Friday, October 31, 2008

I haven't said anything about the baby in awhile. He is moving like crazy. He kicks are harder - you no longer have to push on my stomach to feel him. Last night lane was laying on me and the baby was just kicking him. LOL! Lane didn't feel it though.

Cade is very calm today. He had a pretty tough night with the stuff on his face. : ( he doesn't really want to eat today. he still wants to trick or treat though.

So my camera lense is messed up. The good news is, it isn't the camera, the bad news is i can't find the lense. I cancelled my session for tomorrow. : ( I hated to do that since she has been scheduled for a month! i did order a new camera and some equipment today!! I have been wanting to for awhile just didn't have the courage to spend all the money I have been saving!! I just went ahead and did it!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday!!! what a day. Talk about organizing!! I went through the boys toys and got rid of lots!! I redid the game closet - organized! I went through baby boxes - need to wash a bunch. I dusted - needed it badly, swept floors. Then after supper I helped chad finish the tile - hardwork. My day ended about 10!!! Talk about tired!

Today I'm sore. My knee is messed up a little but the bathroom is looking awesome!! Today I ran errands - lots of them!! I had to drop cade off, lane off, post office, oaks of mamre (donate toys), newspaper, walmart, go get cade, came home and helped chad a little, picked up a little. oh this morning i did some laundry, cleaned the laundry room a little, took out lots of trash. Lunch time i went and ate lunch with the girls. came home with 30 minutes left or i think. went and got the boys, went by heidis to give bryson his bday present, took halloween pics of boys and sassin clan, came home fixed pictures, fixed supper. keidi and kambree came by with popcorn balls - lane loved it!! I have lane in the bath, trying to post and get the boys down.

oh cade had a fight with the sidewalk tonight. poor guy is hurting pretty good!!

tomorrow cade wears his halloween costume to school!

my camera is messed up!! : ( and i have pictures on saturday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I forgot to mention - when I came home on sunday chad had the house picked up for me! : ) that will always put a smile on your wives face!

yesterday i got all my paperwork filed!! there was a bunch! and i got most of my pictures done that i needed too. i have two more albums to do (which is family). Chad started grouting the master bathroom!! wahoo! his goal is to have the bathroom done by sunday. that would be nice. i fixed chicken and noodles with cresent rolls last night. the boys gobbled it up. they didn't even talk!! : ) always makes me happy when they like supper so much!

Today Lane got to dress up for school-halloween party. It is hard to tell what he is since he doesn't have mario with him. he still looks cute!!

today i am going through toys!! getting rid of a bunch while the boys are at school!!!

this weekend is one busy weekend!! We have halloween on friday, saturday - pictures at 10:30, chris urias has an open house for his studio at 1 p.m., pumpkin patch!! I'm going to be pooped!!

better get started with the boys room - it is going to take a while!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what a weekend!! Friday I still didn't feel very good but I left town anyway. We (calley, heidi, and keidi) went to OKC for the craft fair (my sister met us there). Our hotel was nice a roomy with a breakfast buffet (can't beat that). I slept pretty good. We all were amazed with how big this thing was!! There were so many people and so many buildings!! It was fun though, I got a lot of gift out of the way. After the craft fair we went to Teds (mexican restuarant). Man, was I hungry!!! Our feet hurt and we were walking like old ladies but it was fun. After ted's we went driving around to show calley brick town. We went to the memorial. 3 out of 5 of us have never been including me! So we got out and walked around. WOW!! Whoever did the desinger sure did an awesome job! After that we went back and crashed (11 p.m) at the hotel. The next morning we all looked like we had partied hard until three in the morning. We went and ate breakfast and got ready to go shopping some more. We went to target (love the dollar section). Sally left after that and we went to burlington coat factory and then went and ate at the cheesecake factory. That was a pretty fun experience eating there. We had a fun waiter and the food was excellent. We decided to come home after that. I had a great weekend!

Monday... Cade has say no to drugs at school this week. So he gets to do different things. It was wear your sunglasses to school (to cool for drugs). He is learning so much at school!! I'm so proud of him and how he listens to his teacher.

Chad got the living room done except for the trim and crown molding. We ran out of the trim around the doors and crown molding. It looks really nice. Can't wait to get pictures up and my curtains back up. I'm ready to make it homey!!

I ironed curtains and picked up a little. When the boys got home I fixed lunch and layed down with lane. I konked out!! i didn't mean too. The kitty jumped up there and everyone was just so cozy. Plus i had a bad cough last night and didn't get much sleep. When i woke up I did some laundry and took a shower. Cade and I went to walmart to get some groceries. i stopped off at subway for chad and I. Came home ate, gave boys a bath, read books, put them to bed. i layed with chad in the living room dozing in and out. I have been taking benadryl at night to help with all the snot!! LOL!

Tuesday...We woke up on time this morning. It was nice not to have to rush around. Cade didn't want cereal so I made cinnamon toast. They love cinnamon toast (3 full pieces each). The boys have been good with getting dressed for me. We got beenie hats and gloves yesterday so they were excited to put those on. They are at school (crazy sock day for cade) and I need to get some stuff done. we are so cluttered. I need to go through and file!!!! And I need to go through the boys toys!!!! Those are my two goals today. I do need to get some pictures done. better go get started!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i have been out of commission for a few days. after getting back from my trip i was exhausted and got sick. so i have been sleeping a lot!! i get up and fix meals then go back to sleep. that is pretty much all my body can do right now.

chad is done with the floor. He painted the ceiling last night and will prob. paint the walls tonight. I really want to help him but i don't need too. We have a girls trip coming up that has been planned for a couple of months now. By golly I'm going!! : ) We leave tomorrow. so i think if i continue to take it easy i will be fine.

i have been getting caught up with pictures. People have been making orders some i don't understand but will get it all figured out. I got a new backdrop in - it is cream and light blue. Chad said "it is different". I think it will be nice. i need to order lighting and lap top.

I have decided not to get a computer armoire for the babies room. that is just another big piece of furniture in there! so we will get a lap top for me to do most of my work on and put the other computer in the garage out of the way for now. makes me have more options in the arrangements of furniture.

The boys have been really good for me lately. I have told them that I am sick and they are helping me do things. Boys are sweet!! I got them new pjs the other night. heidi told me that bryson loves the feet pjs so i got some for the boys to try out. they love them. and they look cute. (some of you looking at the picture - you can tell it is the material i hate- i don't touch them a whole lot - LOL - it will be fine after they are washed a few times.)

Last night Lane was talking to yaya on the phone and she said so you are going to have a baby brother. He said "no, sister". So we had a talk with him last night. He has been saying brother and for some reason he said sister. I think he is sad but this baby boy is coming to us for a special reason (we may not know it now) and God has blessed us with another healthy boy! what can be better than that.

I found out the boys need there costumes done by saturday!! my sister had the hats for it, so i had try and find some. I think i found some that will work - not sure how proud i will be though. i have to die lanes shirt and try to make his hat a darker color today. then get something cut out but it shouldn't take too long. (they are going to be mario and luigi). I need to get some plungers though. : )
it is almost time to go get cade. i think i will drop him off eat lunch and go to sleep!! i'm so tired! I will at least have a couple of hours to rest.

Monday, October 20, 2008

ok so after getting back from walmart on saturday i had a little meltdown. it was a much needed one! The house was just overwhelming!! Chad said he knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. plus i was tired and haven't been feeling good (getting some kind of head cold).

sunday, we all slept in a little. which was nice since I can't sleep well with the sore throat, drainage and coughing. Chad worked on sanding the floors and the boys and I stayed in the babies room. Chad moved the tv in there so the boys watched a movie and played with cars (uncle billy and aunt christa gave them new car stuff for their birthday). When chad said he was done we started cleaning. Wow!! Where to start!! We got some stuff done and I went and got pizza for lunch. Chad stained the floor and needed on the computer so I went and layed down. I took a pretty good nap until a fly woke me up! LOL! I needed to get up anyway. Chad and Cade went and washed the car. Lane took his nap and I got to finish another group of pictures. Lane woke up and we heard a kitty on the front porch. Just a little thing. We loved on it, lane kept his distance and gave it some food and water. My kitty was mad!! We came inside and i messed with some more pictures. Lane yelled and the kitty was on the screen of the window on the front porch! We loved on it and then some kids came by and said there it is! It was relief from me that it belonged to someone!! It was really sweet and wanted lots of love! We just did leftovers for supper and I finished cleaning the kitchen. I had to wipe down everything! I cleaned the stove even the drip pans (the other night i was cooking and the stuff in the drip pan caught on fire. LOL!! so i did much needed cleaning). I'm pretty relieved to have that done.

This morning I took the boys to school and came home and fixed pancakes for chad and I. My job for today - straighten up the garage (chad unorganized it) for pictures tonight, clean bathroom (dusty and dirty) and hopefully get some pictures done. Oh i need to get a few things from walmart sometime. I have pictures tonight - outside and inside shots (thinking it will take 2 hrs). better go get started on list!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The boys and I left on thursday morning to drive to my grandmother and big papa's in hobart. We had a really nice visit and the boys were very good!! The food was AWESOME!!!

Friday morning we drove to altus. I dropped the boys off with Billy and visited for a little bit. Then I went and took my cousins senior pictures. I think Ryan had a great time and so did I. I was glad to have a fun time with him. After pictures I went and got arbys!! wahoo!! been wanting it. : ) then drove to billys. the boys played and played and played and played... owen and Lane did take a nap but cade and will just kept going. man does cade love being around will!! i was pretty tired so we just vegged. Billy and Christa made a great supper (even the boys ate it!). After supper they played for a little while and then I gave them all baths. I think they were really good - the noise level just seemed pretty loud! : ) Cade and Will camped out in the living room and lane slept with me. it took cade 5.2 seconds to fall asleep. : )

We woke up this morning and i took a shower and got ready for the day. Billy made us breakfast and then i went to walmart real fast. our walmart never has paint and the living room needs to be painted! So i got a huge bucket. When I got back we went and took (or tried to) take pictures of will and owen. After pictures we ate a picnic mcdonalds and played at the park. the ride home was peaceful, since the boys slept! i have been so proud of how they have acted. They aren't angels by no means, but they did pretty awesome especially for a trip!

we got home and stopped off at kfc. Chad had told me he has been sanding the living room floor but i was not mentally ready for what i walked in on!! everything and i mean everything is covered in dust!! it is a horrible horrible mess!! i wish he would of hung up some blankets to keep it in the living room. he gets in such a hurry to get started that he doesn't think of that. but man do i have some work ahead of me!! i'm so tired i don't want to think about it! i am glad he is getting it done, just not ready for the cleanup.

i need to go to walmart and get more sand belts for chad so he can finish tonight. i better get off both boys are fighting over the toilet - they both have to poop!!! drama! : )

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We know for sure!!

The doctor and we are 100% sure that this baby is a boy!!!! It was so much easier to spot the boy part on this ultrasound!! He is healthy healthy healthy. I'm sure everyone is wondering...yes i'm a little sad that I'm not having a girl, it's normal but I'm so very thankful that I'm having a healthy baby!! Actually this morning before we left I was thinking, what if they told me a girl? I was sad to think that. LOL!! I'm thankful that God has given me another child. I am pretty blessed!! The ultrasound pictures aren't very good. : ( I even had a FULL bladder! He did 3d but the pictures are nothing - you can't really recognize anything. I think I got a little gipped on the ultrasound anyway. We waited forever and then he rushed through it. I know he has other patients but come on those things are expensive so I think I should have gotten a little longer. The baby again was is weird positions and he kept covering his face so AGAIN i have no clue about his lips!!! What a stinker!! LOL!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wow i'm behind!! it has been crazy around here.

Friday night Cade had his best friend Garrett over to stay the night. It went really well. I was gone for a few hours and then chad left so we didn't get to all do something but that is ok.

Saturday I got up, fixed waffles and took garrett home. When I got home my stepdad was leaving a message on the answering machine. He was in town. So I called him back. I finished getting ready to go help chris. It went well. I didn't feel like I helped much but I learned a little. It was nice to visit with him for a little bit (the wedding was out of town). It was COLD, rainy and windy!! I got home around 5:30 and got all situated in. I called my stepdad but got no answer so we went and ate at mr. burger. He did call around 9 and came over. Ryan and Brenda came too. They really wanted to see the progress on the house. It was a really good visit.

Sunday was again cold and rainy!! We decided to load the family up and go to walmart to do some grocery shopping! We didn't have anything. Chad got his hair trimmed while we were there. We fixed supper for Rick and Glenna (its about time glenna got a break from hosting!!) They were a little late (do to their phone ringing off the hook : ) ) The food was still good. Chad made Philly steak sandwiches and homemade fries. I made Macaroni salad and a rasberry apple pie. We had a really good visit. The boys got pretty hyper, thanks to grandpa! : )

Monday - um that was yesterday. The boys went to school - cold day - normal routine. I started cutting out material for the boys new pjs and realized i didn't get enough!! grrr! : ) i layed down on the couch with lane. I fell asleep but cade kept waking me up so after awhile i couldn't sleep anymore. Cade was really cranky so i made him lay down and watch a movie - no playing or talking. He did good. I messed around on the computer. I'm getting prices on cameras, lighting, and camera accessories. I have saved some money to buy new stuff and man is it expensive!!! Chad got my main photography program up and ready!! WAHOOO!! So glad he can figure that stuff out! I'm realieved that I can start on pictures since I am way behind!! I had bunco last night. It is fun to hang out with those girls. : ) I didn't win any money - calley messed up my losing streak. : ) I came home and vegged with chad and then started on some pictures. Got one group done! One down lots more to go. : )

Tuesday... Cade didn't have school this morning, so we got to sleep in a little later and take the morning a little slower. Lane did have school. It is pouring rain and cold today. Cade took Lane to his class this morning. It was sweet to see him take care of his brother. We went to walmart and got material (got enough this time) and a vcr tape for TOMORROW!! I dropped cade off with heidi and came and got chad. We had parent/teacher conference today. It went really good. It acts very nice in class, is progressing very well. She said she wish she had 20 of him. : ) that always makes a parent feel good. They get stickers when they are good and then after so many stickers they get to pick a prize. She said he is really hard on himself. At the end of the day she asks each child if they get a sticker and sometimes (even when he should get one) he will say no, because i did this. : ) We got to see a firetruck that he drew which was really good and the top one on the wall! He knows all the letter sounds but only the letter t is the only letter he says by name. He can't identify all his number (so i want to work on that with him, more). The assistant teacher said the only thing is that on the playground a bunch of boys play football (including cade) and they tackle and pile up on eachother! : ) she said no matter what he won't let go of the ball. She is hoping this is the future football team that will win games for guymon. LOL!! (the other night i was telling cade that we were going to go talk to his teacher and see how he acts, he said "mom please don't ask her". LOL!!)
After the conference we went and got cade (cade was sad because he wanted to go with heidi to pick up the kids - he was going to go to the door and get them so Heidi didn't have to get in the rain). We then went and got lane - Cade went and got him - he loved doing that). He was grumpy for awhile. We went by the post office to mail a package and then went to mcdonalds. that cheered cade up. Lane didn't want anything, he ate chicken noodle soup and crackers (loves it). The boys are playing very happily and I'm trying to get caught up on this. Oh we just got our front plate for the pilot in!! I can't wait to put it on!!!

tomorrow we go to the doctor! I'm excited for the ultrasound. Ready to have him confirmed and checked over. We are taking a family trip to liberal. I guess I better get lane layed down and start on pictures!! Oh we are leaving (the little boys and I) to go to altus. I'm going to take sr. pics of my cousin but will get to see grandparents, brother, sister-in-law, and NEPHEWS!!! I'm excited but not for the drive!! ok so i'm going now!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chad got most of the trim up (crown molding has to wait because we don't have any) in the hallway. He ran out of trim to go around the doors so one closet and the front door doesn't have it. He filled in nail holes. Now he needs to sand and tape it, so i can paint it. I also need to paint the inside of the door frame in one closet then it will be done!! The living room is next.

i have been busy with pictures - which has been fun. I did have to deal with a customer i'm not to fond of but got it out of the way. : ) I'm almost caught up with all the pictures (just need to do last nights) and then I'm stuck until I get my adobe photoshop! We bought it online and you just download it. well chad can't get it to install so we are waiting for customer service to respond!! GGGGRRRRRR! i'm ready to have it.

i went to a jelwrey party last night. Not just any but Heidis mom and aunt. I think they are pretty awesome. There were several that i liked but 3 I was kind of torn. I did find one before i was fixing to leave that i think is going to be an awesome necklace (i bought it).

tonight Cade has his first friend stay the night (zaine has stayed the night but he doesn't count because that is family). i think it will be fun. I will go pick him up after i take my pictures tonight. I need to go by the store or see what kind of junk food i have. : ) i think i will just order a pizza tonight for supper and then do pancakes or waffles in the morning. Cade is pretty excited.

it is pretty windy today! i'm not sure if i will be able to do pictures. I think i will call the person and ask what she wants to do.

Tomorrow i go help chris with a wedding. i'm pretty excited, but nervous. : )

Lots to do so better get going.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ok, I forgot to mention more of the chili fundraiser. The boys got to participate in a few things. They had a blow up jumping deal, Lane got his face painted (soccer ball) and Cade participated in ham bowling - where he placed 3rd (He tied to second but there was a tie for first so we will just say third : ) )

Ok so yesterday, Chad worked on the floors at lunch, supper and then at 11:00 p.m. Guess what!!!??? The hallway floor is done!!! WAHOOO! He wants to put up trim today!! i'm so excited! He is actualy still in bed 10:15 a.m.!! He was pretty sore last night. Hope he didn't quit his job. : )

I have been putting pictures on dvds! There are tons. I am really behind but getting a little caught up! I also took miss rylee's pictures last night. She did really good, even though her momma stressed out (which is what normally happens).

The Sassins stopped by yesterday to look at the knocked down wall. It was good to see them! We don't get to see them very much. They didn't stay long - we were fixing to eat. : ( Dang it, if I only had supper already done. : )

I laid down with the boys and then started on my pictures. I'm trying to stay caught up on all the pictures I'm taking right now. I still need to get adobe downloaded so I can finish up two sets of pictures!!

This morning - I dropped the boys off - and we finally beat Cade's friend to school!! : ) Lane did very well again this morning when I dropped him off.

I came home and started fixing supper (roast) and realized I didn't have an important ingredient. So i ran to walmart (I needed a few things anyway - that I forgot yesterday) and also decided to get a few extra. i came home finished getting the roast on, made a pumpkin pie and 2 breakfast burritos. I got the rolls out to rise and now we are all set. I need to take a shower still!! It is getting close to pick up the boys. I got them pumpkins to paint yesterday so I think we will do that today. Cade is learning about Fall in school and pumpkins is one of the big things this week (that is why I decided to do a pumpkin pie for dessert).

Exciting news!!!

Chad felt the baby move last night. I tried to get him too early but when i finally got to chad they baby would stop. Last night when we got in bed I was actually got scared by the hard kick that was given! : ) so i told chad and he put his hand on my belly and not long after he felt him two times!! : )
My ultrasound has been changed to wednesday 15th at 10 a.m. I realized the boys are on fall break and that is the only reason I made it so late in the day. One more week!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I went to my chili fundraiser. It was fun. I didn't have to stay long, but I went and got the boys and came back. We bought tickets to try all the chili's so we could vote. We couldn't try all the chili's because we were getting chili'ed out!!!

Sunday we went to church. We visited Sunset Lane Baptist Church. People were nice but I'm not sure it is for us. It is hard finding a church home. We don't have many left to try.

When we got home Chad put another coat of stain on the floor. He put boards to walk on so we could get to different rooms. I think today he wants to do the poly. Now that is going to be difficult. The boys did pretty good yesterday - until the evening (which the floor was ok to walk on). Hopefully they will do much better today.

My week is going to be a busy one. I have Pictures on Monday, Wednesday, thursday, and Friday then helping Chris on Saturday!! BUSY BUSY BUSY!! Tonight it is Rylee (heidi) so I'm not stressing out about my house or anything like that, and I think she will do really great. I'm not stressing out about taking the pictures as I am just getting ready for them. Plus my camera is messing up on me!! I have a warranty on it but I can't do without it! i need to buy a new one and send this one in to get fixed so i have two good cameras.

I did laundry yesterday, thought I was caught up until I saw the laundry basket this morning! I'm getting pretty sick of laundry!! i don't understand how i can wash so much.

I wrote Cade's teacher a note today and sent it to school with him. He had it in his hand ready to give to her.

Oh so i feel the baby move a lot now! and this morning I felt him kick with my hand!! So I can't wait to have chad feel him. The only thing is he is hard to catch kicking when you really want him too. : ) I guess I better go, I need to mess with some pictures and go to the store!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I got everything that I needed to get done on Thursday. What a day. I didn't start relaxing until senior pictures started. I went by and visited with the urias family. (Chris is the main photographer/my mentor). They just had a baby boy. He is really really really cute!! Oh and he smiled at me. : ) It was nice to visit with Chris and his wife Amy. I'm going to be helping Chris next weekend with a wedding. I'm pretty excited! Senior pictures went really well. It last about 3 hours (which is very normal), of course by the end of the 3 hours we were all getting tired.

Thursday or should i say Friday morning at 4 a.m. Lane was having a coughing fit. I gave him some medicine but he just couldn't control it so we went and slept on the couch where he could be raised a little. I got up at 7 took a shower and got cade up and getting ready. Lane woke up about 7:40 and was feeling fine. He packed his backpack with some fun things to do while I got my hair done. Cade got to school on time and I was early to my appointment. Lane was so good for me there. I wish he would have just sat down and played with the stuff he brought but he was too interested in what was all going on. There was me and another lady in there getting her hair done. Lane stayed in the other room talking to them. : )

When we got home Chad had plans for us to go do something. We were going to go camping but with Lane and his coughing fits we decided not too. Chad got half a day off from working a late all one week. We went to black mesa and explored around. It was really nice to get out. I was so tired the whole day (i think it was from lane waking up early). We hiked around a little. Well Cade and Chad hiked all the way up to the top of black mesa. Lane and I just did little walks. We got to see dinosaur tracks, buffalo and pretty scenary. We got home around 7 and took baths and ate supper. I wanted to watch a movie with the whole family but Lane and Cade wouldn't eat/ or eat right at the table so they got to brush their teeth and got to bed early. Cade was pretty crushed but he didn't even take a bite of dinner!! The night before he didn't either and I'm tired of them playing at the table and not having manners!! Chad and I drank a rootbeer float and watched a movie, we were in bed by 9:40!!

This boys were up and ready to go at 7 this morning!! I was sleeping good until I was awaken by the tv blasting! Chad and I stayed in bed but not with much comfort the boys were loud and kept fighting! Oh well! Chad decided to start sanding the hallway floors. So he went and got Knee pads from his dads. While he was gone, i started breakfast, balanced the check book, and paid some bills. He is almost done sanding now (which is going really smoothly, and pretty fast). I set the boys up with the dvd player in my room but now they are playing in the computer room. I'm checking up with laundry AGAIN!!! and I help chad sweep the floor to get the dust out of the way. Tonight I have a chili fundraiser to go too. I hope it all goes well. Oh Chad will be able to stain the hallway today!! Wahoo!!! It is pretty hard because the hallway is used a lot!! I think it will be a little easier for the living room to be done (which i thought would be the hardest). Hopefully this week we can have the floor done (just hallways) and trim hung up. That will be nice to have the hallway all done!! We have a deadline - early feb. to be done with the house. we still have a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG ways to go!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ok so lets see where I left off!

On Tuesday night Chad knocked down the wall in the kitchen!!! We still aren't sure of what we think, I think it is because we are so use to a wall being there. After he was done the boys and I did clean up crew. Cade did a really good job, and Lane did the best he could. I got Cade dusting and couldn't get him to stop!! He was working so hard.

Wednesday - I kept Lane home from school. He had ran a temperature the last two days around noon so I decided to see what was going on with him. His eyes didn't look to good. His temperature was fine, he didn't play hard just easy play. After lunch we layed down. I could feel his temp. rise. I kept checking it and it didn't get very high (100.7). I just let him sleep it out. I decided not to do tylenol to see if it would go away on its own. It did! He woke and cooled down pretty fast, then he was fine.

I had a sority meeting so the boys went with dad and grandpa out to the hitch ranch. I went and got a baby present for a friend and went to my meeting. I think I'm really going to like it. The boys got home right before I did. I gave them a bath and put them to bed while chad put on the sliding doors in the hallway!! WAHOOO!!! So glad for that! Chad and I just vegged the rest of the night. It was hard for me to go to sleep last night. I don't know what the deal was. Then i had this weird dream - first dream I had in awhile that someone wanted to do harm to me. I was pretty tense last night.

This morning Cade and lane got dressed really fast. Cade has been wanting to bet one of his friends to school and we just can't do it!!! Now it is my mission! LOL!!! Lane is just waiting to go to mothers day out. I need to get off here and do my hair, makeup and fix the boys lunch!! i have a busy day today. Senior pictures tonight!! I need to get ready for that!!!