Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday...I got up and ready for my appt. Got cade to school and drove to Liberal. I got there 30 minutes before my appt so I took a little cat nap in the car. The pager went off so many times the night before - chad and I were tired!! I went in alittle early to the office and waited for awhile. When it was finally my turn I still waiting in the room forever. Knudsen came in and I don't know anything. I know the babies head is where he needs to be (which i have known that). He had a medical student with him and she measured me and did the heartbeat (which she listened to four heartbeats and that was it!! how can you tell the heartbeat of the baby that way!! he didn't check me, which i think is weird since i have 12 days left!!! He has been really vague about everything!! Glad this isn't my first rodeo - I would be lost!! I guess I just got really spoiled with my doctors in arkansas. Sure do miss them!!! I got to guymon just in time to get cade and take him to mdo. when I got home chad took me out to lunch. : ) His idea, which made me feel special.

chad told me at lunch that lane made him feel stupid at mothers day out. They walked in (chads first time to drop him off) and Lane was doing everything that needed to be done. chad said ok bud lets go in the room, lane looked at him with this "duh face" and said I have to take off my coat! LOL!!

i layed down for a little bit before i had to go get the boys. When we got home cade played nintendo and lane and i snuggled for a little bit. He was laying with his head in the couch and said he saw a lizard that was alive. I didn't see anything but i'm sure he saw something. The rest of the night he stayed away from the couch!! LOL!!

I fixed breakfast for supper. which is always a hit as long as i have sausage gravy and biscuits! Cade was excited. When i was making it chad and cade played hard with the nerf gun and marshmallow blaster!!! After supper i cleaned up and got ready to take pictures. Allyssa and the kids got here a little after 7. It is always good to visit and see them!! Tylers pictures turned out cute.

When they left I finished getting the boys ready for bed. (chad had given them a bath and pjs before allyssa came over. He left to go work out) They were hungry so they ate and then brushed teeth and went to bed. They were cranky!!!!!

After they were down I did my load of laundry, started dishwasher, and fixed rylee's pictures. I'm almost done with those. : )

Chad and i went to be around 11. we have been going to be a little late. I just stay up until chad is ready.

Friday...Took cade to school and dropped maternity clothes off to keidi. I was ready to make some room in my house!! : ) Now i'm at home. Lane just got done eating and I need to jump in the shower. i need to fold clothes, finish rylee's pictures and start on allyssa's pics. going to go get clean!!!

did i mention i'm ready for this baby to come. : )

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today, I rolled out of bed got the boys up and around. Dropped them off at school and went to walmart to get a few things. Really i just got a few things. : ) I have been really good about only going once a week. Every once in awhile i have to go and get something i forgot or didn't know i needed. I came home took a shower and got some business out of the way. Went and picked up the boys and had to run by the post office and bank. Glad to get that out of the way. : ) When we got home I fixed lunch - I was starving!! We ate and put on a movie. Cade was cranky - and didn't get a sticker today!!! he said he couldn't remember what he did. ggggrrrrr!! i don't know what his deal is!! Chad went to the bedroom to try and get a good nap in - dang pager at night, so the boys and i put on a movie and snuggled on the couch. Cade was really still and good. Lane was at first and then grandpa came over on his lunch break. I fell asleep a few times but lane kept waking me up. After nap I got up and started going through maternity stuff to get them ready for keidi, reloaded toilet paper in the bathrooms, got kleenex and wipes out of the shed to bring into the house (thanks mom and gary!!!) Chad got the much needed filter cleaned and put up the nails for the babys name to hang. i wish i could have it hanging!! i got the maternity clothes done except i'm thinking i had three buckets of clothes but only finding two so i think that there may be only two. pregnancy sure messes with your head!! i have them by the door to take by the mulls. Of course I still have some. Oh my aunt lenita and uncle norman sent the boys christmas presents today - marshmallow guns!! they love them and of course chad does too!! I fixed pizza for supper, cleaned up, put away clean dishes and put the dirty in the dishwasher. I have been trying hard to keep the house somewhat clean. I know i can't keep it perfect but I will do my best without driving myself crazy (that is how i'm feeling right now). I had to go to a sorority thing tonight for new pledges. It wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. came home and chad went and lifted. He had the boys bathed and in pjs. i was pretty happy!!! They finished getting ready for bed, shot their marshmallow blasters a few times and we read books. After getting them in bed cade tried the crying bid for me to come in so he wouldn't have to go to sleep. fake fake fake!! i just told him i will take away ninentdo tomorrow if he doesn't stop, and guess what, yep he stopped! I ordered some pictures, picked up,ate some oatmeal, got ready for bed, got a load of laundry washed and dried.

Tomorrow I have a dr's appt. So chad is taking lane to mdo. i think lane is excited about it. Plus he gets to show daddy how big he is by showing daddy where to go. : ) I will be back to get cade from school and take him to mdo. I have their lunches all ready so i don't have to worry about it in the morning.

we started a new thing before bed. We pick out clothes for the next day and lay them out. It doesn't take long to do this in the morning. but with me being close to delivery and with the history of going into labor at night, I want it to be easy for the boys and grandpa to get ready for the day.

I am hoping Glenda will be here when I do go into labor. she made it with the other two. I think she feels it. : ) I know she did with cade. Remember glenda - your stomach was hurting really bad the day before i had him? : )

So we are working with cade. He is so polite by saying please and thank you to me, but when it comes to chad he isn't so good. chad fixes cades hair in the morning and I guess hasn't been very nice. he will walk in put the stuff on the next, do some grunts and walk out. this morning he did very well though. Chad talked to him about it yesterday and so I worked with him this morning. we will see how tomorrow morning works out.

i'm going to get off here. i keep getting braxton hicks which have been getting stronger, and it is pretty uncomfortable. plus i need to get to bed. need to wake up early in the morning, shower and get ready for my appointment!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

missing my pa

Last night I got the boys packed, letter written for rick and glenna if chads mom isn't here of directions and schedules. Wrote the list that hangs by the door to make sure we grab. I washed the bedding for the bassinet that I borrowed from heidi and washed a load of clothes. Cade helped me with supper. we made spaghetti and some bread. I told him i wanted him to make it and he disappeared and showed up in the kitchen wearing his chef cade hat that nana made him. it was cute. he likes to wear that when he is cooking. : ) he does a great job helping me in the kitchen. Now if i can just get them to clean up afterwards. : ) chad went lifting earlier than usual last night and didn't get home until after 10. : ( oh well he needs time away. I got the boys in the bathtub and did some last minute pick up. Got them in bed around 9. That is when i finished the packing. oh chad also put holes in the letters that will be hanging up in the babies room. Now we need to put the nails in the wall. that is chads deal because i can't do anything straight.

Tuesday... Pretty soft snow outside. the only thing that isn't so pretty is when you step in that snow with dirt underneath it all sticks to your feet and it is all over the pilot!! i woke up this morning and didn't want too. chad asked me if i had a hard night. Not anything out of the ordinary that I know of - wasn't good. I took the boys to school and came home, got in bed. I slept from 8:30 to 10:20. I did set a timer for 30 minutes and then 10 minutes and so on so it was interupted a little. I needed it though. i got up and took a shower - then got the boys. I fixed lunch when we got home and haven't done much since. I ate some cookies. : ) I'm ready for another nap. Cade is sitting beside me doing a shape puzzle book that gigi gave us. he is loving it. the hard part is making sure we don't lose the pieces. i think we are missing a few of the shapes but i taught cade how to use other shapes to create another shape.

I have been missing my pa lately. I talked to mamaw yesterday and teared up when we were talking about pa and then chad was sitting by me earlier with the laptop pulling up video's from cmt. he played "waiting on a woman" by brad paisley. it reminds me of pa and mamaw so much. i always tear up when I hear it but this time it all came out. i love and miss you pa!!

I have been waiting for a laptop bag to come in but other than that i think i'm done packing and getting ready for the baby. i do have to get some pictures mailed and if i make it to walmart again. the rest of the stuff isn't that big of a deal if i get done or not. i think i just need to take it easy and get some rest when i can.

Update on the kitty...She has been taking her antibiotics and has been doing very well. This morning she didn't want to take her medicine but with chad holding her i got her to take it. She is def. feeling better. starting to become her moody self again. : ) she has been really cozy though. she always comes and sits in my lap when i'm on the couch with a blanket. She usually ends up at my feet at night. the last few night she has curled up by my belly. chad kicked her off last night so she slept on the couch. LOL! she better enjoy it, because when the baby comes she will be outside more.

i better get off the kitty came and jumped on me. she is laying at the top of my stomach and on my arm so it is hard to type and breath cause she is so fat!! : )

Monday, January 26, 2009


sunday... i didn't feel very well sunday morning so I layed down for a little bit. when chad left to go pheasant hunting with his dad I got up and around. I cleaned up a little. Laundry, cleaned bathroom, wiped down kitchen picked it up, did wood floors - sweeped and mopped), made some muffins. heidi came over around 5 and we took a few pics of rylee. when she left i ate a little bit of supper not really in the mood. Got the boys ready for bed and sat down to look at books with them. they were in bed by 8:30. I was pretty tired but i stayed up with chad and watched the x games. it was pretty cool. i woke up at 2:30 a.m. and had to turn the heat down - i have been burning up and night but this time chad was too!

Monday... At about 6:30 this morning i had a pretty good cramp going on (just like a menstrual cramp). I got up and took a shower. The cramp stayed. I think he has dropped. I went by for heidi to see if she noticed, she said not really. i feel different and the cramp and pressure remains. i did my monday morning grocery shopping. The boys went to school today and had a good day - except cade didn't get a sticker because he stuck his tongue out at a kid!! he rarely gets in trouble. When i picked them up it was snowing pretty good - man is it COLD!!! we got home and noticed I got the numbers i needed to finish my tax return. finished it up and when i went to file it said they need to finish a file or has updated and will let me know when i can file!! what the heck. We ate lunch, did some valentines cards, cade played outside. i started a load of laundry and just trying to keep up with everyday things. I payed some bills and am ready to go lay down on the couch with my boys.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday... i did do laundry but didn't fold any, i tried to take a nap but again was woken up, i started feeling sick, Lane is all better, cade i think is better. I didn't do a whole lot just layed down to try to feel better. i fixed supper and went over to heidis for a soroity social. We also drew the winner for the super bowl tickets. none of my people won. : ( i wasn't going to stay very long but ended up staying until midnight. it was really fun.

Saturday...I woke up and got ready for our suprise trip for keidi's 30th bday. We picked up keidi last and had the party blowers and a tierra for her to wear. We went to lots of different places and got some good stuff. I didn't find what I was out to find but oh well. We went and ate at olive garden. i love their salad and breadsticks!!! we shopped then got ice creams, shopped and then at at the food court. i ate arbys and it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be but it wasn't horrible. Before leaving town diana and heidi wanted to go by starbucks. we got home around 11:30 pm. i was pretty tired. chad was working when i got home and went to bed around midnight. he has the pager and actually woke up at 2:30 a.m. and didn't get to bed until 5 a.m. poor guy.

Sunday... i woke up not wanting to wake up. i was so stiff. so i took a shower and got dressed. i was suppose to take pictures today of my little man tyler. But allyssa called when i was in the shower and said they were feeling good and wasn't sure if they were contagious. i called her back and we are going to try in a few days. so i ate breakfast and i think i'm going to try and take a nap. I'm so tired!! I'm going to take rylee's pictures around 5 p.m. chad is still sleeping. we are trying to be quiet so he can get some rest. today i need to pick up, wash laundry and put aways clothes, wipe down bathrooms, living room. i'm going to close my eyes now

Friday, January 23, 2009


Thursday...I woke up at 5:30 a.m. because the baby told me he was out of room and i should empty my bladder. then at 6:30 Cade screamed I have to go poop. Since he has diaherra i jumped up and helped him that talked with him. I jumped in the shower really quick since he was still using the bathroom. When i got dressed I gave cade some yogurt and then he wanted cereal. So we ate breakfast and then I called him in sick. i had about 2 hours before I had to leave and go to my doctors appt. so i layed down with cade while he watched tv. Lane woke up and came and snuggled with us. I took a little snooze and then finished getting ready. I drove to Liberal for my first appointment with dr. knudsen who will be delivering boyd #3.

the appt. went by fast of course. He didn't check me this time but will start doing that next week. Measurements, blood pressure and heartbeat were all great. I don't know what the heartbeat was because he just put a + on the chart. I asked him if he thought this one could be as big as lane. He talked about all sorts of stuff and said "I think the big question your trying to ask is inducing before your due date". I said absolutely not. I'm all for going into labor myself. I was just wondering if he would be 9 lbs. he said he isn't big on inducing unless it is necessary - so we are on the same page. Anyway to finally get to the answer he said that there are a lot of factors that involve in the size of the baby but with the info he has (which is the weight I gained during the second trimester) that he would say yes he will be 9 lbs BUT he wouldn't bet a quarter on it. : ) He said he wasn't really worried about the delivery or anything because my blood sugar is good and the delivery went smooth with lane. I got back on the 29th (which will be 1 1/2 weeks until due date!!)

I got gas (cheaper in liberal than guymon) and drove back to guymon. I went by walmart to get some stuff for the BRAT diet for Cade. Then went by the vet to see about our kitty since we haven't heard anything. When I walked in she said kitty still hasn't peed!! Dang kitty, i know she is scared so she prob. hadn't eaten either (which is ok for fat so). I got to take her home with antibiotics because she was pretty sure it was a urinary tract infection because of what i described. Right before we got home she gave a urnine sample. So i let her out of her cage (outside), called the vet and they said yes bring it up if i could. so chad put it in a cup and cleaned out the cage while i took the sample up. when i got back home i gave her a bath to get all the pee off her so she could relax. She didn't like the bath but it wasn't too bad giving it too her. I didn't hear anything until 4:30 from the vet. She does have a UTI and no stones which is good. Kitty and I are so happy that she is back home!!! didn't realize how much i do love her. : )

After giving the kitty a bath I made grilled cheese and soup for lunch. The boys played and I started cleaning. I had to clean up lunch, wipe down kitchen, clean bathroom again, wipe down remotes and phones with clorox wipes and lysol everything. I sweeped the floors and sat on the couch to write in my pregancy journal. the boys played outside - another beautiful day!! The kitty just layed on her chair outside and soaked in the sun. I did get up and make some muffins (cranberry - orange boxed). they turned out pretty good. chad even liked them!!!! I picked up the boys room a little and put some stuff in pile for them to pick up. They came in and layed down. Chad had rented a movie from walmart the night before for the boys (horton who) so i put that in and we all layed down. Lane and I fell asleep but of course I got woke up because for some reason I can't get a nap in!! so i got up and started supper. We had baked potatoes, brisket and mixed veggies. I sat down with lane between cooking times and then finished up supper. we ate, i cleaned up, did the DANG TRASH!!, and cut some cheese and summer sausage for a snack. This is where the toothpick comes into play. I was talking to my sister on the phone and fixing to cut the sausage when I scooted my foot while moving and a toothpick stabbed into my foot!!! talk about painful!! Chad pulled it out and the boys rushed to go get some spray to put on it (they got so worried about me). It hurt so bad. Chad told me to sit down and put my feet up (they were really swollen to begin with). It did help to do that but dang still hurt. cade sprayed the stuff on it and told me "momma it will sting a little bit" he told me that several times. Then later on he said "momma I'm sorry you got hurt". Lane was concerned too. He was actually going to pull it out but i didn't let him. : ) My sweet boys. I called my sister to let her know i was ok.

I got the bath ready for cade after he drank some pedialyte (having trouble getting him to drink). Did some laundry, wiped down kitchen, got boys ready for bed (vitamins and brush teeth) cade wanted to play nintendo for a little so i told them they could and then it was bedtime. I got some grapes and a big thing of water and came and sat down to watch a movie with chad. We put in stepbrothers. thought it would be funny but dang the language is horrible. needless to say we turned it off and put doc hollywood in. chad tucked the boys in and then we finished watching the movie.

chad has been lifting and trying to gain some weight. He has been getting pretty sore. Last night he was pretty stiff. I told him i didn't want to hear about the soreness, tiredness. : ) I'm glad he started doing that. Makes him feel better, he gets out of the house and blow off stress on the weights. : ) The guys are going to start to p90x. I want to do that someday. Chad is a little worried that he won't be able to gain any weight since he sneezes and blows off any fat he has. I told him it would be good for his energy. he needs to do some kind of activity other than lifting to just help with over all health.

The baby sure was making me uncomfortable last night (when we were watching a movie). He kept protruding out of my side. Turkey. : )

Lane is now well!! No more fever!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Friday...I slept pretty good. Did wake up at 3:30 a.m. for a bathroom stop and then back too sleep. cade woke up and said he was hungry so I told him to eat some yogurt. I got up around 8:30 and called cade in sick to school. So far he is doing well but didn't want to chance it. we ate breakfast and now I'm catching up on here.

Todays agenda... make cade drink lots of fluid, eat BRAT diet, finish laundry, get an oil change and do the everyday things that need to be done.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wednesday...Woke up this morning got cade going, lane settled on the couch, breakfast and called the vet. i took cade to school and dropped off the kitty. i didn't know how hard it is to leave her!! they told me to come back around 1 p.m. that should give them enough time to get a urine sample. i came home and started!! I lysoled the whole house, and started washing sheets, blankets, pillows. lane was doing pretty good all morning. i didn't give him any medicine but could tell he had a low grade temp. He played really well. right before i left to get cade, lane got really tired and got the chills. So i layed him on the couch. i went and got cade, went to walmart, went by to get the kitty. Found out she still hadn't peed so they are keeping her overnight. The vet is pretty positive that she does have a urinary tract infection. They still wanted a urine sample to figure out the right antibiotic for her. Poor baby girl!! cade and i went to braums and got lunch. by the time we got home lane was waking up from a nap and was HOT! Took his temp 103!!! so i gave him some medicine and his milk shake and he perked right up. he didn't eat anything but did drink the whole strawberry shake. the boys watched a movie and then i kicked them outside. it was beautiful beautiful day!! I continued to do house stuff while they played outside (washing and fixing somethings that needed to be done. when chad got off work we walked to the park. Cade rode his bike but lane had to walk because we couldn't find his helmet (that belongs in the wagon that he didn't put away). He took it really well though. we walked to the park, cade rode his bike at the tennis court, dad and lane played with a small basketball, and i walked around the tennis court. the boys ( all 3) played a few games and then we walked back home. i started on supper (quesadillas) and cade washed grapes. dad played ninetendo (he is addicted - big time!!) and Lane took bath. After supper cade and i jumped in the shower, daddy rested before lifting weights and lane fell asleep. I woke lane up and gave him some motrin - he was burning up. Chad is lifting and is going to go by walmart to get cade some children pepto and yogurt. thats right cade has an upset stomach and seems to get little breaks before having to go back. : ( I don't think he will be going to school or mothers day out tomorrow. i really don't want this sickness to stay around. that is why i cleaned good today!!

so i had a credit card company call me today saying that i opened an account in 99 and have an outstanding balance of $600!! i ended up talking to a superviser (they were both nice and i kept it cool and pleasant) and come to find out they have the wrong laura williams! which i knew that but glad they know that! it would be on my credit report if i hadn't paid a credit card since 99 which i have excellent credit.

Tomorrow is the 22nd. chad was wanting me to go into labor then. : ) wanting to keep all 3 kids bdays on the 22nd. don't think it will happen. : ) I have an appt. tomorrow morning. i'm hoping he can give me an estimate on the size of this baby. also my braxton hicks are getting stronger, i have to take deep breaths through them. Today I got to good ones that i had to breath through. i also added another important person to give me support in breastfeeding. my sister in law has accomplished breastfeeding with miss bailey. she said to call her anytime no matter what time (cause she might just already be up). i have an awesome support team for me, very knowledgeable women. I'm excited and ready to achieve this!!!

lets hope the boys and the kitty get better soon and things slow down a little!! wow!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday...we went to go play with bryson and when we got there lane looked horrible. we checked his tempture. It was 102 so lane and i left and cade stayed there. Poor lane!!! i gave him some medicine and it didn't take long for him to fall asleep. I worked on pictures until heidi called and I went and picked up cade. Lane was doing fine when i got home. he ate supper really well. but it didn't take long for him to go down hill. his tempture got up to 104. i gave him medicine, put a wash cloth on his head, took his shirt off and gave him cold water to drink. His tempture lowered so we put him in his bed. He slept really well. he did wake up at 1:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom and put his shirt back on.

Tuesday... He had a low grade temp. he drank a bunch of water and threw it up on the way to go to the bathroom. i cleaned him up and put him on the couch with some cartoons. I got cade ready and eating. Lane was really thirsty and wanted some milk but i wasn't ready to try that. so i gave him some gingerale and told him to drink it slow. I waited for a little while gave him some tylenol. He seemed fine so got him some breakfast and milk. He was fine all day. he fell asleep around 3. when he woke up he had 102 temp and just wanted me. I gave him some motrin and he has been fine since. As for my day... stressful. i have been trying to get a set of pictures done and just can't seem to get it done. Cade was cranky today and didn't want to go outside (beautiful day) because the neighbors cat was in the backyard and our cat was trying to show it who's house it was. Cade cried bacause he didn't want our cat to get hurt. so he came in and did puzzles. oh the boys did do sidewalk paint but quickly showed me they can't be trusted to only paint on the sidewalk. i also got pictures in today and forgot to order pictures in 3 different orders!!! still not done with the set of pictures!! went to fix quesadillas and we didn't have enough cheese (thought we had a whole bag), couldn't fix anything else I had because i didn't have everything because i forgot it at the store!!! frustrating day to me!!!! i have a headache and ready for peace and quiet - with no talk of nintendo!! i missed the ingauration but looked it up online and saw bits of it. i have started laundry because we have too much and i'm just ready to slow things down. i better get off just put boys down and they won't stop calling for me. GGGGGRRRRR!!!! ready to be left alone for the night!!

oh did i mention someone called at 6:45 this morning!! they called this afternoon and it rang one time and then this evening. I answered it and it was some hispanic asking me who i was and if i spoke spanish. i told him no, he said i have question but don't know english. he continued to try and talk to me and ask me about someone or something and that some person gave him my number. i told him i didn't know what he was talking about that he had the wrong number. he finally hung up. weird!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday...I slept in until 9:30. Lane was so sweet. I heard that the tv was barely up. He was being so quiet. I heard two doors shut and i looked up, he had shut my door so i could sleep. : ) sweetness. i decided to get up though. we put some biscuits in the oven and took a shower. We ate and decided to go to zaines basketball game at noon. so we went there and I think lane really enjoyed watching the game. towards the end he even got into it. "go get it in!" After the game we went and cleaned out the lhs. got trash out, vaccuumed and washed it. It still needs to be wiped down. we came home at lunch and layed down. I started to take a nap but got woken up. we just hung out here and vegged, played a few games. lane fell asleep around 11 pm. and i stayed up. I watched roadhouse for the first time. My mom told me when I was little that i couldn't watch that movie. it took me until i was 29 to finally see it. Hope that is ok mom. : ) LOL!! I'm sure glad I didn't see it when i was younger!!! I went to bed around 3.

Sunday...I got to sleep in again. I got up put a breakfast casserole in and took a shower. we ate and i had to lay down. i wasn't feeling well. I fell asleep and took a little nap with lane snuggled with me. glenna stopped by to visit for a little bit. when she left i decided to finally clean out the fridge/freezer. ooohhh, was it grosss. i got it all wiped down and old stuff thrown away. lane helped a little bit and pooped out on me. i cleaned out a cabinet and got rid of a bunch of stuff and organized it the best I could and redid the container cabinet. i feel better now. : ) I got the hospital bag started. there is just few things i need to get together and then i will be done. I decided to take lane to sunset and feed the ducks. he loved it!!! he was talking to them and we didn't have to deal with geese until we were leaving. keidi and Kambree were walking and they stopped and visited and the kids went and played. that was fun. after the park we went to the store. i figured since the boys are out of school on monday that i better do my shopping now. we did shopping, went by sonic and when we got home my boys were here. Lane and i raced in to see who could give the first hugs. He beat me on cade but i beat him on daddy. : ) it was a nice evening.

Monday... I slept until 8:30. cade came in and said he was hungry. he was up before lane. which surprised me. lane and i had gotten apple fritters at walmart so i told him he could get one. but he kept coming in so i knew he wanted me to get up. : ) i ate and and watched a little tv. the boys have been playing hard this morning. i think they are pretty glad to be back together. : ) i'm going to jump in the shower, change out laundry, make the beds, fix lunch and the boys are going to play with bryson. when we get back the plan is lane take a nap, and cade play games while i get my pictures done!!! i really need to do that. i should have pictures coming in today or tomorrow. i'm wanting to get that done ASAP!!! i need to call genea sometime and ask her about my cat. she is acting pretty weird and has been for a few weeks now. guess i better go get started. : )

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday... did my normal mdo day but got errands ran. I dropped Lane off, went by post office and mailed off my thank you cards, went to bank. I deposited a check and asked about getting interest on my mortgage. guess what they couldn't give me anything. i have to wait until they mail it out and they have until the 30th. GEEZE!! i wanted to have them done on not worry about taxes. oh well, most of it is done anyway. After the bank i went by carols embordiery and asked about cost to make shirts. I came home for a little bit and went and got cade from school. i dropped him off at mdo. chad had gotten invited to lunch with the guys. i asked if i could come and then decided not too. I felt like i was in the way. so i called heidi up and she said she would go with me. at first i thought no i will stay home and get stuff done. Then decided "come on laura you don't always have to be doing something!!" Heidi came by and got me and we went to larissa's. They were really busy. It was a good time as usual. after lunch i went by walmart. i needed to get a couple of cards, hospital stuff, gauze for baby boy, a gift card for a baby present. When I left it was time to go pick up boys. calley said all the kids cried and none of them took naps. doesn't sound like a fun day. lane got hurt again. he like to play with some motorcycle they have, but every time he skins up his face. this time he was pushing it and ran over a toy, resulting in him flippin over and landing on his face. last time the motorcyle ran over his face. crazy kid!!! we went by carols and dropped off shirts to get them made and went by mazzios to get a gift card for a friend that just had back surgery. we came home. I don't think i did much when we got home. I sat down with lane and he took a nap. I knew he was tired. allyssa had called earlier during the day and asked if we had anymore cowboy yoyo's. she was wanting some new ones because hers was really old. when chad got off work he looked for the huge box with them in it. it was fun to remember those days. josh would have enjoyed it too. bill had done some pretty neat stuff for them. i called allyssa and she and jonathan came by. she was surprised of all the yoyo's we had. we visited for a little while, which was fun. i really like to be around her and the kids. no to my surprise - the girl who owed me money didn't come by. for supper i just did pot pies in the microwave. the boys took baths and cade finished packing to go "on his vacation".

Friday.. Cade crawled into bed with us this morning. said he had a nightmare. i took a shower, and fixed breakfast. cade was almost late to school this morning. after dropping him off i came home and got dressed for the day. lane and i actually raced - and he won. i don't really remember what else i did. i went and got cade and he was so happy to see me. man, i love my kids!! we came home and found out they werent going to be leaving until later. so chad fixed sandwiches (we have been getting submarine type bread and making awesome sandwiches with the fixins!!) i tried to find good riddles for chad and rick on the trip but only found stupid ones which i still printed out. the computer froze up so i stopped looking. after lunch chad went and washed, vaccumed out the pilot. it wasn't that dirty because i keep it picked up but he wanted to do it. after he got back cade and i went and did some errands. we went by calleys and got a wii game that we let them borrow (chad wanted to take it), bank (because the client came by this afternoon and gave me a check!), went by myrenes flower shop and sent out a bouquet, went by becky moores house and came home. by the time we got back grandpa was ready to head out of town. we said bye. : ( i'm going to miss my guys!!

Lane and i ate a snack and laid down. I fell asleep and wasn't out for long when the doorbell rang!! the neighbor kids were at the door. i didn't even answer it!! gggrrrrr! sally called not long after so i talked to her for a little bit. lane fell asleep and the door bell rang two more times (different times). same kids were at the door. they have been making me mad lately. they play in the front yard and are always doing something that one of them can get hurt. that is a liability to me! plus they don't care about manners or anything like that. they are pretty much on their own with no supervision and i'm pretty sure their dad doesn't even know where or what they are doing. Lane slept for about 3 hours!! when he woke up it was about 6:15 or so. we got ready and went on our date!! i asked lane earlier where he wanted to eat and he said "not mcdonalds". so i started naming foods and he really wanted quacamole. So we went and ate at larissa's and got a large side of guac. you should have seen that kid eat it!! he loved it! we split a burrito dinner and he really enjoyed that. after we ate we went by walmart. he has been wanting a new toothbrush, so he picked one out and really wanted some grapes. we got ice cream too. we got home, put pjs on, washed hands and cleaned the grapes. so now we are eating grapes (lane is on his 3rd bowl - they are small bowls), drinking water and watching a movie (polar express).

the shirts didn't get done so hopefully we will get a call tomorrow. i really need to get pictures done this weekend. i was going to do them tonight but I'm going to pass. maybe tomorrow when lane goes to bed (not nap because i'm taking one with him!) i just want to take it easy and spend some special time with lane. i'm excited for cade and daddy. i hope they have a good time. today cade said he was sad because he was going to miss me. he wanted me to go with them. i told him i couldn't and he said he knew that because the baby is coming soon. so i told him that just me and him would go on a date before the baby is born. he said "only adults go on dates". I said no we could go on a date. So hopefully there will be something good showing at the movies. i do have some sweet boys. lane tells me and chad everynight and before we leave somewhere that he loves us thiiiiiiiissssss much stretching his arms out. he def. lets us know he loves us. : )

i got the babies bag packed for the hospital. i will prob. work on our bag tomorrow. we will see. : ) i do need to pick up a little around here.

man grapes are GOOOOODDDD!! they have def. hit the spot the whole pregnancy. good idea lane!! i'm going to finish them up, brush my teeth and snuggle with my little guy. : )

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday evening and Thursday morning...I got a lot done yesterday!! Cade helped me fix supper which was fun. He had fun and at it all! I started on our taxes and I talked to chad about papers I couldn't find and found them!! He didn't have a clue but he can calm me down a little so I can think. : ) Taxes are almost done! just need to get mortgage info from the bank. I'm going by there this morning. I also got thank you cards written! So when I drop Lane off for MDO I'm going by post office and bank. Hopefully I can get taxes done today. : ) I need and want to pack the hospital bags and fill out business paperwork. I'm making a walmart list for things I need for my hospital bag. This weekend I can do that or maybe even tomorrow. Chad is leaving town on friday. He might take Cade with him ( I don't know yet). Oh I need to go by a house and get some money for the super bowl ticket drawing. She bought 20!! WAHOO!!

Oh and that client got ahold of me yesterday. She said she would bring the money by this evening. We will see and I hope she follows through. People want me to feel sorry for them but I'm getting cold hearted. Seems like a lot of excuses why they can't pay me. Do people do that at walmart when they want something "oh can i just take this and pay you back?" NO!! So why do it for me. It is something they planned to do and then they know how long it will be before pictures come in and how much. be prepared!! This is my soapbox. I have had sympathy, I have had understanding but when you get the run around after working hard - it changes!!

Off my soapbox and ready to get some stuff done!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Tuesday... Got up, got ready, got boys ready, ate, started laundry. Got boys to school and came home. Throughout the whole day (7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.) the washer and dryer were running!! Yes about 10 loads or so!! I KNOW!! I finished washing up all the babies stuff (bedding, new clothes, car seat, swing, bouncey seat cover - you name it, it is washed) and also got caught up on laundry. I did a few loads of dishes. Washed all baby toys. Cleaned house (dusted only in living room, but other than that everything else is clean). Boys were really good today. They played hard (playing did not including watching tv or ninentdo!). They used their imagination and had a ball. I fixed supper and played geo trax. Chad gave the boys a bath and I finished putting clothes away and picking up toys. WOW what a day!!! To top it off chad asked how taxes were going!!! Really!!

Wednesday...Boys to school, came home and worked on photography stuff. Got an order ready and ordered. Sent off prices to the customers. Made and invoice for a customer that has hosed me out of $345!!!! I'm so mad!! I'm staying after them and yes they already have the pictures!! I thought i could trust them since I knew them!!! NEVER AGAIN!! It is people like them that make people so hard hearted!!! I also did check book, bills and started on taxes. Guess what can't find some stuff I need and wasn't even thinking that I needed!! I have NO clue where all the info is!!! That was a year ago and now i'm pregnant with no brain!!!!!! maybe chad will know where it is (yeah right!! wishful thinking), or maybe just talking to him will help me remember. I'm ready for it to calm down!!! The good thing is that for the most part the house still looks nice. : ) That doesn't happen very often. oh i also worked on a set of pictures but didn't get it done. I'm going to finish working on them tomorrow. Since the main computer is out in the garage that is where I went. It was nice being in there with chad even though we didn't say much. just being around eachother (corny i know!!) my stomach is messed up today. but that didn't stop me from eating chocolate gravy on toast for a snack. Hey sounded good and I'm already fat!! Might as well enjoy eating what I want too cause in 9 1/2 wks I will be working hard to lose it all. I need to start on thank you cards. well i guess i better go. need to start on supper!!! does the craziness ever end?! (if it did I would prob. be lost) LOL!

oh and i read that calley is all caught up on her dvds for the year!! you stink. I'm behind a few years!!!! need to weed through the folders. i have way too many pictures!! : ) surprise surprise!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday...I did some cleaning and got some things done that I wanted to before the baby gets here. Sally, Lily, Lee and Caci got here around 3. i was pretty tired from cleaning all day. we went by walmart then came home and I fixed supper. I fixed fiesta and it was a big hit. Billy, Christa and boys got here around midnight or so. i was pretty tired so i went to bed right after they got here.

Saturday...the kids woke up about 7. they were so excited to see eachother! and when i say woke up they were awake! : ) I got up and took a shower. After my shower I fixed breakfast with the help of caci and christa. I made chocolate gravy, white gravy, biscuits, eggs, and bacon. We all took our time and got ready for the shower. It was way less stressful than i thought it would be. We got ready and didn't have to rush. We got to the shower and it was really nice. The cake was really cute!!! Diana made a diaper cake. I def. felt special. I had all my girls their except for Lindsey. I was glad that genea made it. : ) There was a good turn out and the games were fun. And man did this baby get a lot of stuff! I'm really thankful for the people in my life. Thank you girls for the wonderful baby shower!!! Chad brought the boys, actually all the kids except for owen up to the shower by himself. the boys got some gifts from the girls. They were really reserved at the shower but the last few days they have really enjoyed the new stuff. After the shower we came home and genea stopped by. We visited for awhile and I got to see aiden. he is so dang cute!! We ordered pizza and had a wii party. : ) billy brought his wii fit - which was so much fun. I got the highest score on the ski jump but of course chad and lee had to try like 500 times until they finally beat the score! Lee jay was the queen at hula hoop!! That was SO funny to watch!!

This is the only picture I have of the baby shower

Sunday...I got up around 8 (everyone slept until then, except for caci who was already showered). I fixed breakfast and then everyone started packing up. They left at 10. I would say the weekend was a success!! i really enjoyed having my family here and getting to spend time with all the siblings together. : ) it really meant a lot that they all showed up. i picked up a lot which was getting on everyones nerves but i just needed to keep things that way so i didn't feel crammed. i couldn't help it. It did make it easier for everyone to find their stuff and not leave anything behind. Oh i did find one dart of will's but that is pretty good for all the stuff we had. After everyone was gone i got the babies new stuff out and then decided to lay down. My hands were really tingling and swollen. I came and layed down and chad even snuggled with me. Wasn't long that both boys came in and we all snuggled. I fell asleep and I guess chad did too. All i remember is chad and the boys leaving and hearing the bathtub water turn on. When I woke up, chad was fixing lunch. I took a shower and then went and ate lunch. We all got ready and went to kambree's 2nd bday party. the boys had a blast. they had one of those blow up jumping things there. We came home and vegged. we actually didn't eat supper until 8 pm.!! which was breakfast stuff. We got the boys ready for bed and everyone went to sleep.

Monday...Normal monday - took boys to school and did grocery shopping. I came home and chad heard me pull up and unloaded the car for me. I put everything away and then went to the babies room to start getting it really ready. I decided to keep all the cute outfits the baby got. I weeded through his closet and got the faded worn out stuff and put them in a box. I'm excited to dress him in new stuff. : ) I started washing his new clothes, towels, washcloths, bibs and blankets. I have things somewhat organized on shelf. I need to wash crib stuff tomorrow and iron the crib skirt. I had my doctors appt today. the boys stayed home with chad while i went. Man was it windy!!!! horrible horrible horrible! My appt. went well. I got the swab test. The babies heart rate was 148 and he is def. head down. She wasn't worried about the swelling because my blood pressure is good. I went and pre admitted at the hospital, went by walmart to get paint for trim (our walmart didn't have it - suprise) and went by sonic. I was ready to get home!! I put away some clothes and kept the laundry going. i also played a little ninetendo. I was pretty tired today. My hands were tingly. I went to bunco at 6:30 and won the biggest loser!! : ) which is fun because i still won money. : ) I got home around 9. Chad and the boys had just got home from lifting weights. They had a bath and pjs on. so i got them there vitamins and brushed their teeth. they were really good about going straight to bed.: )

lane has been cranky and mouthy lately. I'm pretty sick of it. he better straighten up!! cade has been sweet. i want to spend more time with them tomorrow. i miss them.

i'm hoping tomorrow I get some stuff done in the babies room. I want to clean the car seat too. I need to work on pictures and picture order, and clean up a little around here. but i might decide to forget some of that and take a nap!!! : )

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday...I got the stuff done that I said I would. Cade helped me move stuff to the bathroom. tonight i had sorority. I got a birthday present from my beta buddy. They are house shoes that you warm in the microwave. I also got a gift card from the sorotity for the baby and 3 outfits and a onesie from one of the ladies!!! I'm blown away!!!

Thursday...Oh Cade oh cade oh cade... can you say CRANKY!!!!!! He woke up crying about everything and anything!! Lane woke up turned on cartoons, got dressed, i gave him breakfast, fixed his hair and he did it with an awesome attitude. Except telling cade he beat him which only made cade cry. LOL!! Lane gets to stay at home in the mornings on thursday and friday - his only day he gets to watch super why. So on the way to school cade and i had a talk. I came home and layed down for a little bit. i was so tired. i took lane to mdo and went to walmart. i had to get some stuff for this weekend and my company. : ) by the time i was done it was time to go get cade. i dropped him off at mdo and went to mr burger to get lunch for chad and I. i have been wanting their salad but it wasn't as tasty and usual. still ate is happily though. While having no kids i took my time and wrapped some presents started de cluttering. I went and got the boys and told them to go outside and start picking up the yard. It was so nice I didn't want them inside. I knew they wouldn't pick up. They will only do that if chad or i are out there to help them. It is pretty overwheleming!! Cade did pick up his room for me. I cleaned the kitchen really good (it isn't perfect but so much better), vaccummed, cleaned fan, and just again just trying to get clutter gone. I was in and out of the garage trying to get it ready for 5:30. I had clients coming to do pictures. I had supper ready around 5. Chad and the boys picked up the yard - looks so much better but still trailor trash!!! I just wanted it picked up for this weekend so we can boot kids outside. : ) Billy, christa and boys might come. : ) they might stay with me but i don't know yet. billy will call me in the morning. don't worry everyone i'm not stressing. : ) I got done with pictures 6:00 and got the boys in the shower. I wanted them ready for bed so by 8 they were asleep. Cade has been wanting to play nintendo so i told him get ready for bed and he could play. he played it for a little bit and it stopped working. chad figured out what was wrong but we still had a talk about taking care of his stuff!!! that is one thing that makes me angry. I got the boys in bed a little after 8 but it didn't take long for them to fall asleep. I messed with a picture and decided I'm going to wait until after this weekend. I came and sat with chad in the living room to watch the last party of the football game. haven't really been able to relax because chad is stressing out. oh i have my new house shoes on. i warmed them in the microwave (my feet were pretty cold) aaaahhh talk about fast. My feet warmed up fast!! they are hard to walk in.

janet has been posting pictures of my niece so if you have time check out how beautiful she is.

i'm hoping that tomorrow we can move the desk and stuff to the garage. i don't know if it will happen though. sally, lily, lee and caci should be here around 2 ish tomorrow. : ) i need to go get ready for bed. i'm tired. chad is all bummed!! that sucks that ou has losed the game!!! i def. won't lose any sleep over it though. : )

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday...The glass company called before I was to go get the boys. So I picked that up and brought it home. I went and got the boys and went by walmart. Opened the pictures in the car - again big disappointment. I really need to show them what printed off on my printer and theirs. Their's looks pretty horrible!! Got home a did a few things - including lunch and laid down with lane. We put on a movie and did a veg time. Lane and I fell asleep and woke up and then cade fell asleep. I don't think he should take naps cause when he woke up - GROUCHY!!! I picked up the house, did some laundry, moved the overflowing trash to the laundry room, and started fixing supper. Keidi came over with Kambree's bday invitation. That little girl is so special!! I love her!! the sassins came over. Josh and Chad worked on computer stuff for me, calley and i visited and the kids played. It was nice. I'm sure not so nice for chad and josh. but i'm excited because I'm ready for the next step to get that computer out!! : ) the boys took a bath and went to bed. cade has been procrastinating, getting up and down out of bed. Saying he can't sleep but he just got use to staying up with me. i fell asleep on the couch while chad watched tv.

Wedn...I wanted to sleep. chad had to wake me up this morning and I had to wake both boys up. We all wanted to sleep. The boys did pretty good getting ready. I took them to school and came home. decided i need to do my blog, take a shower, do some computer stuff and put stuff into the bathroom and get organized!! : )

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday...We didn't do much. Chad went pheasant hunting. And we relaxed and spent time together. It was a really nice day.

Monday...First day back at school. Lane didn't want to go and cried when I dropped him off! : ( But of course he was fine when I picked him up. I did my monday grocery shopping. When I got home I ordered glass for our medicine cabinet. I worked on some pictures to get them ready to order and it soon it was time to pick up the boys. We came home. lane and I fell asleep on the couch and cade watched a movie. When we woke up the boys played with the glow station. And I started getting ready to take pictures! Finally!! Here are some that we took.

I started working on the pictuers as soon as we were done and went to bed about 12. My camcorder came in last night!! Haven't been able to play with it yet since it needed to be charged. I'm so excited!!

Tuesday...So far took the boys to schoo. Lane did so much better!! I came home and started deciding on what pictures I want to put in a frame in the babies room. I got caught up in Myspace and my blog so still doing that!! I made a picture order for walmart. Hopefully they print off good. I have had problems with our walmart photo studio. the pictures print way too dark so i never know how the picture should look before it goes in there. Lets hope they are good. I will be printing all of them for an album but from my company. : ) I'm hoping the glass place calls today. Would like to get that bathroom completely done. I think chad is going to start hanging up trim and crown molding. that will be nice. I don't know what all is going to happen today. : ) we will see!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

today is my birthday!!

The day was a good day. We did have a cranky cranky Lane. The morning started off with chad massaging my hands and back. Can't beat the that!! I fell asleep and woke up about 10 a.m.!! The boys came in and wished me a happy birthday. I got up and chad was making cinnamon toast for breakfast. : ) He makes the best ever!! We ate breakfast and then Chad showed me my birthday present online (it didn't make it on time, which wasn't his fault). It is a camcorder!!! I'm so excited!! I have been wanting a new one. My mom and sister called this morning. It is always somewhat sad day when I don't get to celebrate our birthday together. Mom said one of these days we are going to have to plan to spend the day on our birthday. Miss Lily left a message on my answering machine. She sang happy birthday. I love her so much!! We got ready for the day and left. We went to drop off the oblanders texture gun by their house. They were needing it. Man has that thing been nice!! We then went and ate at mazzio's. We were hoping to go to the park or something but it got chilly and windy. We went by walmart and I got some shampoo and stuff and the boys went and picked out my birthday present and got stuff to make my cake. When we got home they made my cake and chad brought in the medicine cabinet inside so we could work on it. I'm almost done with painting the doors. One door needs one more coat of paint. then i'm going to spray paint a clear coat on it. Then we need to flip it over and do a light coat around the corners of the front. I should actually get it done painted tonight so tomorrow we can do the front of the doors and put it together. Monday I will call and get mirrors cut to put on it!! I'm excited! I put walmart stuff away, moved the boys and my stuff to our new bathroom, put away dishes, folded some clothes. When we got back Calley had called and wished me a happy birthday. My dad and brother called around 5. We blew out birthday candles (cade had been wanting to since it was frosted, so i let them help me blow the candles out). Cake and ice cream was supper. : ) Rick called and wished me a happy birthday. I picked up the house and tried to make it look somewhat nice. : ) I got to hang up pictures in the bathroom. Now all i have left is the medicine cabinet, clock, shower curtain to hang into shower (i washed it) and the silver hooks that i have somewhere in the bathroom box. It really is almost completely done. Glenda called and wished me a happy birthday. Chad went to his poker night tonight. He was debating on going since it was my birthday but i told him it was just fine. Rick and Glenna came by to visit. Always good to have them come by. They brought me a pretty cool present and a card. And I got to show off the bathroom. : ) Grandpa got the boys all hyped up but when they left they were settled down again. They are watching a movie, i'm fixing to get something to eat and get pjs on. It has been a great day. I have felt special and loved!! Thank you to my family and friends! I love you!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday...Chad was off today which has been nice. monday is going to be bittersweet! : ) Life starts all over again. no more sleeping in for awhile. Guess what!??? The bathroom is finished except for the medicine cabinet!!! WAHOOOOO! Tomorrow I'm going to finish painting the medicine cabinet and put it all back together. I do need to order the new mirrors to put on it. i hope it turns out because i really want to keep it. i love the space!!! Last night I got the bathroom stuff and got to put it in there today!! chad even likes it!! WAHOO!! I have the towels all washed just need to get them out of the dryer. : ) - so today that is what we did was finish the bathroom and medicine cabinet. it has been hard for me to get things done that i want to get done because the boys need help or chad needs help with something.

chad and i went on a date tonight!! i know, i forgot what a date was!! it has been way too long. the furnish's watched the boys. we went and ate a naifeh's (i got a gift certificate for christmas), and went to the movies. we watched marley and me. yes i cried!! i was embarrased but it is sad. after the movie we stopped by walmart and got spray paint and bread. I was painting the medicine cabinet with a paintbrush and it is taking forever so i'm finishing it up with spray paint. i enjoyed spending time with my husband. : )

we went to pick up the boys. seems like they had a good night. nothing out of the ordinary happend. Heidi said she gave them all baths and the boys loved it. they are bath deprived! tomorrow they can take the first bath in the bathtub. : ) Cade said that he had fun. he said he ate all his corndog and heidi felt his muscles. LOL!! when we got home (lane was asleep when we picked him up) cade and i ate some ice cream and he konked out. chad is watching tv with the kitty cuddled up with him. he will never admit it but he loves her so much!! i need to get off here and wash my face and brush my teeth.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

THURSDAY...Today I cleaned, sanded and painted trim in the bathroom. there is a few touch up i need to do. Chad put up all the accesories (toilet paper roll, towel holders). He still needs to get a few of the plumbing done and will get that done tomorrow cause he needs stuff from lumber mart. I also cleaned up a little. Lanes closet had to be emptied so chad could get to a pipe so today i put the closet back together, picked up babies room, put away 2 loads of laundry. I laid down around 5 because i was tired and my feet were hurting. Lane laid down with me and fell asleep. I got up at 5:30 and got ready for girls night out!! It was a birthday supper for me and diana (5th of jan). It was really fun and I got lots of cool stuff!!! I have the best friends ever!! After dinner we went to walmart. I know, but it was fun. I got decorative stuff for the new bathroom and then the girls got stuff for cade and lane for the baby shower. : ) they are so sweet and the boys are getting some pretty awesome stuff! We spent an hour and a half in there. I dropped them off after we left. It has been a fun evening. I got home and showed chad and Cade my goodies (lane is still sleeping, he never woke up from his nap!)

The boys had fun today. They did dinosaur puzzles and went outside and played. They played for awhile outside.

I'm feeling so relieved to get the bathroom all finished up. I know chad is too. can't wait to move onto the next thing!! Lets get this place looking good!! : ) Get rid of the clutter!! : )
Wednesday...i finally fell asleep at 8 a.m. and the boys woke up a few minutes later. : ) I slept off an on for an hour. calley called and said she would like to borrow cade for the morning. zaine got a wii and needed a partner to play. she hung up and called right back and said destiny and zaine were fighting over him so they need lane too. : ) Heidi called right when i got off and said to bring the boys over. : ) Two friends in one day wanting my kids. : ) They had read my blog and knew i needed some rest. : ) I have the best friends EVER!! Calley came by and got the boys and I started working on pictures. It took me the rest of the morning and some of the afternoon to get them done but i did. it was nice not to have to worry about the boys. I went to walmart to pick up some stuff for later that evening and went and got the boys. we stopped by lumber mart so i can do my project on fixing the old medicine cabinet. when i got home i fixed some cornbread and the beans were done. chad and i were starving and the beans we awesome!!! lane ate a little bit of it - they had eaten over at the sassins. i did have to finish the pictures and then i cleaned up the kitchen. cade made some brownies and then i fixed some cheese dip, and spinach dip. we got our pjs on, picked up pizza and went to the sassins. It was a fun night. And guess what we made it until midnight!!! i thought i would by 8!!!

Thursday... HAPPY NEW YEAR...I woke up at 7 to go to the bathroom and then went back too sleep. chad got up and closed the door to keep out the sound for me. but a closed door doesn't keep boys out. : ) cade came in at 10 and held my hand. i opened my eyes and he said "momma you crying", i said no bubba i was sleeping, he smiled and said oh. It was sweet that he was worried about me. lane came in and i decided to get up. i fixed me some toast and sat on the couch. cade looked at me and said " i didn't get any lunch". made me feel bad they did eat cereal bar but that is always just a snack. they forget they have a dad to do things for them too. LOL!! i couldn't eat all my toast so cade ate it and then they both got cereal in a cup. they played the wii for a little bit and then really wanted to do the poppers i got for them last night. so they are finishing them off right now. i'm still really tired and didn't feel too good this morning. i might have to run to walmart but i'm taking it easy today. chad is still working on the bathroom. maybe today is the day. : ) i'm going to work on the medicine cabinet and maybe sand and paint the trim in the bathroom. That can be calming. oh i got some tums yesterday and they have been helping with the heartburn that I get all the time. I had acid reflux with the boys but not really heartburn. This guy is making sure to let me know he is different. :) Little turkey!! I guess I'm going to go jump in the shower and loosen up some joints, brush my teeth and get started on my relaxing day. : )