Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today, we didn't seem like we got a whole lot done. I made a menu for the next 3 weeks!! WAHOOO! Chad installed the last new window, and some of the trim in the spare/computer/going to be nursery room. The boys played like crazy with toys and imagination! They had a fun time. I went and got sandwiches for lunch at subway. I took the last of the bread at noon!!! i couldn't believe they were completely out! The guys were saying it was the night crews fault.

Earlier Chad and Cade went by Rick and Glenna's house to visit. I have been pretty worried about Rick. He hurt his back so he has been down for a week. Chad said he is doing better. Glenna gave us some peaches so I'm going to make a peach cobbler. : ) I have never been a big fan of peaches but seems like the older I get the more they taste ok. : ) After they left Rick and Glenna's they drove by the reserve. Chad said the Male Elk was close to the road. Cade said "dad we need to boom him and get his antlers (using his arms like he was holding a gun)." Geeze!!!! So Chad explained to him about how the antlers will come off and he will grow new ones, so then we can look for the ones that came off. Cade said "ooooohhhh, i understand now!" : ) I'm glad he understands that Grandpa Rick, Daddy, and Uncle Trev doesn't shoot the animals they just find the antlers that fall off.

I'm waiting for the boys to get done with supper so we can go to walmart!! Chad doesn't want to go - suprise suprise - he hates going) It is 7:30p.m. I'm hoping it won't be crowded but Sundays are bad to go to any walmart! I have to go though, almost out of everything plus I need to get some sugar. I'm fixing Chocolate gravy in the morning!! I'm so excited! This is my first time to do it by myself. I usually have my mamaw or sister with me.

I think my rascals are done - they are screaming and running around!! oooohhh, didn't asked to be excused! : )

Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30,2008

Girls night out went well. We went out to eat and then just talked. I got home before 9. When I got home I heard the boys in the bathtub. Chad was getting them all cleaned (which suprised me). Then I found out that they got haircuts! Made me happy and Chad always does a good job. Chad said the boys were really good. Cade usually screams when he gets his haircut, but i guess he did really well. And of course Lane, did well as usually.

We didn't do much today. The boys were very good - especially since I started the chore list. If they get all happy faces then they get a prize from our box and if they go all week with all happy faces then they get to pick something at walmart (will of course have a price limit). They are so good when we do the chore list.

Lane didn't feel very well early today. He actually went back to sleep around 10 and slept for a few hours. I think that helped him out.

We went and got slushes (well all the boys did, i got a big water) from sonic today. We came home and I started fixing supper. The boys ate so much!! I thought they were going to burst!! Even Cade ate a lot!!!

Chad has guys night out tonight so it is just me and the boys. The boys played outside for a long time tonight. I went out there to check out our apple trees. Not doing well at all!! The bugs sure got them, and got them early! I found a total of 4 good apples!! That is it!! I had them running out of my ears last year! Hopefully they will do better next year. Lane is already eating one - well it ate half of one early and it was nasty in the middle. : ( So I found him a good one to eat. He came and showed me the seeds and i told him he could throw them away. He said no i want to eat them - I said if you eat them you might grow apples in your belly - He said Yeah! and shoved it in his mouth!! Said he likes the nuts in the apples!! LOL!

I guess I better go. They boys are ready for a snack, so I think I will fix them some popcorn and turn on a movie. : ) I sure do love my boys!!!

Oh so far the pager has been awesome!! WAHOOO!

Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29

Yesterday after I picked Lane up from Mothers Day out (MDO), he talked with a country accent - like big time!! He was cracking me up. He hasn't done it a whole lot today but man was it thick! : )
The boys didn't go golfing with dad yesterday but they still had fun. We have been driving around in the evenings - gets us out of the house, plus we get to be in our new pilot (i attached a picture but will try to take some better ones)!! So we ate and then went driving around. We got home, I got the boys bathed and dressed. Then daddy took a trip to braums!!! Made me happy. : ) While he was gone the boys and I played with big blocks and cars. They were pretty excited when daddy walked in with ice cream. We ate ice cream, brushed teeth and all snuggled on the couch and watched the Water Horse. I thought it was pretty good movie. I teared up!!! I would like to blame it on the pregnancy but I'm such a cry baby! : )

We did our same routine this morning except Lane had no school. We went and got Cade after school and went and got tags for the pilot. What a chunk of change that was!! I'm glad it is done and paid for though. We came home and ate lunch. The boys and I snuggled on the couch and turned on water horse (since they fell asleep last night), and we all fell asleep. I slept for a little while and the phone woke me up (its ok calley!!) : ) I couldn't move so I just stayed there until the last boy woke up (Cade). I couldn't believe how long Cade slept!! That boy is so tired when he gets home from school but usually fights the nap.

We have girls night out tonight! We are just eating though. I don't know what else to do.

Chad has the pager this week. : ( BBOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! we both hate that thing. But maybe it will be good to him this weekend. I'm looking forward to sleeping in but if he gets paged during the night that means i need to wake up as soon as the boys do to try and keep them quiet for Chad.
Guess I better do something around here before it is time to go out!! : )


Lane and Lily's bday was on Friday. So when Sally and Lily got there we had a little celebration. They got cupcakes with candles in them and then got to open a present. Lane opened one the morning of his bday too.

Lane's birthday was this past Saturday. It was really fun. Sally came and helped me decorate and get ready for it all. We did supper and of course cake and ice cream. There were plenty of balloons, pictures of Lane, cake and cupcakes, water balloons and kids. We had 10 kids there! Seemed like everyone had a fun time. Chad made orange sherbert and then we had regular ice cream. I will be posting pictures on shutterfly but for now here are a few pictures of the party. Thank you for all of those that came, you made a very special day perfect!! We missed those who couldn't make it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm posting a picture that Cade took of me yesterday. I do feel bigger than what the picture shows. : )

Yesterday evening Chad went and played golf with some of the guys. He really needed to get out. They try to play every wednesday but haven't the past couple of weeks. It is good for him but last night he was gone for 5 hours!!

Heidi called me and asked what we were doing. She was lonely because Bret and Bryson were both gone. Worked for me cause I sure miss my girlfriends. So Heidi and Rylee came over and we fixed breakfast for supper. YUMMY! It was like a breakfast buffet in here! : ) After she left I got the boys ready for bed and we laid on the couch. Cade was asleep before Chad got home and Lane finally fell asleep not long after.

This morning I got up at 7 instead of 6:30. I got the boys ready and dropped Cade off at school and then came back home and got ready for my day. After that I took Lane to Mother's Day Out. He did really good today. Didn't fuss or cry for me. I then went over and visited Calley. She has been a hermit lately so I figured I needed to go over there and visit, and think of some ideas to break her shell! : ) Miss you girl!! We had a good visit and then I went and picked up Cade. He was happy and then we got in the car and he got really sad. I don't really know why - I couldn't understand him. I drove him to Mothers Day Out and when we got inside he said he just wanted to stay with me. Which is fine because he doesn't get a whole lot of just mom time. We came home and played go fish with dad. We all had fun. : ) Then I called in some mazzio's sandwiches. I was really wanting one. : ) Plus I have been trying to cheer Chad up and get him out of his rut he is in. Now I'm writing this so I don't forget. : )

I needed to get some work done today - photography and housework but doesn't look like I will be getting a lot of that done today. I need to go by the store and pick up something for supper. It is hard to think of meals!!! Sometimes I just dread it! : ) but sure love to eat it. LOL!

I think the boys are wanting to go play golf with daddy tonight. At least they were saying that yesterday. So we might go to Goodwell tonight to golf or maybe just dad and the boys. : )

Tomorrow is GIRLS NIGHT OUT!! Sure love that night. : ) I haven't been able to do it for almost 2 mths now. I feel out of the loop!!

I think I will go now and play a game with Cade, go wash the car, pick up Lane and go by the store. Not necessarily in that order. : ) Missed out on my nap today. : ( Didn't have my snuggle buddy with me. : )

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I have been thinking about starting one of these but just haven't had the time. My sister-in-law told me I needed one so I thought I should make the time. It will be easier for family and friends to know what is going on here in the Williams household.

As most of you know I am now 4 mths pregnant. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and the heartbeat is still high (164). You can def. tell I'm pregnant now. I'm feeling really good and really need to start exercising!!! I asked the boys what we should name the baby - Cade said for a boy "Garrett "(his best friends name), girl - "Daisy" (a girl in his class). Lane says only for a girl because he is sticking to his guns and saying we are having a girl - "nemo" how pretty is that name!! LOL! Cades name aren't bad but I think it is safe to say we won't be using any of them. : )

Cade and Lane started school! They love it. Cade doesn't like waking up early but he is always happy to get there. Lane is a morning person, he is ready to go.

Chad is in a rut right now. He is fixing to start back up to programming at work which will help him out a lot. He went with me to pick up the boys from school today. Lane didn't even see him, and Cade was so excited! He has been wanting daddy to come pick him up. I think Chad enjoyed it too. I know I love picking them up.

Lane and I have been taking naps all this week. It has been really nice. I get up at 6:30 to get ready for the day and then take the boys, so I'm ready to sleep! (That is really early for me). Cade plays really nice in the floor so lane and mom can get some rest. : ) he is so sweet.

I also worked on a wedding video today. I'm almost done but need more songs from my bride. I'm ready to get this done for her - she got married in June!!!! I'm way behind!

I better end my first blog. Lane is sitting on my lap being annoying and i have to think of something for supper and fold some laundry!! Hope I can keep up with this.