Friday, November 11, 2011

So It has been forever since I have been on here. I have been crazy busy and just getting use to life with 3 kids. It has been pretty tough but it is finally getting easier. I think it was so hard because we moved and were remodeling with a newborn who turned into a crawler and into a toddler all while doing the remodel. We have slowed down on the remodeling and Jude has started playing and playing hard by himself. : ) I have enjoyed getting to take more pictures and being creative again.

Cade and Lane are doing very well in school. I'm so proud of them. Cade has only 1 B and the rest A's. He recently got saved. Wahooo! And this Sunday he gets baptized. I'm so excited! He has doing so well about helping me around the house. He has a huge heart and likes to get prizes for his brothers with his own money.

And Lane is at the top of his class. In Kindergarten he is already reading!! I can't believe how much he knows. I do have to give his teacher credit because she is amazing (Mrs. Midgett)! He loves reading, he is a fantastic big brother. Jude just adores him! He makes us laugh and he gets so shy at times.

Jude like I said is playing really well on his own. He loves horses! He loves to rough house with his big brothers. He isnt potty trained yet but he does pee in the potty at least once a day. I'm not pushing him because I have learned with the other two you just encourage and when they are ready it will be alot easier on me and on him. He isn't 3 yet so there isn't any need for me to stress about it. He melts my heart.

Chad is doing well. He gets bored because he is stuck on the house all day. But he had been deer hunting. He got his deer for this year. That was special because we all came out to check it out. That meant a lot to Chad. And the boys thought it was cool. I have a picture with chad and his boys but for some reason can't find it right now.

Gus... well he is just large. : ) He is such a good dog. The most annoying thing about him is his size. : ) But that is the worst thing I can say about him. He asks to go outside and is so great with the boys especially Jude. Yes they are using him as a pillow

Jude actually crawled up there and fell asleep.

And he keeps Chad company at work. : )

So we are doing well just staying very busy. : )

Friday, April 30, 2010

Today was a pretty good day, even though I was woken up at 6;30 on a non school day. I made chocolate gravy and sausage gravy and of course biscuits. It was busy. Some ladies and I met up at the activity center and put Team Kaci fliers on windshields. then we ate at the rotary bbq. After lunch I went to Calley's. Had a feeling she needed some help. She did. She has been doing a lot and just want her to know that I'm here to help and it isn't all on her shoulders. We had several people pick up their shirts and lots of cookies dropped off. We will be handing out cookies to Kaci supporters as a small thank you. We have put them in individual bags tied with ribbon, which has been some work now. : ) Am thankful for the amount of cookies we got. I left Calleys in time to deliver a shirt, get supper on the table (crockpot meal), visit with glenna, and take part of supper to friends. We then loaded up and went to the carnival. I love watching the boys be so happy. they had a blast. the Mulls, Sassins were there. When they left we found tate, ryan and mya. The boys had a ball!!! we then decided everyone was hungry so we went to walmart and got stuff for nachos. : ) Went by braums and got some ice cream (chad wanted rocky road) and came home. Ate nachos and now all the boys are asleep. Well jude is asleep on me so i hope he stays asleep.

Chads eye started hurting really bad after we got home. So he went to bed. Bret still isn't certan what is going on. He is going to check it on sunday again.

Tomorrow is a busy day we have parade, set up booth, friend cookout, go work booth, come home, eat supper and then rodeo. So I'm going to bed. : )

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life is so busy! There is so many things that I wish I could get control of so life would go smoother. I have not had time to upload pictures so i haven't written on here.

Since moving to the new house life is crazy. Of course just moving is a huge deal. Lots of boxes! Well we got back at remodeling. I have figured out that we have been remodeling for 2 yrs now. There has been a few months off but dang!! Utter chaos! I can't seem to get a handle on your everyday things. Heck since moving to Guymon I can't seem to get caught up on chores around the house. I just look back living in Arkansas. My house was always clean and not talking about toys the boys are playing with but just clean. With a quick picking up those toys it would be spotless. I'm ready to be that type of house keeper again. I'm in a house that is total opposite. So needless to say I'm ready to finish this house so we can be normal in a normal house!

Another craziness is Chad working from home. Oh how I love having him here, but we have ran in to a huge problem. I have to keep the boys quiet when chad is on the phone, which is the majority of the time. And trying to keep 3 boys happy and quiet is like trying to stop a train going full speed. It is very very very stressful! And I have reached my limit. We have invested on a better head gear but with me running around yesterday and today we haven't been able to try it out. Don't think I'm blaming Chad, I know it is unprofessional for kids to be heard on the other end. But it is hard not to get a little anger built up. I hope that the earphones work because I feel the next option is building a building in the back (which may not bring back a money return that we would want).

I think if these to things could be solved then there is a huge chance that I could get a handle on house keeping, being a mom of 3 boys, paying bills and so much more.

Life is just crazy right now. It is like an emotional rollercoaster. I know that there is always going to be something in life that a person wants to change and I think with growing up I can handle circumstances better.

I have a dear friend that has a brain tumor. Her family is wonderful. I know that nobody is perfect but I look at Kaci and she is the most perfect person I know. She would prob. not like me saying that and def. wouldn't take the compliment. : ) Her and Ryan are amazing people. They have shared their journey with the world and most importantly their amazing Faith. I know I have grown closer to God through all of this. This community has amazed me on how we have all come together to help the Ronnes. It is all of our fight! I love you kaci and just know in my heart of heart that God will heal you. I know that she is in God's hands and that brings comfort to me.

Chads eye has been hurting for a few days now. It has just gotten worse so he went to our eye dr today. He said that it looks like a cut (a good one) but chad is going back tomorrow for the dr. to look again. Chad has been putting drops in his eye all day today so hopefully the dr can tell for sure what is going on. Chad is in a lot of pain. His eye is very sensitive to light so tonight I asked him if he wanted to wear an eye patch. Cade jumped up and went and got his pirate eye patch. Chad put it on and said it helped a lot but it was pretty funny. Hopefully he will get to feeling better soon.

Cade started tball today. He has been playing soccer. Our last game is next weekend. The team is doing really well. I think we might be in second. Cade does have his good and bad days. Overall I think he is pretty good. He has made 3 goals and have blocked several. Cade is doing well in school and is reading words really well. As for his kindergarten year it just hasn't been what I imagined it being. It has been a tough and frustrating year. Cade has started taking out the trash. He gets paid $5 every sunday. He has decided he is saving up for a nintendo dsi. He is doing very well and I'm very proud of him.

Lane is also doing well in school. He knows all his shapes, colors, number recognition, patters, ext.. He is having trouble with letter recognition. So Chad and I have decided to have him repeat pre-k. Since he is so young I think it would be the best for him in the future. I have talked to him about it and he understands. He sees all he classmates playing soccer and says mom I'm really young huh. : ) He is so sweet and tells me he loves me a lot! He is so funny and suprises me on his wittyness. He has a way of making all those little girls flock around him.

Jude oh Jude! He is walking all over the place. He loves being outside and walking on the sidewalk. I love it when he is walking and wants to hold my hand. He is a little comedian and very smart. He loves kisses on his neck. I can be holding him and he will lean back that is his way to tell me to kiss him. He loves baths. Jude is starting to prefer daddy over me. Which is sad in a way, but it is just starting and he still needs me. He loves to "go visit" daddy at work. Loves fruit but I'm having a tough time feeding him people food.

Chad has gotten the master bath and bedroom finished. We have both bedrooms painted. Chad is currently putting wood floors in cade and lanes room. it is taking a little while since his eye. He does a really great job and I'm very proud of him. Just wish that there could be like 10 of him to finish the house really fast (but of course that would be feeding and taking care of all 10 which would send me to a nut house). LOL

Better go for now. Just wanted to give a little bit of what has been going on. Not sure when I will right again.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wow - can you say way behind?

So trying to think of where to start. We finished the house on circle drive. Chads step dad came and helped us finish. We were feeling pretty overwhelmed and so thankful that he came. When he was here chad found out he had a hernia so he had surgery the next day! So glad for the help that i have, because it was a very stressful time with getting the house done, 3 kids, husband to take care of and all his duties. We all made it through. we are moved into the new house. Still not organized but we are getting there.

Halloween 09 - The boys dressed up as Alvin and the chipmunks. Gary gave me the idea and I ran with it. I must say they were so dang cute!!! We went to the fall carnival and played games and the boys loved the cake walk! Then halloween night chads mom came with me and we took the boys trick or treating.

Cade was also diagnosed with thrush. Poor baby!! His mouth was horrible but we got it taken care of.

Cade is 6!! I can't believe it! What a great kid he is! He is so smart and is prob. going to be some kind of architect/engineering guy or a video game junkie. : ) He loves building things!! He got several bionicals and legos for his bday which he masters very quickly. I made him a skateboard cake and had some of his friends over for a party. It was a fast planned party (like an hour). We got cade mario kart and i must say it is addicting!! we are all hooked! it is funny because just gets frustrated when cade beats him. : ) I'm not to shabby either. Cade is very sincere. Somebody asked me one time who is the better babysitter for jude. My answer was Lane if you want to keep jude happy and laughing but Cade if you want to keep him safe.

Thanksgiving - We had thanksgiving at my house but with Glennas cooking with Rick, glenna, allyssa and her kids, and dana and her kids. It was really great food and great company. Plus it made me get busy on getting some stuff situated in the house.

For thanksgiving day we went to colorado springs to chads moms. Food was great as usual and it was a relaxing time. Jude did get sick but at least we were there where i could take care of him and the other boys taken care of by the grandparents. : ) chad and i also got to go out and do some shopping for christmas. Black friday was fun. Bill got up with me early and I got what i wanted except for my bike. We got a camera for cade and a basketball goal for lane. : ) I"m so excited!!! A few days later (after getting home ) i made a walmart trip for groceries and there in the front was the bike!! so i snatched it up!! wahoo, even got extra's on black friday - a cricket expression! so excited to use it. Happy birthday to me. : )

We have all of our christmas stuff out which i love! Rick brought over some wood and so we got to build a fire!! we have a fire burning a lot. The cashier at walmart said "i smell something like a campfire" i started laughing and said that is prob. me!!!

Cade had his christmas program last night. He made me laugh. He wanted to do everything right so his face was total concentration. Makes me wonder if that is how chad was. : ) I could see chad up there in cade.

Jude is 10 mths today!!! oh wow how time passes!!!

a little about him
-size 3 diapers
-6mth pants but 12 mth onsies
-he can make baskets with his basketball goal
-loves playing with balls
-loves getting into the cabinet and anything else he shouldn't get into. : )
-walks while holding on to things
-he has stood alone for a few seconds but then realizes it and sits down
-loves food - cheese and bananas, cereal bars
-getting better with sippy cup
-does this nod thing that is hilarious
-boucies on his butt
-still loves the kitty
-likes to look for things
-starting to become a daddys boy, he loves being around daddy
-nursing about 4 or 5 times in a 24 hr period.

He is such a funny little guy. I'm so lucky to have my boys!!

Since I wrote about the other two I should write about Lane. He is getting better on his letters at school. He really enjoys going. He has been awesome at picking up stuff that he gets out. Loves loves loves going across the street to grandpa and gigi's. I think he would stay over there all the time if I would let him. Chad taught him how to start a fire in the fireplace - of course he doesn't do the lighter part but he can build it to have it ready. : )

I'm continuing to lose weight. Had to start back on my diet and excercise. Yes i get to workout again and man have i been sore!!

Chad has healed from his surgery and i love being around him. : )

So i can't post any pictures because chad is working and it messes up with his connection but at least i'm up to date!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There has been some funny moments in the last few weeks. We were remodeling the laundry room and i really needed to get some clothes washed so we went to the furnish's house (me, lane and jude). Lane and Bryson were outside catching grasshoppers and would come in to show heidi and i their catch. Heidi missed a big catch so the boys came in to show her. She said you guys are - lane interrupts with "amazing" with the face expression of a confident boy. : ) It was really funny. She then wispers to me, "I was going to say having great teamwork".

Cade - I was dropping him off at school and I said ok Bubs have a great day at school, and he says "mom sometime I want you to walk me to my class sometime." he has always wanted to go by himself. So I said, Ok, I didn't know, I got out and we walked hand in hand to his class and he gave me a kiss at the door. : )

I was dropping Cade off and a little girl was running to their class. Of course that is a challege to beat her. Cade takes off and beats her to their door. He opens the door and lets her go first. : ) Very proud momma!!! That is def. the teachings of his daddy.

Lane has been telling Jude a lot that he loves him. sweet.

Just a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. Both big boys wanted to take a bath with Jude. My happy boy

Soooooo.... Jude turned 7 months old!! Can you believe it!!!! It has flown by! My sister in law writes what all my neice is doing by a month so I want to do that. : ) I think it is pretty nice to know.

1. Still wearing 0-3 mth shorts and pants are getting a little short so we have moved to 3-6 mth, but they are a little big.

2. NO. 2 diapers
3.He is crawling all over the place - has it mastered.
4. His favorite "play area" is the entertainment center. He thinks it is just for him.
5. He pulls himself up to standing all the time.
6. Just discovered the plants. He likes to eat the leaves - and as of last night the dirt!
7. He says dadda when he is happy. He def. has daddy melting in his hands. He says mom but only when he is upset.

8. He enjoys looking outside - especially to find the kitty.
9. Developed his first fever. He had it for 3 days and still isn't up to par. But he is getting better.
10. Loves hair!
11. Loves taking baths/showers
12. Has one of the best smiles in the world - Cade and Lane have some awesome smiles too. : )13. Has the most pathetic cry. He does have some meltdowns that just seem like he is in some major pain.14. Still love nursing him- I feed him about 8 times in a 24 hour period.
15. He loves his brothers

Lane got his 4 year old shots. He told cade that he was going to take them "like a man". And sure enough he did. The last (3 in all) shot hurt the most but he stayed strong. We walked out and he was holding his arm. I told him that we would get him some tylenol and i think ice cream would help it feel better. "YEAH!" So here is Lane with his Jr. sundae with M&ms.

Chad wanted to take a picture of us because he said we were twins. I didn't plan it, just happend.

The sold sign was finally put out in front of the new house. So of course I had to get a picture. I took a few before this one but forgot to put the card in. Jude was happy in those. : ) We got the laundry room finished except for one door. The sassins actually picked us up one yesterday when they went to lowes, so i'm hoping today i will have that painted and ready for chad to hang it. Chad has been working on the boys room. The floor is done, trim is almost up, window frame is almost finished. So today their room should be done!!! We worked on the shed yesterday. Chad hung some trim - and i painted it, fixed the door and I painted it. So we are now waiting on new skirting to go around the bottom. Then that will be done. There are a few touch ups to do but the major things are done!!!!

I have bunco at my house tomorrow. So on friday I cleaned the house and decluttered as much as I could. When chad gets done with the boys room I can finish the decluttering.

Lots and lots of picture taking lately. I have orders to do, pictures to finish and pictures to take. Very busy right now!!! I'm so thankful that I can borrow my inlaws awesome backyard!!!

Better get off, jude is asleep and now it is time for a walmart run! wahoo.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jude and his hotrod

Here is Jude and his hotrod, not even 7 mths old and already wanting to walk!! Crazy!! hope the video works!! grrr!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wow, can you say behind?! I have been pretty busy with pictures lately. I have had a senior, family, and newborn. I have been trying to get the pictures done. I'm almost caught up in time to do a dogs picture and another senior.

Big news - Lane turned 4!!! I can't believe it. As I think everyone knows Lily and Lane share a birthday. So since Lane got last years bday weekend, Lily got it this year. Aunt Sally made Lane feel very special. Thanks Aunt Sally! She and Lily made him his own cake. : ) We did it on his bday morning. It was extra special because Uncle Billy, Aunt Christa and the boys came.

Happy Birthday My sweet Lane!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Priss!!! I love you sweet pea!

Here is siblings with their kids. Yes half of the kids are mine. LOL! : ) Love my family!!

When we got home on Sunday, We did presents with daddy.

Also that night Chad told me about a house I had called about a few weeks ago. It was sold when the sign went out in the lawn. We heard the people who bought it got a great deal. Well Chad saw the sold sign was off so i called about it.

Yep We bought it. It is a remodeling job! We are pretty excited about it. Def. working hard to get our house done so we can put it on the market. Then we get to start all over. : )

Chad got Lane a rocket for his birthday so on Monday we went and shot it off. Grandpa and Gigi came to join the fun. It was really cool and would have been an awesome evening if it wasn't for the mosqitos!!

This weekend we had Lanes bday party!

Lane's rocket cake - theme monsters vs aliens

We didn't have it where I had planned but that is ok. We still had a good time. There was a huge misunderstanding on the first location.

Here are all the kids who came, plus baby jordyn who was sleeping in her mommas arms.

Do you think he is happy? : )

The kids played hard, ate ice cream and cake, opened presents, did the pinata. The kids had a blast. Thanks for everyone who came to make Lanes bday a special one. Thanks Rick and Glenna for the decorations!!

Saturday morning Beta Sigma Phi had our beginning meeting. Just wanted to share the group minus a few ladies!

Just wanted to share some snap shots. Here is Jude right before a bath. Just thought it was really cute. He LOVES bath time. When he gets in the bathroom and realizes what is fixing to happen he squils! It is really cute!
This is the first time Lane and Jude has taken a real bath together. : )

This was tonight. Jude was playing in the hallway. He is crawling up on his knees now. He does still do the army crawl. He sits up really good, loves food, and can pull him self to standing on anything that will let him. He has started walking with his "hot rod". We will be taken videos soon of this. The video camera is dead right now.

I took a picture of me blowing on Judes cheek. He has a great smile!!

Me and my baby

Cade had checked out a book yesterday from the school library about puppets. So tonight the boys made some puppets. We haven't got to do a puppet show yet because lanes will need all night for all the glue to dry! : )

The boys are doing great in school. They are awesome on their bikes. Lane has some pretty crazy crashes but he continues to get better. This weekend would have been a hospital visit if it wasn't for a bike helmet. : ( glad i wasn't there to see it happen!!

Things are crazy here trying to get the house done and life thrown in there. It is hard to stay caught up on here.There will be more pictures that i will send through shutterfly. I better go so i can get cade and lane to bed.