Friday, April 30, 2010

Today was a pretty good day, even though I was woken up at 6;30 on a non school day. I made chocolate gravy and sausage gravy and of course biscuits. It was busy. Some ladies and I met up at the activity center and put Team Kaci fliers on windshields. then we ate at the rotary bbq. After lunch I went to Calley's. Had a feeling she needed some help. She did. She has been doing a lot and just want her to know that I'm here to help and it isn't all on her shoulders. We had several people pick up their shirts and lots of cookies dropped off. We will be handing out cookies to Kaci supporters as a small thank you. We have put them in individual bags tied with ribbon, which has been some work now. : ) Am thankful for the amount of cookies we got. I left Calleys in time to deliver a shirt, get supper on the table (crockpot meal), visit with glenna, and take part of supper to friends. We then loaded up and went to the carnival. I love watching the boys be so happy. they had a blast. the Mulls, Sassins were there. When they left we found tate, ryan and mya. The boys had a ball!!! we then decided everyone was hungry so we went to walmart and got stuff for nachos. : ) Went by braums and got some ice cream (chad wanted rocky road) and came home. Ate nachos and now all the boys are asleep. Well jude is asleep on me so i hope he stays asleep.

Chads eye started hurting really bad after we got home. So he went to bed. Bret still isn't certan what is going on. He is going to check it on sunday again.

Tomorrow is a busy day we have parade, set up booth, friend cookout, go work booth, come home, eat supper and then rodeo. So I'm going to bed. : )

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life is so busy! There is so many things that I wish I could get control of so life would go smoother. I have not had time to upload pictures so i haven't written on here.

Since moving to the new house life is crazy. Of course just moving is a huge deal. Lots of boxes! Well we got back at remodeling. I have figured out that we have been remodeling for 2 yrs now. There has been a few months off but dang!! Utter chaos! I can't seem to get a handle on your everyday things. Heck since moving to Guymon I can't seem to get caught up on chores around the house. I just look back living in Arkansas. My house was always clean and not talking about toys the boys are playing with but just clean. With a quick picking up those toys it would be spotless. I'm ready to be that type of house keeper again. I'm in a house that is total opposite. So needless to say I'm ready to finish this house so we can be normal in a normal house!

Another craziness is Chad working from home. Oh how I love having him here, but we have ran in to a huge problem. I have to keep the boys quiet when chad is on the phone, which is the majority of the time. And trying to keep 3 boys happy and quiet is like trying to stop a train going full speed. It is very very very stressful! And I have reached my limit. We have invested on a better head gear but with me running around yesterday and today we haven't been able to try it out. Don't think I'm blaming Chad, I know it is unprofessional for kids to be heard on the other end. But it is hard not to get a little anger built up. I hope that the earphones work because I feel the next option is building a building in the back (which may not bring back a money return that we would want).

I think if these to things could be solved then there is a huge chance that I could get a handle on house keeping, being a mom of 3 boys, paying bills and so much more.

Life is just crazy right now. It is like an emotional rollercoaster. I know that there is always going to be something in life that a person wants to change and I think with growing up I can handle circumstances better.

I have a dear friend that has a brain tumor. Her family is wonderful. I know that nobody is perfect but I look at Kaci and she is the most perfect person I know. She would prob. not like me saying that and def. wouldn't take the compliment. : ) Her and Ryan are amazing people. They have shared their journey with the world and most importantly their amazing Faith. I know I have grown closer to God through all of this. This community has amazed me on how we have all come together to help the Ronnes. It is all of our fight! I love you kaci and just know in my heart of heart that God will heal you. I know that she is in God's hands and that brings comfort to me.

Chads eye has been hurting for a few days now. It has just gotten worse so he went to our eye dr today. He said that it looks like a cut (a good one) but chad is going back tomorrow for the dr. to look again. Chad has been putting drops in his eye all day today so hopefully the dr can tell for sure what is going on. Chad is in a lot of pain. His eye is very sensitive to light so tonight I asked him if he wanted to wear an eye patch. Cade jumped up and went and got his pirate eye patch. Chad put it on and said it helped a lot but it was pretty funny. Hopefully he will get to feeling better soon.

Cade started tball today. He has been playing soccer. Our last game is next weekend. The team is doing really well. I think we might be in second. Cade does have his good and bad days. Overall I think he is pretty good. He has made 3 goals and have blocked several. Cade is doing well in school and is reading words really well. As for his kindergarten year it just hasn't been what I imagined it being. It has been a tough and frustrating year. Cade has started taking out the trash. He gets paid $5 every sunday. He has decided he is saving up for a nintendo dsi. He is doing very well and I'm very proud of him.

Lane is also doing well in school. He knows all his shapes, colors, number recognition, patters, ext.. He is having trouble with letter recognition. So Chad and I have decided to have him repeat pre-k. Since he is so young I think it would be the best for him in the future. I have talked to him about it and he understands. He sees all he classmates playing soccer and says mom I'm really young huh. : ) He is so sweet and tells me he loves me a lot! He is so funny and suprises me on his wittyness. He has a way of making all those little girls flock around him.

Jude oh Jude! He is walking all over the place. He loves being outside and walking on the sidewalk. I love it when he is walking and wants to hold my hand. He is a little comedian and very smart. He loves kisses on his neck. I can be holding him and he will lean back that is his way to tell me to kiss him. He loves baths. Jude is starting to prefer daddy over me. Which is sad in a way, but it is just starting and he still needs me. He loves to "go visit" daddy at work. Loves fruit but I'm having a tough time feeding him people food.

Chad has gotten the master bath and bedroom finished. We have both bedrooms painted. Chad is currently putting wood floors in cade and lanes room. it is taking a little while since his eye. He does a really great job and I'm very proud of him. Just wish that there could be like 10 of him to finish the house really fast (but of course that would be feeding and taking care of all 10 which would send me to a nut house). LOL

Better go for now. Just wanted to give a little bit of what has been going on. Not sure when I will right again.