Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday... After lunch I took a nap. I was so tired. Jude was my wake up call, which was ok, it was a nice nap. When I got up Chad had our new entertainment center and tv up. i went and worked out with Heidi. Man was it hot!! We poured sweat!!! When I got back I concentrated on clearing out the living room. Finally got around to taking a shower before bed.

Monday...I had planned to workout with heidi and diana but the furnish's made a last minute decision to go to liberal. That was fine with me. Chad and I decided to have a picnic. So we went to sonic got lunch, found a picnic table across the street from sunset. After lunch we walked to sunset. Chad walked back to get the car. I fed Jude while Chad and the big boys did the paddleboats. Jude and I got to watch them. After they were done we went and got snowcones (i didn't but everyone else did). when we got home i started on a grocery list. I got to go to walmart by myself!!! It was nice. I got there before the rain started, which i was glad. Because it poured!! When I was done it was sprinkling again which i was glad for. : ) i didn't get too wet. we undloaded the car and i fixed egg sandwiches for supper. It was 8 p.m. and the boys were hungry. I replanted my house plants and cleaned up a little. I did chads hair and then went to bed. It was a great day spent with my family! We sure needed that!!

I did weigh in this morning and lost a pound! Wish it was more but happy it is a pound!

Tuesday... Jude slept 6 hours last night!! Too bad i didn't go to bed until 2 hours after he went down. : ( Chad and I woke up around 9. Still pretty nice. : ) My plan was to feed jude at noon and then go get my hair done. but chad was itching to get out. so he went for a hike. He said he would be back in a few hours. So i'm trying to decide how i'm going to do this. It takes a few hours for hair and then i have my workout tonight. Oh chad is off today, he took a vacation day. : ) OOOOHH i got into a smaller pant size and they are too tight. : ) wahoo!!

Last night I got jude a chew toy that vibrates. I had gotten the other two one when they were teething and they loved it. so last night I washed it and told chad to try it. Jude LOVES it!! it is pretty funny to watch him with it. Well i better go. jude is feeling lonely and i wanted to make a dessert for later (low fat but yummy).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday morning... I didn't go to bed until 4 a.m. Chad got home and we researched fiddleback spiders. It isn't it - i'm relieved but still don't want any spiders around! Chad tried to find the one in judes room but it moved somewhere else - creepy. i can't believe how I'm being but for some reason I just can't handle it. I have researched spiders this morning and can't find the one I saw. Which is good since all the ones i could find on the web listed poisonous ones. Chad said he would spray today!!

I got up around 8:30. Mr. Jude was ready to get up. So I'm pretty tired today. Chad and Cade is putting our tv stand together and then we will put up the tv. wahoo!!!

I talked to heidi today. I think we are going to workout together. we both cheated yesterday!! : ) Got to it sometime! : )

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunday...chad finished hanging up trim/crown. I can't really remember what else happend.

Monday...I took boys to school and came home. I painted the living room (it just needed one more coat of paint) and finished painting trim. I also did some spot painting around the house. The living room is finished!!

I also got an order of pictures in so i got orders ready.

I weighed in this morning and had lost 2 lbs in week!!

Tuesday...Took boys to school and dropped off picture orders. After school we stopped by keidi's house. We stayed and visited alittle bit. Then the boys dropped off pictures to heidi and calley.

I watched american idol.

I practiced with Jude rolling over. he actually did one all by himself.

Wednesday...Lane went to the park with his class. By one mom I was told that him and bryson was the only two that listened and obeyed her - : ) and by a grandma I was told that Lane was so cute!!

Boys played a lot outside.

Thursday...Boys went to school. Lanes last day! I did my workout and took a shower. I went and picked boys from school (including bryson) and took them to Mother's day out. Jude was hungry was he fussed and cried the entire time but we still had fun in the car. We found a silly game to play. Chad went and ate lunch with Josh. I stayed home. Heidi picked up boys for me. Boys played outside and chad and I watched american idol. He also went and got his haircut and workout.

Friday... JUDE LAUGHED!!! I have been trying so hard!! Chad was in the bathtub and I was just playing with Jude and got him to laugh. I ran Jude into the bathroom and did it for chad! I'm glad chad got to hear it. We had a playdate planned for after cade got out of school. i went and picked up misty and the girls, and then went to go get cade. i was a little late picking him up from his last day of school. we went to the park. For some reason all the boys except for Jude was fussy!!! they had fun but i don't know what the deal was. After supper we had a family trip to walmart. i can't tell you when the last time we all went to walmart. We went to go get snowcones but the stands were already closed so we went to braums and got a sherbert freeze. I only ate half of the small and gave the rest to chad. i finished making banana pancakes and cleaned up the kitchen. The boys played hard outside and then came in and went to bed. Chad and I did meaurements of the kitchen.

Today Chad and I have been together 11 years!! (started dating)

Saturday...We woke up this morning, dropped cade and lane at grandpa and gigi's and headed to amarillo. We went to lowe's and got the order for our cabinets ready. Chad has a few meaurements to check before we actually place the order (tomorrow!) We looked around at appliances and tile and got prices and ideas. Then we headed to walmart. We bought a new tv and stand!! Our anniversary is coming up, plus mothers day, and fathers day. So that is the gift for all that. We went and ate at a mexican restaurant. I have been craving a coke all week and finally got one!!! Jude was awesome all day. He did get cranky when we were eating but we got through it. He has been slobbery all day too. At supper he just wanted to knaw on something. Yep - signs of teething! : ( He is only 3 months! He isn't suppose to start that! Plus teeth are scary (all the nursing moms know why!! LOL) The trip home was a good one. Chad and I had a really great day. We got the boys from rick and glennas. They had burgers made when we got there so the boys ate supper. we dropped chad off at the poker game and came home. Lane played out front for a little bit and cade fell asleep in the car. I couldn't get him to wake up so i left him in there and stood on the front porch talking to lee jay while he slept. Lane came in before cade woke up. When I got in I wasn't sure where lane was but ended up finding him in the living room floor with a blanket over his head. He was sound asleep. Cade stayed up with me. I finally got cade dressed and teeth brushed and went to bed. Cade layed in bed with me. we talked for a little bit. i asked him if he had fun today and he said "really fun!". : ) I fell asleep.

Two and half hours later jude woke up to eat. I fed him on one side and when he was almost done I saw a spider crawling on my nursing pads on his shelf!!! It looked like a fiddleback!! i saw one just like that the other day in the bathroom. I made chad go in there an kill it. I asked him if it was a fiddleback and he looked at it, killed it and didn't say anything!! So it has been an hour and half since this happend. Chad still isn't home from cards, the spider is still alive because i can't do it, jude is in the living room floor on the elmo couch where I'm watching him closely and I can't go to sleep. I have cried and almost lost it. I'm scared of fiddlebacks and am so worried that one of the boys is going to get bit! a friend of mine got bit by one and was sick for a long time. Can you imagine if a little guy got one!! So I'm too freaked to do anything. I'm wanting to do research on them right now but am worried I really can't sleep. I'm really tired and really wished chad would get home. I'm either going to do research tonight or tomorrow and chad is spraying this house!! i just can't do fiddlebacks!! It is actually sunday at this point in time. (2:21 a.m.)

Things we do: I play a lot with Jude during the day. He really needs alot of attention. He still loves to watch your tongue. Right now, clicking of the tongue is pretty neat to him. He still loves it when someone talks to him. He gets lots of sweet remarks from people passing us anywhere we are, and I mean lots. Today and older lady was walking down the aisle we were at at walmart, without stopping she just reached out touched his foot while smiling.

The boys have been playing a lot outside. Cade loves playing with the girls next door. Their new thing is playing up front. They don't get to do it all the time and they have to ask permission. They know to stay in our yard. Chad and I are still trying to warm up to the idea but need to let some freedom (not much!)

I have been working out and eating healthy. I'm counting calories but am not hard core. Nursing moms are suppose to eat 1800 calories a day. I have been counting around 1000 BUT I don't count every little thing. And when I'm really hungry I will eat a bowl of cereal or something. I don't starve myself.

Chad has been working out. He is looks really good. He has been gaining weight (we are opposite). He hurt himself on thursday AGAIN!! I don't know what his deal is!

it is really hard for me to get on here everyday and if i wait a whole week I forget things that has happend throughout the week!! i guess i'm going to get off here, it isn't like I can sleep though!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This week was a good week. Monday night was Cades graduation (already posted on that.)

The boys painted on Tuesday. I worked out, chad worked out. Oh and I got to go eat with Calley!! That was nice, except for the waitress who kept interupting to talk about jude or her grandkids.

Thursday, i worked out with heidi and we even ate lunch together. she got the boys from mdo for me. i fed jude and then worked like crazy cleaning. feels good to have clean house. rick came over for a little bit and played with the bos outside.
friday we went to the park. oh the boys let me sleep in!!! nice!!! after the park we went to walmart. the boys needed new underwear and socks.

Friday evening hude finally put himself to sleep. Shortly after the boys came running inside!!!

Mom take my picture with jude.

Lane trying to calm him down. he did go back to sleep and slept for awhile. the boys got a bath and posed in their new underwear for me.

The hulk underwear.

Cade made us retake the picture because you couldnt see lanes design!!

Saturday...i got to sleep in. grandpa came over to help chad with the trim

i got ate breakfast, fed jude then it was time to start on lunch. i made lunch for everyone. the boys played on the computer until it was lunch time. i made hamburgers for lunch and had tomatoes and avacodoes to go on them. chad and i were asking lane if he wanted some "guacamole" on his burger. Lane said no and someone asked if he didn't like it. cade said "lane will eat the crap out of guacamole!" I was stunned but about spit my food across the table from laughing so hard!! then we told him a different way he should say it and that it isn't nice to say crap (even though momma says it).the neighbor girls came over and asked "can your boys come play". so after lunch we went over ground rules and they went and played in the front. it was their first time. I watched them pretty close. they had a ball!!!

it really isn't a great picture of them playing with the girls but i didn't want to embarrase them so i snapped it really fast.

Rick said he enjoyed coming over, he got to spend time with his grandkids! He put jude to sleep and played with him which was nice for me. Thanks Rick for helping Chad!!!
The trim still isnt done but chad is still working. i think he will get all of it up that he can just need to finish with filling in holes and touch up paint, oh and caulking.
Chad has poker night tonight and i still need to exercise!!

Stuff... so i have been feeling discouraged because my little man is still only sleeping two hours at a time. last night he did really well but geeze when does it change!! also he can't put himself to sleep. so i'm on a mission to teach him. it is way to hard on me to give him all of my attention. i need to spread it out. we have tried to give him a bottle and he will not take it. calley is going to let me borrow some bottles to see if they will work. i hope so. i love breastfeeding and it is a blessing to do it. I don't want to go to formula just want to be able to leave and jude can still be fed if i want to be gone a little longer.
i have been feeling some anxiety and just pretty down on myself. it is just a phase and i know it will get better. i have been eating better, exercising. hopefully the weight will be taken away. it is just hard to give all 4 boys the attention they need but then again who gives me the attention i need?
The boys have been really good this week. so sweet and listening to me! can't beat that!! School is out on the 22nd. i really need to come up with some activities for them to do. I am going to enroll them in the luteran vacation bible school. it is the first week in june. i think the boys will really enjoy it.
funny story... cade has been bringing home papers for different sports signup. we have decided not to start him until next year. this week he brought home a swim team paper. he asked me what it was so i told him, and told him it could go in the trash. he said "your never going to sign me up for anything! i already know how to swim (which he doesn't) and play tball!!!" it was hard not to laugh.

colorado trip

Last week we left for Colorado Springs. We needed and wanted to make a trip up there to see Nana and Papa Bill. We got there on thursday evening. Jude playing Friday morning. Glenda had permission from the neighbors that we could play in their backyard. They have a trampoline and swings. We thought that would be fun so we headed over there.

Nana wearing Jude

Don't break the egg!! Cade was the egg and was easily broken. I think Chad and I were just as excited as the boys were about jumping on the trampoline.

Me and my doodle bud
After the trampoline we went back to Nana's house. They had a hula hoop and had fun playing with it.

The boys also colored. Nana and Papa both had to work so we just hung around the house.

"Mom take my picture with Jude"

On Saturday we woke up to an awesome breakfast of belgian strawberry waffles and strawberry syrup, topped with homemade whip cream and some sausage. YUMMY!! We got ready for the day and headed to Focus on the Family. It was a neat place. They had a kid zone with awesome paintings on the wall. Not paintings in frame a mural. beautiful. They also have a 3 story slide which Lane wasn't tall enough for. Cade was until they switched people and then was told he wasn't. At least he got to do it. They had a ball! We got home and ate lunch. Later on Glenda and I went to JcPenney and Sams. It was nice to get out even if I had to bring Jude. When we got home we ate hotdogs and got ready for bed.

Sunday we got up and stayed most of Mother's Day. We ate brisket with all the fixins and headed home. We had a really nice time and I ate way too much. It is hard not to eat very much when you have the food they cook!!! The trip back home was a nice ride. All the boys were really good. Thanks Glenda and Bill for everything!!

Playing a game of Chums on Sunday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jude is 3 months old!! Here are a few pictures we took this weekend. There will be more pictures from our trip to colorado, just need to get them all together.
He is getting so long. His 0-3 month outfits are all too short!!!
Cade had his preschool graduation tonight. The theme was Hollywood. I teared up. They had a slideshow which wasn't the greatest but the song "let them be little" was playing. we have that song on both the boys first year dvds. It just brought me back to baby cade. Now he is going into kindergarten. He will be in school all day! I can't believe how much he has grown. He is such a terrific kid. He sure does make me look like I'm doing a wonderful job raising him. : ) He did really well singing his class's song! Very proud of him.

He got most scientific!! SMARTY!

He said his favorite part was being on stage. : )

Cade and Miss Taylor (his girl!) - Isn't she so dang cute!!!!
He was waiting to get dimissed. What a poser!!

Got a picture on some of the decoration
I had asked cade before graduation if i could get some pictures of him afterwards (we were going to get some with the hat but forgot). He did all the posing I just snapped the picture. : )

I love you CADE RYAN!!! You're the BEST!!!