Tuesday, February 24, 2009


jude - 2wks


Wow time flies!!

Friday Jude got his circumsicion. : ( poor baby!! We called and made an appt. at 9:45 a.m. and was told to be checked in and ready by 9:45. Guess who had to wait an hour?!?!? Yep you guessed it!! REALLY!!! it was scheduled!!! grrrr!! Everything went good. Jude was starving when he got done!! Everything is healing very well. We got a scare on sunday. I changed his diaper and the gauze was bloody, really bloody! But it stopped so everything turned out to be fine. We think it rubbed on the swing. : ( poor baby!!! When things go wrong with your kids you start to feel like a failing parent. The only reason I didn't want to move to guymon was medical! and here we are with a rough delivery experience and a bleeding penis!! I don't blame knudsen (doctor) for the bleeding penis but I am made that we had to wait almost 2 wks before we could get it done!! Really - you are suppose to be able to trust your doctor and when you can't what do you do?

We went for a family adventure on saturday. We drove to optima lake (not much of the lake part) and went hiking. It was nice to get out and be together. Cade really wanted to take me to sonic for lunch. LOL!! Said he wanted to make me happy. : ) LOL!!!

Also on saturday I made a trip to walmart by myself. i needed some clothes!!! i got a few pairs a pants and a few shirts. something that i can somewhat feel good in. Still feeling fat - i know just had a baby, but still feel this way. Can't wait until I can start working out - not sure when i will have time!!

Breastfeeding - TWO WEEKS IN!!! WOW!! We are doing it!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!! I have wanted this so bad since cade!!! Makes me tear up!!!!! I'm so glad that i have my support team!!! I know that is the reason we are successful!!! : ) Calley made me some hooter hiders that i love!!! I'm a breastfeeding mother that lives my life. If i'm out and jude needs to eat, i have a hooter hider to be able to feed him!! Today I fed him while waiting on lane to get out of school and for lunch we got daddy out of the house for a picnic at the park. and guess who else needed to eat and ate!! Yep Mr. Jude Gavin. : )

Two week appointment... today Jude had his first appointment. He weighed in at 7lbs 10 oz. We have to go back next week just for a weighing. Chad is kind of worried that he isn't getting enough from me but I'm not worried. Especially after getting reassured from Heidi. Jude is going to the bathroom normal. I have to change his diaper between each feeding - always poopy. Plus he seems satisfied. he eats a lot and i know i have milk.

the big boys are still doing well with jude. they love him. they don't always want to do stuff with him but they like to help me. Yesterday they got to show their teachers their new lil bro.

Monday was the first day back to work for chad and me. I got the boys off and at school on time. : ) WAHOO!!! jude was kind of a turd though. LOL!! he just wanted to sleep in!! REALLY - sleeping good when i can't!! that is not right. : ) The day went pretty good. Lane, Jude and I all took a nap on the couch. Cade helped me clean the house. Sorority girls brought over supper (heidi, diana, mona) - pot roast, mashed taters, fruit and brownies!! yummy!!! Then it was time for bath. I got them in the bath, judes wash down. There was a few spats between the big boys - which really stress me out!! And all this while chad was still at work!! he had to work until 8 p.m!! Not what we were wanting for our first days back!!

Mom and gary are coming today!! I'm so excited!! got the house picked up except for the boys room and i need to do some laundry. I shouldn't be on this but needed to get updated!

Chad leaves for arkansas tomorrow. : ( He will be back sometime on friday. well i better go and get some stuff done. just realized i have a lot to do!!! : )

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snug as a bug

The babies - bailey 7wks, jude 5 days old
Miss Bailey

Fell asleep in the carrier. He loves this thing!!

Two peas in a pod!!
Took this last night! Nice and cozy!

i wanted to get some pictures posted. I should just do it in a slideshow but that is ok.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that we ventured out into the world!! Chad, Jude and I went to walmart. I know we shouldn't take a 1 week to walmart. but i put him in the carrier which he is all covered up. i didn't touch anything at walmart. We were in the clear and then the last person we saw wanted to see him and she TOUCHED HIM!!!! WHY!!!???? It is an unspoken rule not to touch a small baby!!! And she worked at walmart AND I didn't even know HER!!! After walmart we went by the bank and went and got the big boys from school. It was nice to get out but took awhile before we could leave. : )
Chad also got the fat clothes box out of the shed for me. I DON"T HAVE ANYTHING!!! There are only size 18 pants (which I'm happy to say are too big for me) and then size 10. UMMM def. not there yet. I have no pants but maternity and that isn't fun!!! So if you are reading this and have some fat clothes you are no longer wearing I would be greatful. : ) I shouldn't need them too long. : ) the shirts are old fashion. darn it!!
I think we are going for a walk. Our first family walk. : ) I will write more later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1 week down

i got through the 1st week of breastfeeding!!!guess what? still going strong!!! don't get me wrong, i'm still sore but have found a way to get jude to go actually 2 hrs between which has helped. I feel confident but still scared that it all might take a bad turn! will things start hurting more? The books and other people say after 3 weeks then your good to go. i would like to thing we a good to go just need to get over the soreness. seems like the soreness isn't as bad. I still get the toe curling pain when he first latches on but after about 5 or 6 sucks it is gone. he also tucks in his bottom lip when he latches on and i can't seem to get it to pop out.

jude loves to be held, loves to be patted on his butt, loves the baby carrier that i wear, i think he kind of enjoys his face washed, loves eating, enjoys his pacifier, hates the qtip/alcohol on his bellybutton. i wasn't going to use the pacifier but it hasn't messed up on his latch at all. It helps him with his gas and just to calm him down. he just wants to suck and using the pacifier helps me not get as sore. I keep watching him on the latch and it really hasn't influenced that any so i figured he is just fine. Oh friday he gets his circumcision. : ( poor baby!!! i'm so angry that we have had to wait this long!!! makes me want to cry!! the one thing i have enjoyed most is when he grabs ahold of my finger. it is like i see a light shine through his eyes. i love the snuggle time - but seems to get less and less. And of course i love his little noises.

cade and lane have been doing very well. the other night cade said he wanted to talk to me (he was trying to do everything in his power not to have to go to bed) I said ok bud what is it. "mom, if you need me when i'm sleeping to help with jude wake me up, i will burp him or fart him." So sweet but how funny is "fart him"!!!! So far there isn't any jealousy towards jude. they love him so much. I know they get sad because i don't get to spend very much time with them right now. I'm trying harder. Like tonight i read lane a book while i fed jude. Lane held and turned the pages. He enjoyed it - i had to read it 3 times!!! I have to admit the longer it goes like this the more i miss the time I had with them. I know it won't be long when I'm in a corner crying because of the time I'm missing out on them. Chad has been really good with them and they have enjoyed time with him. it is bittersweet for me. i was there world, they were momma boys and now they are doing fine without me. I will get the hang of life again and juggling all my boys and things will be better. but for now we are going through a learning period. The boys, especially Cade, has been really good with helping me with the house. They do little things that help out so much!

i'm doing good. still healing in places but not in much pain. i have been getting groggy between feedings but other than that doing well with sleep. i did take a nap today. I try to sleep a little bit in the morning and then im fine until around 8. That is when i'm ready for bed.

chad starts work next week!!! eeeeeekkkkkk!!! The only thing i'm worried about is getting cade and lane ready for school, jude fed, and the boys dropped off at school. it is mainly the feeding. I never know what judes schedule is. again it is a learning process, it won't be long i will have the hang of it.

people coming... my dad might come this weekend, my mom and gary will come next week and my sister will come the week after. My brother and fiancee will come sometime i just don't know when yet.

i better go. it is almost time for mr. man to eat again. better get what i can done on here!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

a week already!!!

Wow!! I couldn't imagine being in love with the third baby as much as i am. I crave his cuddles and sad when it has been too long without holding him. He is a sweet boy that wants to eat ALL THE TIME!!

Breastfeeding is going well, still a little sore but nothing too bad. We concentrate on the latch on and he does a great job. the only thing is that he needs to spread out his eating a little bit!! LOL!! One week down and two more to go (the big trial period). i have gotten discourage this past week but I had my breastfeeding support group here to cheer me on and reassure me. Thanks girls!!!

Getting up at night hasn't been too bad. Last night I was pretty groggy when I woke up but have been doing pretty well.

Caption of the week: Chads mom got here on tuesday and stayed until sunday. she was a huge help and the boys really enjoyed her. Bill had made some food that was of course awesome as usual. We all really enjoyed it. Thanks bill for the recipes for suppers that glenda fixed. she did a great job. and i still need to go those recipes from you. : )

We have the best friends in the world. We got three flower bouquets from furnish's, sassin's and seabaughs. They are still looking pretty!! We had supper from diana, desserts from keidi and michelle, gifts for all three boys, visits from josh, calley, taylor, bret, heidi. Trev, Janet and bailey came in to see us. It has been really nice. This week we already have meals lined up for people to bring. WOW!! What a big help a dinner is!!!

The boys have been SO GOOD!! I'm so thankful. They are enjoying playing with eachother, doing puzzles and games. Daddy took them antler hunting yesterday. They really had fun. Cade saw an antler face "skull". LOL!! Chad has been so good with them. Making them feel special. I'm donig the best i can with giving them attention. Jude is happiest when I'm holding him so it is hard to do much with feeding so much too.

This week it is just us. I'm glad that we can have time all together before chad has to go back to work. I think my dad might come this weekend but won't know until tomorrow. So back to chad going back to work - oh man!! that is going to be a challenge getting the boys all ready for school and getting them to school. With not knowing when jude will eat next. We will get the hang of it and we have gotten friends ready to help out as soon as i ask. : )

I'm feeling pretty good. Starting to heal up and not feeling too sleep deprived. I usually try to take one nap a day. If i don't that is when anything and everything will make me cry. Got to love hormones and lack of sleep. : ) Still happy and feeling blessed!!

we have pictures i just don't feel like uploading them. I know weird!!! i will try and post some sometime. : )

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday... My day started out at 12:50 a.m. I woke up with bad heartburn and took some tums. I realized that contractions had started! They were 6 minutes apart so i just layed their and timed them for an hour before waking up chad. When I realized ok we should prob. get ready to go, we called Rick and told him to take his time but it was getting close to go to the hospital. Chad and I got ready to go and got last minute things done and even things that weren't a big deal. : ) Rick showed up and was so happy. It was fun just seeing him all excited. We left for the hospital and the contractions were 5 minutes apart. The ride was pretty good. Contractions weren't too bad so it was calm going. There were a bunch of jack rabbits out. It had stormed earlier on but it had stopped by then which i was glad for. We got to the hospital right behind to other women who were in labor. Contractions were 4 minutes apart by now. We got up stairs being the 3rd and final laboring couple. I was laboring much faster then the other two so they started getting everything ready. When the nurse checked me I was only a 1 with 80 effaced. Contractions were coming faster and stronger but wasn't registering on the monitor so I don't think the nurse believed me. I asked about the epidural several times and she kept telling me I needed to progress and get admitted. About 5 a.m. my water broke on its own. There I'm admitted! Chad went and told the nurse. We then asked her when I could get that epidural (i was a 4) she had started an iv and told me i had to finish that bag!!! At this point I'm getting nervous and having an idea that I'm not going to get it. We then found out that my doctor is out of town for a week!!! Nice of him to let me know that!!! So instead of knowing my birthing plan and having been on the same page with my doctor I'm on new ground, i don't know them, they don't know me. We informed the nurse that after my water breaks I go fast. Guess what, she didn't take me seriously. Contractions were strong and I would have never gotten through them if it wasn't for chad talking me through them. I would start to freak out if he wasn't right right there. I told him that i need the edpidural now so he left the room and told the nurse. She came in checked me and said I was a seven and she didn't think we had time for an epidural. You should have seen chad!! He was MAD!!! We had been there since 3 a.m. and they had plety of time!!!! She ran out of the room to page the doctor and i told chad I had to push and i couldn't stop it. so he went running out there saying "she is pushing and I can't stop her." All the nurses came running in, The main nurse (not the one that we had been seeing) was trying to get her glove on and telling me not to push - really have they ever felt that feeling, there is no stopping!! finally she said push him out - i did one more push and he came slipping out!! the doctor came walking in when they were cleaning him up and I was fixing to do the afterbirth. He was pretty surprised!! I think the most painful was after the afterbirth when the doctor was fixing me up - i won't go into detail on that!! But OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

Jude Gavin Williams was born at 6:59 a.m. on Monday Feb. 9, 2009. He was 8lbs 21 inches. He is healthy and such a great baby!! Needless to say I'm in love with 4 guys!!! Never thought that could be possible!! Here is a video that chad made.

Rick brought the boys up to the hospital and I loved their reaction. They were pretty happy to see him. They both were ready to be big brothers. Rick did an awesome job getting them ready to see him, with fun stories. Calley and heidi (not together) came up to the hospital. it was really good to see them. we got several calls.

We got home Tuesday around noon. Everything is going great! rick and the boys were already here when we got home. I took a shower, then rick left, and chad took cade and lane to the dentist. they made there appointment. : ) Everything went great there. We just need to concentrate on the back teeth but they said their teeth looked great. The dentist said not to worry about cades teeth/mouth until his permanent teeth come in. When they were gone I feed jude and then we took a nap. Chads mom came in about 4 p.m. Lane was so excited! he prob. overwhelmed nana. LOL!! Diana brought chicken spaghetti, salad and garlic bread for supper. YUMMY! Thank you so much!! Everyone enjoyed it!! Heidi brought over strawberry cake - yummy!! Cade ate two big pieces!! The boys got baths and ready for bed. I read them books and they fell asleep beside me. We all got ready for bed and layed down. Of course as soon as I layed down my little man was wanting to eat. : ) here we go!! I got an hour sleep between each feeding. We are getting better and better at latching on. I did try to use a nipple shield last night but he wasn't having it!! I'm sore but i think we will be ok. I do have pain when he first latches on in then it goes away. the nurse (an awesome one that we had) told me that I will be sore and it is ok. So we have been concentrating on latching on because we don't want any cracks!!!

Today has been good. I got jude feed before the boys woke up. So i decided to wake them up by kissing all over them. cade was pretty happy and lane walked over to me on cades bed and just squezed my neck. Did i tell you they are huge!!! rick what did you feed them!!! they were both ready to hold jude before school. lane was all concerned about him. Daddy and nana took them to school. I feed jude and then went to bed. I slept really good, of course only for an hour. : ) i have been up since (2:54). the boys got home from school and have been really good. they sure do love their baby. we are all having some down time right now.

as for me - i'm happy and thankful that we are all together. We have been blessed with a third really good baby!! And i must say chad and i make pretty babies. : ) I'm feeling good just a little sore and my breast are a little sore. I have been really hungry and thirsty. : ) just enjoying life and the awesome people who surround me.

thank you to everyone who called, sent emails, flowers, food and food to come. I have appreciated everything!!! Life is good but most importantly God is great!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday...We did get that nap in! the boys and I fell asleep on the couch. Ckad actually ended up leaving, i woke up when he left. the bad thing was i was stuck on the couch with no remote watching the bee movie all over again!! i finally got up and started getting my chores done. chad came home from doing some shopping. he got some clothes and a pair of shoes for him. we then ate supper - leftovers!! i got the boys bathed and ready for bed. the bad thing at that point was cade was balling saying he wanted me, he wanted to sleep in momma's bed. I don't know where and why he is acting like this. i decided to let them get some books and come lay in my bed. they could sleep in there until daddy came to bed. chad was watching a movie so i knew it would be awhile before he came to bed. I was ready ready to sleep.

Sunday... i slept until 9 a.m. i got up and lane helped me fixed cinnamon toast. we finally made it like daddy does!! it was funny because as soon as i told the boys breakfast time they were at the table so fast. and that was one of the quietest meal time. they ate so fast. cade said "thank you mom for making me cinnamon toast". he has been really good about that. I got clothes down for them and told them to go outside and play because they were hyper!! they went outside, chad got up, and i took a shower (and soaked in the bath). When i got out I did a few things and layed on the couch. i felt exhausted. i fell asleep for a little bit. when i woke up, i made lunch, and then we went to baby tylers bday party. he is so darn cute. after the party we came home and i decided we were eating pizza for supper. so i ordered it and went and got it. we ate, chad and boys took a bath, we picked up toys, and made root beer floats. yummy!!! we watched teen wolf and the boys burned some energy. when it was time for bed cade started his crying. so i just had to be firm with both of them. I told them all the special things we have been doing. and that if they keep acting like this we won't want to do special things with them. needless to say they are asleep with no problem.

so the baby has been so active tonight. normally he moves around about 10p.m. but he has been moving a lot and doing something that is painful.

hedi and calley both called to check up on me today. heidi still thinks it will be on the 10th, calley just had a feeling it would be today. josh is wanting me to wait because he is out of town - he has been there when both boys have been born and doesn't want to miss out on this one. : ) keidi called to see if i would make it to bunco tomorrow. i told her i would be there as long as this baby doesn't come. chad has been saying that it will happen tonight (has said that like the past 3 nights). cade is saying on friday.

i wanted to go for a walk today but it was yucky outside. i do need to go to walmart tomorrow. I'm not getting a lot of food. i have a few meals and we will just go from there. but maybe i can do some good walking at walmart. LOl!!

ok i'm going to go and relax before bed. LOL!! is tonight the night?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday...I woke up not wanting too. Took cade to school and came back home and slept until 11!! I went and got cade, fixed lunch, did a few things (shower and bath), layed on the couch with cade and we fell asleep. Lane fell asleep on the floor. Woke up around 3:30 and painted rocks with the boys. I cleaned up a little. chad went and worked out of he got off work and i called glenda to see about plans. She is planning on coming wednesday, of course if the baby comes before then she will come. Rick and glenna came over with supper. glenna made chicken and noodles, brought rolls, veggie tray and dessert!!! yummy!! and we got to keep leftovers!! can't beat that. We played games with the boys and went to bed.

Saturday...I woke up about 9:30 and fixed breakfast. I made waffles, eggs, sausauge, defrosted some blueberries. It was all pretty good. I cleaned up and got in the shower and then sat in a warm bathtub. I got out, got dressed and felt really tired. started some laundry and layed on the couch. i could have easily fell asleep but the boys kept waking me up. we decided to leave and go do something. we went to cades school to play on the playground. he was pretty excited to show lane all the playground equipment. They had a fun time. chad and i walked around a little bit and teeter tottered with the boys. when it was getting close to time to go cade was walking on the teeter totter and fell and hit his privates. OUCH!! He left in pain. Poor guy. we went by sonic and came home. diana came by to get a recipe and now here i am. we are fixing to put the bee movie in and hopefully everyone will fall asleep.

4 more days until the due date. chad says he isn't thinking like that. it is more any day now. i have been feeling really tired and lots and lots of pressure!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday...I first want to say what a nice day. I had to get up early and take a shower. Got Cade to school and Lane to Heidi's house. Heidi took lane to Mdo for me since I had an appointment at 9:40 and chad wanted to come with me. It was a nice drive to liberal. I took little cat naps all the way there. : ) We waited an hour and then was in the room with him for less than 5 minutes. He didn't check me. I know i have gotten bigger, blood pressure good, baby heart beat good. Thats it! My next appt. is Feb. 12!! i hope i don't make it!! We drove back and ate at subway. I think everyone did today. Heidi said her and a friend did, tyler did, josh was making orders there, and bret ate there! thats funny. I have been pretty swollen lately. My right hand is getting worse and worse about falling asleep and it is hard to get it back to reality!! I came home at sat down for a little bit and then went to my pedicure appt.(thanks calley for putting the idea in my head) That was nice. My feet feel so much better!!! Well they are still swollen and achy but they look good and feel smooth. : ) The lady called someone to ask about the spot that is not suppose to be rubbed on a pregnant women. it supposely will make you go into labor. I told her it was ok. There was only 6 days till due date. It was fun to joke around about it. After pedicure i went by sonic (happy hour) and picked up to route 44 waters and brought one home to chad. i then went and picked up the boys at mdo. Calley you have been looking so pretty lately!! I visited for a little bit and then heidi and i decided to let the boys play on the playground for a little bit. they had fun. we got home and lane and i cuddled on the couch - i fell asleep, and cade played a computer game out in the garage with daddy. Well daddy didn't play but he had company. I think they have both enjoyed being together. I woke up and started picking up a little. Started dinner. Rick called, he called last night too to check up on me. he said he was going to call everynight. : ) Him and glenna are sweet. : ) Rick came by to get a package that was sent here. I finished supper. I fixed hamburgers, french fries. I cut up tomatoes and avacados to put on them. we really enjoyed them. I cleaned up and chad got ready to go workout. cade was really wanting to go with him so I let him. he had to get ready for bed first - teeth and all. He did and wanted to wear his shorts pjs and wear pants over them (like daddy does - except chad doesn't wear pjs just shorts) : ) It was cute. I fixed him a water bottle to have for his "workout". he was excited!! he promised me he would go straight to bed. Lane wanted to go but i told him next time that this time was cade and daddys "date". He said ok and i told him he could pick out a movie. So he is watching a movie. I have put my load of laundry in the dryer, did some bills and check book, put some mail out, and am ready for bed. : ) i do have to put some clothes away but it won't take long. It has been a good day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wednesday...i went to get a pedicure and they were full. but i go tomorrow at 1!! I had to go by walmart again!!! and i went by walls to check things out. Calley told me they had sketchers in their for $20! They had them but way way too big for the boys. : ( darn it. I have my doctors appt. at 9:40 a.m. Hopefully it will be the last one. : ) Today was a good day. I decided I was going to be patient and let the boys, especially lane how much i love him. We did a project together - which lane didn't do for very long. But cade and I enjoyed it. I made cookies for my meeting tonight which they are tasty. i took a shower while the boys played a game and then we picked out a movie. I popped popcorn and put them in cool popcorn boxes. While watching the movie we did valentines cards. We got those all done. Of course lane konked out but that is ok. : ) I put them in their bags so they will not get left out for valentines party. Cade played some games on the computer and I went and layed down for 30 minutes. There was no whining, no fighting - it was so nice. I got up from my nap got ready for my meeting tonight and went to heidi's to make the spaghetti. It turned out really good. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. We had a cookie exchange. I didn't know realize what we were doing until we were there. we drew a number and the number that was on the dessert is the one you got. I didn't make mine look all pretty. I just put the in a plastic container. : ( I got intiated tonight. I'm officially a beta sigma phi. I was pinned for the first time ever!! LOL!! It was pretty corny but cool to be apart of. I really like the group of ladies. Chad had the boys bathed and in pjs tonight. He took them to the guyrage (workout) and I just picked the boys up. Heidi rode with me so it wasn't a big deal at all. Plus cade has been wanting to go over there for awhile. When I walked in cade was lifting some weights. : ) When we got home he said he needed to excercise. LOL!! They were in bed by 9 and i started my nightly routine - started the dishwasher, load of laundry and picking up. I'm trying to keep it picked up but my trash guys aren't doing a great job. I have two full loads in the kitchen. : ( Guess i better get those by the backdoor, seems like the only way to get them to take it out. heck i'm just happy the boys were ready for bed except for their teeth. chad even read them some books. : ) i better get off here, i have a thank you card to write and clean clothes to put away. hopefully i will read a little bit. chad will be home soon. it takes him a little bit to settle down so i think i will have time - if i don't konk out!! : )
Monday... So monday morning was awesome. I picked lane up from school and his teacher said he was tired. so i asked him if he was tired and he puckered out his lips and had some tears fall. I picked him up and loved on him. Told him we could go to walmart so he could pick out valentine cards for his class. So that is what we did. It cheered him up but turned into one of those kids at walmart!!! I wanted to pull his pants down and spank his butt in walmart!!!! Needless to say that was the whole day!! Yep all the way to bedtime. I was so stressed out that I had a headache and I wanted to throw up!!

Tuesday...It was a good morning. We got up and around and went to the book fair. The boys got to pick out a book. Everyone was happy, no whining, no fighting, just as it should be. After dropping them off I had to run by walmart!! I was doing so good but keep thinking of things i need to try to make things easier if i have the baby. After walmart I went and borrowed calleys printer. I had to print off all my tax stuff so I could file and send somethings off. WAHOOOOOO I"M DONE WITH TAXES!!!! Thanks calley!!!! I went and got the boys. when we got home kevin was here visiting with chad. He had dropped off a cd with my baby shower pictures on them. I fixed lunch and decided to start cleaning. the bathrooms are done, dusted living room, picked up babies room (wouldn't think I would have to clean it but the boys play in there), sweeped the floors, and cade vaccummed under the couches (they get so dirty even though i do it every week!) Cade did such a great job!! What a helper. We went by the post office and then I took the boys to the park for a little bit. they had a fun time and it was really nice. We came home the boys got cleaned up and so did I. We left to take boys by the sassins house and we went on a date. : ) Thanks again calley!!! We went and ate a cj's - good as usual. Chad and I had a good conversation. Then we went riding around looking for deer. Chad was prob. ready for me to shut up at this point. LOL!!! Then we came home and relaxed and watched american idol. I started feeling bad - head cold feeling. Plus this baby was trying to move into places he shouldn't!!! We had to fight but I won. : ) I dropped chad off at the guyrage and went to pick up the boys. I was not pleased with how they acted when i was there and let them know that on the way home. I was calm and all of a sudden my blood pressure popped right out of my head!!! I don't know what happend!! Lane is going through this phase and i hope he gets out soon!!! I had a break down and cade loved on me. Lane continued to wine and cry about every little thing. They got in the bathtub and played for a little bit. I put clothes away, washed boys and got them in bed. I started a load of laundry and got to through them in the dryer right when chad was getting home. I layed in bed - still not feeling good and started to read a book (breastfeeding). I fell asleep pretty fast. The night was not very good. I was in pain everytime I need to move. Man my pelvic!! I have to move a lot because my hands go numb. It was one of those nights that you look at the clock everytime you wake up hoping it is almost morning.

Wednesday...We are all tired today. The boys did pretty good this morning. Lane was a little whiny but it was manageable. I dropped them off and had to go by walmart!! yes i know!! i found out yesterday that my group for sorority has to host the meeting - which means bring supper. So heidi and I decided on spaghetti. i went and got that and a few things like milk just so we don't run out. I'm fixing to go by walls and thinking hard on going to shear perfection to get a pedicure!! I'm hoping today we can just take it easy maybe even take a nap!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

random pictures

Picture chad took of me while I was cleaning up the boys room. This was around 35wks. Baby Shower

My Girls How cute is this?!

Caci, Sally, me and Christa
Genea and I
Trip to Trevs house to see Miss Bailey

Random shots through the week

Nintendo junkie

Lane Learning how to put bottles together. He had so much fun with these. He did get mad at me when I took his picture. : )

We made ice cream sundaes. I let the boys put whatever they wanted to on it!!

Bad boys, bad boys watcha gonna do!
Last night in the bathtub - mohawk boys

We didn't do much on friday. I did get rylee's pictures done and did some stuff around the house. Saturday was relaxing. Chad and I slept until 10!!! I have been so tired lately. The boys were so good!! I could here them playing. We got up and ate. Chad left for a little bit and the boys and I got ready for the day. Cade and I went on a date. I have been telling him that we would before the baby came. We went to the show and got big rootbeers and a big popcorn. We watched hotel for dogs. I thought it was a very cute movie. I'm not sure what cade thought. I actually teared up, but if you haven't seen it, it is about siblings and family!! : ) When we walked out of the movies daddy and lane were waiting outside. Chad was going pheasant hunting with his dad. So the boys and i rode around for a little bit. Cade got cranky with Lane and eventually he fell asleep. I decided to take them to the park. It was a nice day. So we went to tot park and the boys had a blast! We stayed about an hour and came home. We put ratoulle in and snuggled together. Chad came home, took a shower and it wasn't long he was out the door again to go play cards. Lane fell asleep fast!! He didn't even eat supper. I thought cade was asleep so i went to the garage and started on allyssa's pictures. cade came out and talked to me while I did those. He fell asleep in a chair out there.

Sunday...I woke up at 5:50 a.m. - call of the bathroom and couldn't really go to sleep after that. I did sleep for like 40 minutes and then heard some horses running through the house so I got up. The boys were playing really nice with eachother. I fixed them cereal and jumped in the shower. I like taking showers as soon as i get up, especially these days. Helps my joints wake up. I fixed me a breakfast burrito. It was another lazy day. We fixed some cookies but they didn't turn out as good as they usually do. They are still good though. I have to remake them. We are doing a cookie exchange for sorority on wednesday. I had ran out of an ingredient and thought I would try it anyway. Cade had picked up his room before I even got up, he organized his nintendo games, made lanes bed (but not his because it was too messed up). : ) I think he knew it was that time to get a dollar for picking up. : ) He was ready to take out the piled up trash. There was a bunch of boxes and stuff that hasn't been taken out for awhile. He did that all by himself without even griping. chad said it was a proud day for him. because it is closer to chad not having to take out the trash!! LOL!! lane wouldn't help so he didn't get his dollar. : ( i think i'm going to have to give him some change throughout the week for things he picks up. He doesn't seem to care about the end result but he should know that i'm proud when he picks up. Since cade did all the trash we suprised him with another dollar. He was pretty excited! he has $7 saved up. : ) We went by walmart to get a few snack things for the super bowl. i watched most of the game but i was in and out with doing laundry and picking up. I washed bottles so I had to clean out a cabinet to put them in. The game was good and there was some good commercials. I think dorriotos did a pretty good job. Before the boys went to bed they picked out their school clothes. They both wanted to wear the collared shirts i made them this summer. I had to fix cades shirt and then iron both of them. Lane went to bed but cade stayed up because he was so excited to wear that shirt, wanted to make sure i got it done. he also watched the end of the game with us. it was funny because he was doing everything chad was doing. we were wanting cardinals to win. I wanted them to win because it was there first super bowl. It was pretty exciting.

Monday...Cade did an awesome job this morning. He woke up and said hi mom, went into the living room and got dressed. I knew he would get dressed fast because he was so excited to wear that shirt. He went and said hi to dad and asked him to fix his hair and started eating by 7:10.
Lane had a hard time getting up so cade was sweet big brother and giving lane so much attention. lane just ate it up. He asked lane what he wanted for breakfast and told me and helped him get dressed. lane and i had a race on getting our shoes on and cade just cheered him on and even helped. So this morning was a happy morning. Lane and I looked at cade book fair after we dropped cade off. we are going to take cade in their in the morning before school. They have a family night tomorrow but we got an offer that can't be turned down. Calley wants to watch the boys so chad and I can go on a date before the baby comes. the best night is on tuesday and we snatched it up!!! : ) i took lane too school and came home and took a shower. i think i'm going by calleys this morning to use her printer. I'm about to throw mine against the wall. it is maybe a year old but should be messing up as much as it has been!!! today is my grocery day but i don't think i will go. i might go this afternoon. lane needs to pick out his valentines cards for school. i do need to do some dusting, mopping and bathroom duty today. I know cade will help me dust. : )

last month was dental awareness month or something like that. so throughout the weeks they talked about brushing their teeth. Cade has been so good to get the plaque and sugar guys out of his mouth! And has gotten lane excited about it. Cade is even sure to tell me what has sugar in it and what to do if you can't brush your teeth afterwards. : ) The other night we had a battle. We had to take vitamins to beat the bad guys in our bodies, brush our teeth to beat plaque and sugar guys, wash hands and face to beat the germs!! They had so much fun and we conquered!!! : ) LOL!!

Oh before I go. There are 9 days left until the due date!!! Let me know when you think he will come. I have no clue, i have lots of braxton hicks, the doctor hasn't told me anything - because he isn't sure. So you are up to date on how i'm doing, take your guess.

Guesses so far:

Heidi - 10th - but doesn't really have a feeling just seems like a good number
Chad - 11th - due date
Me - 12th - no reasoning behind it
Sally - 14th - valentines day/ mamaw's bday

we can also do guesses on weight!! Cade was 7lbs 12oz and lane was 9lbs 3oz.


Me - 8lbs 10 oz - : ) i have no clue!!!
Chad - 8lbs 4 oz

Email me with your guesses!!!