the boys went with Bret and Bryson fishing tonight on the Hitch Ranch. I haven't got to hear the story from the boys but Chad said they both caught a fish! I can just see their faces and hear their screams! : ) Makes me giggle. Chad said Bret had brought his camera. So hopefully I can get those and post them. I can't wait to hear it from the boys!!

Cade is doing very well in school. He comes home and tells me the sounds of letters and how to draw them. He is learning so much. I have been so proud of him lately, with school and how he acts at home!

Lane loves his school. Everyday I asked him what he did - "play with my friends". Wish I could type the way he says it. Then he tells me all the friends he played with. He made a new friend, Sophie- which is Bryson's cousin. He loves playing with her.

I better get to bed. I know I prob. won't sleep all that great tonight wonder what freaky dream I will have tonight! This pregnancy is full of weird dreams!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I painted a few coats today, but it was too cold and windy. I took a shower and got a few photography stuff done. Went and got the boys, ran some errands, came home fixed lunch, sat down with Lane for his nap, when he fell asleep I got up and started fixing supper. I got a few more photography stuff done. Then finished up supper. Not a too exciting day. : )

We are going to colorado springs this weekend. I'm really excited! We are getting an ultrasound done on Friday morning!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I didn't think I would be so nervous but chad and I have both got our hopes up for a girl. I just hope that if it is a boy, we don't see any disappointment from anyone. I do have to say thanks trev and janet for making it a little bit better. : ) I think it is more chad and I that wants a girl so bad. But I know if we have another boy than that is the way God wanted our family. It is still be a little hard to swallow even though I will still love him. We are also taking the boys to the dinosaur museum!! I might be more excited then they are. LOL!

tonight we went to Walmart. Cade got to pick out a prize for being so good for 5 days. I think we are changing the rules to 7 days and they get like 3 dollars. They can save up their money and get what they want. I think that would be cheaper in our books!! And also teach them hard work to get money to get things you want.

Cade is playing with his new toy, chad is watching poker, i'm writing this, and lane is just all over. : ) I'm going to fix them a bath, pjs, chore list, books, bed and then i'm getting me some peach cobbler!!! : ) Sounds like a pretty good ending to a pretty good day. : )

Please pray for my emotions on FRIDAY!!! I'm making my stomach turn!!

Labor Day

Yesterday morning we slept in. We sure have gotten spoiled!! I fixed chocolate gravy, biscuits, eggs and bacon for breakfast. After I got the kitchen cleaned up I got my painting clothes on. From 11 a.m. to 4:15 I painted trim and doors!! Doors are a pain in my rear!! They take so long. Chad hung up some trim and two doors that I got done. We took showers and went to a cookout over at the Furnish's. It was nice to be around friends! We came home picked up the living room, boys in the bath, chore list, brush teeth, read books and boys to bed. Chad and I stayed up for a little bit but was in bed by 10. We were pretty tired from working all day. But of course I went to bed ready to sleep then my brain started up!! Wouldn't stop, so it was hard to go to sleep. Then I woke up a midnight - dream i had, then Chad hears the pager even when it doesn't go off. He kept looking to see if he got paged. Poor guy is dreaming of the pager sound!!That is a nightmare if you ask me. LOL!!

This morning we were ALL tired. Cade didn't wake up until 7:30 and Lane I had to go wake him up at 7:40. Normally I would make sure they were awake by 7:10 so they have time to wake up but I felt sorry for them this morning. They did really well though. No stress this morning. I'm telling you that chore list is awesome! Cade went 5 days with all of his happy faces so he gets to pick out a toy from walmart. Lane, well, he has to wait 4 more days. It is suppose to rain all week but I'm going to attempt to get doors done!! So I have my painting clothes on and think I better start that now or I prob. won't. : )