Wednesday, December 31, 2008

can't sleep

Tuesday evening...Chad worked on the bathroom when he got off work. A 30 minute job took hours and still needs one more piece. poor guy!! i painted trim outside and then came inside and sanded and painted the trim in the hallway and finished painting the door frame of a closet. While I was doing that I put frozen raviolis in the oven. we ate, i cleaned up, i started soaking beans for ham and beans tomorrow. I took a shower and started laundry (ended about 10p.m.). I was pretty tired!! My body is really sore! the boys were exhausted. lane has been falling asleep around 6 every evening. you don't even know he is going down until it is too late. Last night he slept until 9 p.m woke up ate supper and fell asleep at 10:30. Cade was so tired that everything just hurt his feelings. They have been doing for good with getting ready for bed and picking up toys before bed time. I have some motivation for them too. if they go 7 days with doing their chores (they help with putting away dishes and taking out the trash) then they get a dollar to put in an envelope. They can save their money and buy whatever they want at walmart. I haven't been doing well with giving them small prizes at home. Seems like they are still motivated to do their chores. I need to start doing little prizes for no whining or fighting!!

So i went to bed around midnight. And at 4 a.m. the timer on the fridge was going off. Thanks boys!! After that I couln't go back to sleep! I tried for about an hour and my stomach was hurting and i just couldn't fall asleep. I got up at a bowl of cereal which seemed to help. I got the beans going - maybe we can eat them for lunch. I don't know though, it will be around 1:30 or 2. It is 6:43 and i'm starting to get tired again. which is a bad thing. the boys will prob. wake up around 7:30 and chad is off so he will be sleeping. I will prob. fall asleep feel crappy when the boys wake up and then go to sleep when chad gets up. he is going to put a full day in on the bathroom. he said he will be 100 percent done with the bathroom. I need to try and restore the medicine cabinet. chad doesn't want to use it but it has a lot of space that I like and dang it that is what we need. plus we need the mirror to stick out from the wall because the cabinet comes out too far to be able to see your face upclose to do eyebrows and stuff. Especially with my big belly. hopefully i can restore it. i also need to finish up pictures!! i haven't been able to get to them and my clients are anxious to see them. oh man oh man oh man. so much to do in so little time!!

so chad and i had the middle name picked out for the baby and have decided to change it. IT IS SO HARD!! he really wants a name that i just can't do. so he decided i can pick the middle name since he did the first name. the thing is, he will have to agree so it isn't like i'm picking by myself. That is another reason i couldn't sleep. i just kept having names go through my head. i'm really wanting a family name to use but haven't found one that i really like with his name.

so since it is so early all that is on is infomercials and guess what it is all about excercise. makes me ready to go. but dang it is hard work. there are two of them that i have watched that seem interesting. P90X - which seems to be for skinner women to sculpt - they only had one woman who was big that lost weight. all the other ones are skinny to begin with. now i'm watching chalean extreme which seems more for bigger women to lose weight, more like me. i'm not quite motivate but i will be in 12 wks. i love being pregnant but that is different then just being big. it is miserable not to be able to do things so i'm always eager to lose the weight so i can move around. i don't need to worry about this right now though. there are more things to worry about right now.

can you tell that i can't get my mind to stop!!! Stop MIND!! : ) i'm going now. : )

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

monday... Rick came over around lunch time and waned the boys. they love going with grandpa. so it was just chad and i for my appointment. it was a nice drive to talk a little and then just enjoy soaking up the sun and piece of quiet. on the way there i made list. List to pack for baby, dad, and me, and bag for boys just in case grandpa and gigi needs to come over and get them (still need to talk to you guys about that. ), also made a phone list and a chart for when the baby comes home. now i just need to type the chart and phone list, and print them out. We were on time to our appointment and as usual didn't have to wait very long. I LOVE THAT!! I'm actually seeing the nurse practinor instead of the doctor (i will start seeing him when i start my once a week appointments). Everything is looking good. I have gained 33 lbs!! Guess i can't worry about that anymore just need to start my head into losing it in 12 wks! : ) The babies head is down and his heartbeat is 150. I have one more 2 wk appt and then after that it is every week!! He will be here soon!! When we got back into town I went to get a big route 44 water from sonic, tried to get a gift certificate from the movies (for my mailman) and then I went and got the boys. They were up in the storage barn throwing golf balls in grandpa's "pool". they were having fun. I got them all loaded and went to wash the car. the terror began!! I could not believe how the boys were acting!! HORRIBLE!! I got the car washed and vaccuumed then we came home. they had to clean their rooms and hopefully redeem themselves. I was so stressed that I tried to lay down for a little bit but the boys kept coming in. So i decided I needed to get out, didn't want to cook cause I knew the work I had to get done when i got home. Got home and lane fell asleep so cade and I ate supper while chad started the grouting in the bathroom. After I was done eating and started on the bathroom. It is hard work!! Didn't seem to take as long as i thought it was going too, but i'm glad cause i was exhausted! this morning i was so sore!!

Tuesday...i wanted to sleep all day!! and it was hard to move. I knew i needed to go to the store today. : ( not really in the mood. and i had to return lilys christmas present that i have had for a while because she got it from one of her grandmas!! gggrrrrr!! I got ready to go, the boys got ready and we left. I got warn out at walmart. they wanted to ride on the cart and i'm so tired that i finally had to say boys i really need you to help me. plus i had several braxton hicks contractions when i was there. they didn't bother me with the boys but this one, i just feel like i can't breath and my stomach is going to pop. I got the stuff we needed and found the one thing lily really wants. By the time we left it was time to meet friends at the park. we hadn't eaten so i ran by sonic and then came home to put cold stuff away. when i walked in chad said " i just want to warn you first" - which means a huge mess is on the other side of the door!!! i am glad he does that because i would prob. explode with no warning. so this morning he put the cabinet in the bathroom and there are two drawers that aren't working right - which makes me mad because it is brand new and not cheap) then he was putting the shower head on and the pipe broke!! the good news is he can go through a closet to repair it and not have to go through the tile we just finished. so the mess is everything in that closet, which isn't too bad - but still sucks. the boys and i met heidi, bryson, rylee, davida and gage and the lutheran school. it was nice to be outdoors and to have some time to destress from walmart. we left around 3:30. I don't know if the boys are really being terrors or if I have no patience right now with them. man, i need a break just for a little bit!! we are at home and i need to do some laundry (suprise suprise), pick up kitchen and decide what to fix for supper. fun fun. chad walked through here not too long ago with the toilet!! we are so ready to have this bathroom done. hopefully tomorrow he can have everything done and seal the tile. He worked today but is off for the rest of the week since he worked all day on sunday.

oh so chad had ordered my bday present and has had a tough time with the company. they called him and he finally got back with them after several days of trying - they wanted to know if he wanted more stuff to go with it (it is something electronic). he said no he was fine with what it had. a few days later he got an email saying it was on backorder!! so today he called asking as a new customer if they had it in stock, they said yes, and then when he went on to tell them the story they changed theres saying they only had the package ones (trying to get him to buy more) so he cancelled his order while fuming!! he was so mad. So he ordered today from He is so angry because I won't get it in time and that the company treated him like that. but finished all his rage with he was still really excited for me about the gift. poor guy!! working hard on the house and doing his best to make this a happy birthday for me. i love him!!!

i better go start on my chores!! guess i have two boys to either help me or kick them outside so i don't have to listen to the fighting!! i do love my boys!! : )

Monday, December 29, 2008

Friday night... we got with our friends. Collin and shawnda freeman were in town so we did a gathering. it was fun to get together. they played cards afterwards. The boys fell asleep on me while daddy played cards.

Saturday... i was suppose to take pictures but they got cancelled. So chad and I did some work on the bathroom. I also did laundry and cleaned up a bit. We got the bathroom primed and painted and cleaned off the tile. I was pretty exhausted so we didn't do anymore. I fixed supper and cleaned up and that is our day.

Sunday... Chad had to work today 8 to 5:44!! I saw him of a total of 6 minutes. : ( He was missed. I woke up at 8:30 and fed the boys. I went to go make my bed and decided to lay down. I didn't wake up until noon!!! I think the painting wore me out!! I just layed around. I fixed lunch and dinner, cleaned up, started some laundry and thats it. we did play a few games of go fish. lane fell asleep on my leg while we played. Chad put him to bed. Then Cade, chad and i cuddled on the couch. That didn't last long. Cade and I were out pretty fast.

Monday... Woke up, ate breakfast, took a shower, boys picked out their clothes and got dressed. They got lighting mcqueen and mater socks for christmas. I have had to keep them washed because they LOVE them!! They got sweatshirts too and LOVE them! today i have a drs. appt. at 2:15. The boys are coming with me and I think chad is coming too. He told me last night that he feels less involved in this pregnancy. : ( I don't know what to do to get him involved. i know i can get him to move the desk out of the babies room. : ) LOL!! So we have a first name but haven't decided on a middle name for this little guy. the name chad really wants i don't want at all. He did decide on the first name so he told me i could decide on the middle name. Of course there are some names I can't use even though it would be really meaningful!!! It is a hard decision!! I have 6 weeks to decide!!!

my birthday is coming up and chad and the boys are pretty excited. i guess i have a pretty awesome present on the way. I like to have a birthday but I do miss my mom a whole lot on it (since we share birthdays). I love being with her on our birthday but the older I get the less we are together.

better go so i can finish getting ready and feed my boys!! : )

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My new niece!!

Bailey Marie Williams
Born Dec 26 at 4:18 pm
7 lbs 14 oz
(Trever and Janet's Baby)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve... We didn't do much. Just took it easy. I got somethings organized, laundry put away. We told Cade when he woke in the morning he had to come to our room and say merry christmas.

Christmas Day...I tossed and turned, i was so excited for the boys to come wake me up. cade came in and asked to get in my bed. he layed there quietly. so i started telling daddy that this boy was way too calm. Lane woke up shortly after and cames in to the bedroom. We got the camera, peed and then went into the living room. The boys were pretty happy. Chad got me stocking stuffers and I got him some too. so after the boys went through all their santa stuff we went through our stocking. then we started doing our presents! That was fun to watch them open them up. The boys and chad got me a necklace!! it is really pretty. The boys wanted to get daddy a wii game so we did. not sure chad likes it or not. i wish i could do better for him. never can seem to hit the nail on the head. the boys all played and i fixed french banana pancakes, which turned out pretty darn good! We got lots of phone calls, and we made some. I cleaned up and straightened up the living room. Then got ready to go to grandpa and gigi's house. that was relaxing and fun. We had white chili (which is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO good) and snack foods. We played are you smarter than a 5th grader. Rick and I were on a team and we were doing really well until we picked a 1st grader question!!!! LOL!! Then of course we played some wii. We got home around 7:30p.m. I had a message from my dad so I called him back to wish him a merry christmas. We heard from all of our parents except from my mom. : ( that is pretty hurtful. But other than that we had a pretty fun day.

Friday... I slept in, chad went pheasant hunting and the boys played. I also did some bills which always makes me mad until I'm done. I hate doing that!! LOL! I started laundry and later on went to get some out of the dryer and guess what forgot to turn it on.!! So i'm still waiting to get it done!! LOL!! Chad textured the bathroom today!!!! WAHOOO!! i'm so excited!! tomorrow we could paint!! We still need to grout and then start putting everything in!! I can't hardly stand it!! : ) I put the christmas stuff up. I know the day after christmas. I'm always eager to get it up but then after christmas I'm ready to take it down and get things back in their spots! Well all the bins are waiting by the backdoor for my muscles to take it to the shed. : ) we have a new neice as i have already wrote about but am so excited I wanted to mention her again!! The boys are going to grandpa and gigi's for a little bit tonight. we have a few friends in town so we are meeting them at hunnys to visit. I'm excited to get out with no kids!!! man do i need a little break. i better go and get ready for a few hours of adult time!!!


Miss Bailey Marie Williams is here!! she got here about 4 p.m. today!! She is 7lbs 14 oz and 19 1z2 inches long. Bailey has a full head of yellow-reddish hair! Mom and baby are doing well!! Janet when in about 10:30 last night and got the epideral around 7:30 a.m. I'm so happy she is here and everyone is healthy!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday...I went to walmart 3 times today!!! I KNOW!! i have been trying to go only once a week. For those who know me that would be a huge improvement and help save money. LOL! I didn't go to the store on my regular grocery day because it was way to windy and cold. I'm glad I waited!! I got the boys all ready and we went and dropped off MDO teacher presents. They finally came in!! The boys have been enjoying going up to the doors of the people we need to drop things off too. They fight over who will be the first one to do it. I let them deliver the packages. I bribed the boys today. If they would get their hair cut at walmart and be good boys they get a happy meal. It has been a pain to cut their hair at home and we have been so busy so I decided to get them trimmed up. Don't worry I didn't let them cut Lanes too short. It is shorter than I wanted but it is good. Anyway we got to walmart and signed them up. We shopped for an hour and half and the still didn't get called. So after we checked out we went by there and they were still the same number!! When I asked how long she said she was in the middle of a color (which all color is, is sitting and waiting, don't know why she couldn't do it then!). We went ahead and got happy meals and came home to eat. We had enough time to eat when we got a call saying they were ready for the boys. So we went back, and got right in. I'm glad they waited for us. I would have been mad!! It didn't take long and the boys were excellent!!! After we were done we had to return and get another head piece for chad and decided to get kambree's bday gift. the boys helped me pick it out. I wasn't sure about it and crystal landess walked by when I was telling someone that i didn't know what to get a girl. She showed me her idea which was cade wanted to get for kambree in the first place. While we were looking we found a new planet heroe. Cade was really excited and said that he would save up his chore money to get it. then i remembered that mamaw, and granny and peep sent the boys money for christmas. So we picked out those gifts. Cade stayed right on budget even a little lower. Lanes was $5 dollars more than what he had but that is about what cade was under so it worked out. plus i don't mind putting in money for lane because it seems like he gets the raw end of the deal when it comes to presents. He is just hard to get for. But he found two things he really wanted which is rare!! We came home and i fixed BLTs and tomatoe soup. Chad wanted to take the boys to walmart to get my christmas gift and guess what I needed to pick up a few things that i forgot!! So i went my separate way and got my stuff and waited on them. it was nice to be by myself for a little while. LOL!!

Wednesday...We didn't go anywhere. The boys stayed in their pjs. I woke up took a shower and put my pjs back on. The boys did fight like crazy!! they have been lately. But I think Chad might have put a stop to it today. Hopefully they won't so much. I fixed some pictures, wrapped the last presents that i needed too, did laundry - including boys bedding, we made cookies for santa and us, i cleaned that up and made a nice dinner. Tomorrow we are going over to rick and glennas and I know i won't want too or have time to make the dinner then. So I decided to do it tonight. I made Ham, green beans casserole, fried potatoes and rolls. the ham was a huge hit. The boys both had a couple of servings of ham. I know cade liked it but he is big on eating protein for his muscles so I think that is the main reason. Lane had seconds and cade couldn't let Lanes muscles get bigger. LOL!! I cleaned that up, boys jumped in the shower, we cleaned up toys, I highlighted chads hair and we watched a movie. The boys were asleep by 8:30! When they were down I pulled out stuff from santa and got chads stocking ready. He also got mine ready. I'm proud of him for getting me stocking stuff. that is always fun. You don't have to spend a lot of money, you just get fun stuff. plus it is that is thought of me that means the most!! I think this is the first year he has done that. I'm excited for tomorrow. Just being able to watch the boys. it is so much fun!! Oh today cade was saying how santa was coming and bringing presents and I said, yes but what is christmas really about, without any hesitation he said "it is jesus's birthday". : ) Later on Lane had walked into the kitchen (before supper) and said is santa here yet? i said know he doesn't come until later. He said "he will come and eat supper and..." I said no baby he comes when you are sleeping and then leaves. "Oh". : ) I'm going to my french banana pancakes in the morning. I have never made them but thought I would try something different. I think they will be good.

Still haven't heard anything from janet. I'm pretty anxious waiting for that baby to arrive. : )

i think i'm going to get off here and rest. It is almost ten and i know the boys will be up in the morning! I told cade he needed to come into my room first. Last year he ran in and slapped me on the forehead and ran off!! LOL! He was way too excited!! Lane slept in!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MONDAY... I got a few things organized which is good. Still trying to get organized, seems like that is all I do! My clients came and that session went good. One of the babies were sick - : ( so he was cranky but I think we still got some good ones. It didn't even take me an hour to do all the pictures that I needed to do. I think most of that is because I couldn't take very many of the babies. Lane still isn't feeling very good. As for those who know him, when he doesn't feel good doesn't mean he stops moving. It is usually at night he starts coughing really bad and has a hard time breathing. I have only been giving him medicine when we are getting ready for bed. chad has been freezing in the garage. poor guy!! Cade has been wanting to play his ninintendo all the time. i have to set limits on it, but the good thing is - when he first opened it I told him he needed to ask permission to play it and so far he has! We started chore list again. The boys are doing very well. Especially Lane which is weird but I will take it!! : )

Yesterday I took a picture to a lady that lost her son in august. She wanted me to put her daughter in a picture with the son she lost. So i had gotten it done and took it too her. She said she really liked it and really appreciates it. I'm taking the family picture for her on saturday and she does want me to add the lost son in the picture with them. We were talking about that and she started crying and said thank you so much! my heart goes out to her. I have never lost a sibling or a child (and pray I never have to go through that) but have lost very important people in my life so I kind of know where she is coming from. I'm glad that I could do that for her.

Tuesday...Can't believe it is almost christmas!! Today I slept in a little. Chad came in and asked if i was sleeping in on my vacation and I said you bet!! : ) i know that is what he would be doing and will be doing on his vacation. : ) I fed the boys, writing on here and then I'm going to finish my grocery list! I'm fine just staying in, but we have to have food. : ) I also need to run my teacher gifts by there houses!! yep finally got them in. Hopefully I can work on some pictures. Just going to take it easy and get what i get done, done. : )

my sister-in-law is still pregnant. But she is sitting on go!!! Her midwife said she is thinking wednesday and Janet is saying christmas. I'm hoping she comes healthy and happy soon, but I hope it isn't on christmas so miss bailey can have her own day (birthday). My birthday is 9 days after christmas and I have been teased about combining my christmas and birthday, birthday wrapped in christmas and or a present that is combined! I do share my birthday with my mom which is a good thing - i think. i think a person needs there own day. : ) so I'm hoping she comes today, tomorrow, skip christmas and any other day that follows! : ) but like i said i will be happy with whenever she comes!

better go jump in the shower and get ready for the day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I first want to say... I'm so glad that John Walsh found out who killed his son. He has been searching forever now. It does suck that the guy is already dead but at least he died in jail!! I feel relief for Walsh family.

As for Caylee!! I knew that they had found bones and that is was more than likely hers but I was very sad to hear it was! Poor baby!! And to think her mom had something to do with it. I feel she did! And with not being able to get the exact reason why she died her mom might walk free! ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Even if she didn't do it and doesn't know who did it, why did she wait so long to report her baby missing!! And why didn't her and her parents do what the police asks!! Little fishy!!! I pray they find out what happend and the person or people involved pay for what they did. The sad thing is there are so many cases like caylee's we don't even hear about. : ( what a sad world this can be!

Saturday...Chad was back early (morning time and was home all day!) : ) He finished the tile except the backsplash in the bathroom. I cleaned really good, even though you can't tell. The evening chad went and played poker. Lane fell asleep at 7 p.m. he hasn't been feeling very well. there are a bunch of kids with snot and stuff and I bet he has it. Not blaming anyone. : ) Cade and i watched a movie. Chad came home and won!!! WAHOO!! i love when he wins!! : ) We stayed up for a little while then went to bed. Around 3 a.m. the phone rang. Of course I woke up with my heart racing!! it was walmart home office needing some advice!!! so chad was up for a while and it took us both some time to get back into good sleep.

Sunday...Chad went pheasant hunting this morning and I slept in! He was back later on that morning. And guess what we did!? NOTHING!! We vegged ALL DAY!! We took a nap and just took it easy. It was nice. Rick came over for a little while. That was a nice visit. Lane is still really snotty so we did wipe his nose all day. : ) I fixed supper and then we played a few games as a family. we read books and layed on the couch. Lane fell asleep fast. I gave him some medicine because he wouldn't stop coughing. He seemed to have slept really good though. Cade has been really attached to me lately. Which means both of them on me. I need to figure out why he is. Oh we were going to take maternity pictures but chad and the boys weren't in the mood. i really wasn't either but really need to get them done. i can tell i'm starting to swell.

Monday... I slept in again. I fed the boys and layed in the recliner with lane and yep fell asleep. I must really be needing the rest! I'm showered and have started laundry. I need to get a few things organized, get ready for my clients tonight, and maybe go run some errands. Not really wanting to get out of the house! It is too dang cold!! : )

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday...Cade was happy when he got to school but when i picked him up - cranky. Heidi, bryson, me and my boys went to amarillo yesterday to jump in jive. it was a lot of fun. the boys had a blast!!! We left as soon as cade got out of school. we got there around 2 and stayed at jump in jive until 6! the boys were so tired but still didn't want to go. they didn't fuss about it though. we went and ate at fazoli's and then drove back. we got back around 9:30. The boys did an awesome job!! especially on the way home since they crashed 10 minutes after starting on the rode!! It is def. something that would be fun to do again. Maybe next time we can get the whole gang to rode trip it to amarillo. that would be fun.

chad got up this morning and went pheasant hunting with his dad. he will prob. be gone all day, come home for about 15 minutes, clean pheasant, take a shower and go to poker night. what an exciting day for me.

This morning I have payed bills, started laundry, fed boys and writing on my blog. I'm fixing to jump in the shower and start cleaning up this pig pen we call a house. I need to organize the garage a little more. I told chad that I wanted to take maternity pictures tomorrow, but he has to be up for it since he has to take them. hopefully we can before i balloon up. i better go and get somethings done!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

wednesday... lane had a hard time going to school. he balled when i left. of course when i picked him up he had a blast. lee jay finished putting stuff on my laptop for me. i'm so glad he did all that. i know chad would have but it would take a while before he would want to sent down and mess with it. when we got back from picking cade up chad said he was ready to re organize the shed and garage!!! so guess what my plans where from then on!! i helped by telling chad what went where. : ) the garage is cleared out which is nice. it looks so much bigger. we still aren't done with it though. there are a few boxes to go through and then I need to just make my photography stuff more organized. i'm pretty excited! I took a break last night and made taco's. they were really good. i made some quacomole and cheese dip to go with it. After supper I picked up and got the garage a little tidy so we could take some pictures. lee jay wanted some with the boys in their mario shirts. they are some gaming geeks. : ) LOL!!

I also got a hold of a client that I have had their pictures for a while. she said her mom has a tumor so she hasn't been around!! that sucks!!! my clients have been having a tough time with things happening after I get their pictures in. then i feel worrible because I'm ready to get rid of the pictures and collect my paycheck. so she is suppose to come by this morning but i might miss her because i have to go get cade from school.

Thursday...We took cade to school. he was so tired this morning!! Uncle Lee hugged him bye. Cade was smiling big when he was hugging him and then he got his tired sad face on. we came home and lee finished packing up. hate to see him go but i know he needs to get back to his life. :(

I have really enjoyed having him here!!

MDO day! they are having their christmas party so Lane took the goodie bags (full of choc. coated pretzels) and a juice box for him and cade. They are having a pizza party so we didn't have pack a lunch. I didn't have gifts for my teachers!! I ordered them a while back and when i got the package in it said that those items wehre out of stock!!! what the heck, why did they let me order them!! so i had to order something else which of course isn't here yet!!! I have been on top of things and this had to happend. Oh well, I told them this morning and there isn't anything else I can do about it.

I have been cleaning up!! the house was a disaster!! I have it pretty much picked up but I need to go to walmart and get some cleaning stuff. I'm all out!!! I also need to get some milk, a picture and a calendar I ordered! I'm almost caught up on laundry - i shouldn't say that haven't looked in the laundry basket!! LOL! I put away two loads of laundry and am getting the blankets lee slept on washed. I'm hoping to get all caught up. We put more things in the babies room (the glider and stuffed animals), Now we just need to figure out what we want to do with the desk. I want to set it up in the garage so i can do all my business stuff. And there is a bunch of stuff I won't know what to do with if we don't do that. : ) Hopefully I can talk chad into it. well i better get somethings done before I go get cade. Looks like it is sprinkling outside today.

my sister in law has past her due date! the doctor is guessing wednesday. My guess was wrong, which doesn't suprise me - LOL! The daddy guessed today, and the mommy has changed her guess (which she can't count it if she wins - LOL!) She seems to be doing very well. I'm sure very anxious to see Miss Bailey but Bailey will come when she is ready -which will be better for both of them. I'm ready for the phone call though!!! : )

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday...I didn't want to wake up this morning. I was so tired. I rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes to take the boys to school. They took their teachers gifts today. They were pretty excited. Lee and I ran by keidis house to give her christmas card and ran by walmart then came home. I fell asleep while we waited to get the boys. I must have needed it. : ) We got the boys came back home and ate lunch. The hamburger stew is all gone!! Lee and I love that stuff. Lee jay even ate it for breakfast. : ) One of the childhood comfort foods. I have been craving that lately. Just little stuff we ate when we were young. The boys played outside today and lee took a nap this after noon (he had a bad headache). While all that went on I made chocolate covered pretzels for cades school and MDO. Talk about a lot of pretzels!! And i almost didn't have enough!! calley stopped by to drop some things off. It was good to see her even though it wasn't for long.

Keidi dropped Kambree off so she could go to a doctors appt. (i was told for allergies!) she wasn't gone for long. I made supper cleaned up (a little). the boys took showers and got for bed. they did awesome and even cleaned up their toys!!I checked my email and got an email from keidi which announced they are pregnant!!! Wahoo!! We all knew it would happen soon. : ) I called her and talked for a little while. Can't believe I watched her kid and she lied to me!!! LOL!! I'm so excited for them!!!

I colored in one of the boys coloring books. Just wanted too, so cade did a little, lane fell asleep on me. Then chad and cade played some games on the laptop. they had fun. we are now watching a movie, cade fell asleep on me.

tomorrow the boys have a dentist appt. it will be cades 2nd and lanes 1st. i'm excited for some odd reason. i guess because it is so important to me to make sure they go. I'm also going to take pictures of the boys and uncle lee.

I called the lady that wanted to take pictures before friday. she is ok with doing it after christmas which i'm glad. it has been so crazy that i'm just enjoying slowing down. i do have a few clients that i'm taking pictures before christmas and the day after, hopefully it won't be so crazy. : )

lane has his christmas party tomorrow then he will be out of school until jan 5!!! better get off this thing!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

HOLY COW IT IS COLD!!! Monday...The boys were so excited that uncle lee was taking them and picking them up from school! After dropping the boys off we went by walmart and got a few things (shouldn't have to go for a little while). After walmart we went by the post office. I needed to mail a package and get some stamps. I finally got all my cards out today!! We came home and I worked on pictures and got my last order done before christmas. I almost missed picking lane up on time because I was working on pictures! we went and got the boys and I decided we were in for the day!!! I have a coat but it is getting too small so i really only have sweatshirts to wear.

cade was ready to play nintendo. I have been having to tell him to get off or if he is good then he can play it. I scanned in lots of pictures of chads side of the family. i still need to crop them all but at least I got them scanned. lee jay really wanted hamburger stew for supper so that is what i made. chad also fried up a few things of pheasant. The boys really like it so i didn't eat any. which was ok because i really just wanted the stew and crackers.

Tonight - Lee jay has been downloading programs on my laptop for me. I told cade no more nintendo or tv for the night. so they got their geo trax out. cade had a lot of fun. Michelle Lackey came over with a present. it had lots of cool goodies in it!! It was so sweet of her. the boys jumped in the shower and decided they wanted to color a few pages in the coloring books that will and michelle got them. they enjoyed that. after the boys were down we ate ice cream. : ) chad is already in bed and i'm getting there! i'm pretty tired. oh i got a call today from a lady that wants to have pictures done this week!! I need to call her. i think it will be fine but dang. don't get me wrong i'm glad that i'm getting lots of clients but at 8mths pregnant and just seems like i'm always going. I will call her tomorrow. did i mention i have really enjoyed lee jay being around!! i love my baby brother!! better start signing off this thing.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow I'm behind!! I don't even know where to start!!

Thursday...Mdo day. the boys had fun. Lane had some new sores on his face. I think he got into it with a motorcyle wheel and brysons had with a musical toy (accident) but he still had fun. I don't really remember what else happend. Oh calley brought me a maternity belt to help with the huge pains I have been having.

Friday...Took Cade to school, and let lane sleep in. Came home don't really remember what I did during the day. Cade was proud when I picked him up from school. His speech teacher said he is doing very well! We came home and I did a few things around the house and sat down for a little while. I wore my belt all day long and it helped so much. i did take it off for a little while because I needed a breather. Around 4 I got my candy boxes together and started peeling potatoes for our friend christmas party. Chad went pheasant hunting with his dad and had a lot of fun. We all went over to the sassins and ate lots of awesome food! It is always a great time hanging out.

Saturday...Lee jay got here around 8:30 a.m. I made a big breakfast with chocolate gravy, white gravy, biscuits, eggs, and sausage. After breakfast the boys opened christmas presents from Uncle lee, Caci and from yaya and gary. They got a lot of stuff. cade got ben ten shoes (which he has wanted so bad), ben ten battleship thing, and a jumpsuit. Lane got a mega city car thing, cars, and a jumpsuit. From yaya they got (cade a nintendo and Lane an espn tee ball thing). They loved there presents. Uncle lee found a cheap tv to go in the boys room so we can keep the nintendo set up and also he is letting us BORROW his games. : ) They have really enjoyed their new stuff. We went to walmart and picked up some pizza for lunch. we vegged and took it easy. We went and ate supper at cacktus jacks and then went by braums. when we got home we ate ice cream brushed teeth and watched a movie.

Sunday...We had a easy morning. Everyone woke up around 8:30 and it was all peaceful. First thing cade wanted to do was play nintendo. I warmed up gravy made fresh biscuits for breakfast. I took a shower and got ready for the day. Lee, boys and I ran to walmart to buy a laptop - turns out they didn't have any in stock and the guy helping us was a jerk. we dropped boys off and lee and i went to lumber mart to get some thin set for chad to lay some tile. we ate lunch, i helped chad lay some tile, boys played. I called liberals walmart and they had the laptop I wanted. So around 5 p.m. lee and i ventured to liberal. We got my new laptop (which I'm using right now) and went and ate at vargas restaurant. It is so good to have my brother here!!

The boys are in bed, chad and lee are watching a movie, I'm typing and fixing to do a little laundry. Tomorrow I need to get some pictures ready for order, go by walmart and get some groceries!! Lee has a request on a meal. : ) I better go since it is getting so late!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

COLD AND SNOWY TUESDAY...We woke up to snow!! which meant dang do i really have to go to walmart!! : ) I dropped the boys off at school. Lane has been having a tough time this week. He has been hestitant in going to school. Monday he cried, tuesday and today he just kind of went in slowly. After I dropped the boys off I went to walmart. I need too! We were running out of food. I got home and chad helped me unload. he kept telling me to be careful! Because it was icy too. I put the groceries away, got a picture order sent. It was time to go get the boys so then we got home. They were really excited because I got hot chocolate and special cups to put it in (gigi got them started on it, ever since that is all they talk about!) I made them hot chocolate, did the checkbook, fixed lunch. After lunch the boys wanted to go outside. So I bundled them up and here they are.

Cade was really excited to get out there and do a snow angel!!
And of course brother had to follow big brothers footsteps!
They had so much fun. Cade did start acting like his daddy! Poor Lane came to the door at one time with snow all in his face!! The boys came in and Lane and I took a nap. I have been so tired lately! After I woke up, Cade went back outside. It was about 4 so I got up and started supper. I did a huge pot of chili and we had chili frito pie!! YUMMY!!! After supper I made some fudge and the boys hopped in the shower. We got the boys to bed after a few games of wii with daddy. Then i started picking up. I folded some laundry and found out I have 2 new loads of laundry to do. wahoo. I also got picture ideas ready for my photo shoot today. When I got done I sat down with chad for a little bit. I have been doing a lot of sitting down lately. My body is telling me that is what I need to do.
This morning it was freezing!! 14 degrees and ICY!! The roads weren't bad it was just walking up to the school. Cade held my hand for a little bit and thought he was so big and let go. As soon as he did - BOOM! It was funny, especially since it didn't hurt him. Lane wanted me to carry him to class. So I did, his school wasn't bad because I could cut through the snow. I made us all hot chocolate this morning so I enjoyed mine after getting in and out of the car. I would like some more but don't want to wire this baby up. I have been trying to make chad cappacino every morning with breakfast. If we just have cereal I don't fix it but if there is something else I try to fix it for him. The boys LOVE taking it to him in the morning. It is just so dang cold in the garage - I wish we could figure something out for him. We need a big fat heater out there!! If anyone has any ideas let me know!! Like I said earlier I have a photo shoot today at 6. I hope it goes smoothly. It is a family of 6. I had one for tomorrow but it got cancelled due to the mom having a baby. I'm excited to have a little break after today. Friday we are having our friend christmas party. I'm excited to be around everyone. I get to see the girls a little bit but never get to spend time with the guys. It is going to be nice just being around everyone - even with a crud load of kids. : ) My brother is coming on SATURDAY! i don't know who is more excited me or the boys. Cade asks me every morning - Uncle lee coming today. I am getting tired of hearing that. : )
I need to start one more candy so I can finish it today. I'm excited to put it all together. I'm also excited for after lunch when lane and i can take a nap!!! : ) Better get started on my peanut butter balls, fold some laundry and maybe start a new load. I do need to vaccum and sweep the living room. As long as we keep the house clean it will be all ready for tonights clients. : )
Here is a picture of the boys and daddy making pizza. Seemed like they had a lot of fun, and it was really good!!

Lane enjoying fett. alfredo!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

MONDAY...Man was I tired!! I got up and took the boys to school. I drove to liberal for my doctors appt. I was so tired and a little nervous of falling asleep but i got there safe and back safe. My appointment went well. I weighed too much : ), babies heartbeat was 156, measurements all good. I starte going every two weeks!!! I really can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone!

I got back in town just in time to pick the boys up. As soon as I got home I went straight to my bed a fell asleep for about 30 minutes! I was so tired! When I woke up I made lunch, cleaned up lunch and then the boys and I made some of the christmas candy. I plan on doing some more tomorrow. Hopefully all of it, so I don't have to worry about it. By the time I got all that cleaned up it was 4:45 - I sat down for a little bit. I could feel some swelling in my feet so I knew I needed to put my feet up. I got up and picked up a little and then went to bunco.

bunco was fun as usual! I'm so glad that i get to hang out with a good group of women!! I did pretty awesome tonight! I got a bunco gift and had the most monte carlos (heidi got the prize because I got a gift). I was pretty excited. There was awesome food. Robin Oblander made chicken salad - it was AWESOME!! After bunco we did an ornament exchange - that was fun.

I got home around 9:30 and everyone is asleep!! It is now 11:10 p.m. and I'm trying to upload the last picture order to send!! Well i will have another one but i need to place an order for the group that got pics done a little bit earlier.

I'm also uploading pictures to my myspace (photography) to get that updated. if i can keep myspace from locking up on me.

I really need to get done and go to bed. My throat has been hurting all day, and i'm so tired. Need to get some rest so I don't get sick!! can't have that!! : )

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ok, so right after I posted for the night I checked my email. My client emailed me back and all worries are now over!! wahoo!!!
Today was a good day! After i took a shower we all cleaned the house. It was so nice to have help and have it done really fast. The boys do great - especially Lane. Lane's new thing is to unload the dishwasher. I LOVE IT! And he does such a great job! After the house was clean all the boys left while I waited for my clients to arrive. They were waiting for their daughter to wake up from her nap(which i was willing to wait, because you want a happy baby!). They showed up around 1:30 and we took the pictures. I think they turned out pretty good. Now it is just the anticipation of knowing if they like them or not.

the boys went to rick and glennas and then went to their "secret clubhouse". They got home when my clients were leaving. After they ate lunch we went out. We took the boys to the park to ride bikes. chad and i got some quality time and got to enjoy watching the boys. After the park they showed me the clubhouse (they built it when i went to the craft fair and it is still there). It is a pretty cool little spot. And it is special because it is dad and boys thing. The boys were so excited to show me! Then we walked around for a little bit. After that we drove around the animal reserve and got to see buffalo, deer, longhorns, and elk. I think we all enjoyed that. then chad got his deer fever so we went driving around to see if we could see any deer. When we got home the boys fell asleep. we woke them up and they jumped in the shower while i fixed supper. We ate, boys played, i cleaned, fixed pictures, and chad watched tv. I just got done with the pictures and have sent them to my clients. She emailed me saying she got them and that was it. so either she was fixing to look at them, or she has and lots of things are going through my mind! : )

the baby moves a lot and i can def. tell he is getting big!! I have a dr. appt. tomorrow. After this one we go every two weeks!! wow!!

Chad and I got the christmas cards done. Now we have to order them!! i really like it!

I better go to bed. I have to wake up early and get ready since i have to leave for my appt. right after i drop off the boys.
I don't think I did much on thursday! Which was much needed. I did take the sassin's christmas pictures. I got the pictures all done.

Friday...I had lots of pictures to take this evening. The day was pretty bland. Nothing exciting - except cade is doing awesome on making letter sounds. He is trying really hard and I'm SOOO proud of him!! His teacher is awesome! She has had two sessions with him and has talked to be after each one! I love that.

Friday evening I took the mulls, furnish and Seabaughs christmas pictures. Finished them and got them on cds. Then we vegged.

Saturday...wasn't a good day for the most part. I was sad - disappointed in my lighting equipment that I just got!! Heidi and I went and registered at klassy kids, i ran the cds by everyones house (except seabaughs they came by a little later on friday and picked it up) and Cade and i went by walmart. we had to get some wrapping paper.

I came home and layed down on the couch - chad went and got lunch for us. After lunch I fell asleep on him. When I woke up I started on doing the boys christmas pictures. They played outside for awhile and had a blast. They came in excited to take pictures. we took pictures and chad left to go watch the game with the guys. so we left to go by and give zaine his present. the boys had a blast playing. we stayed over there for a few hours, i made a taco bell run, we got home ate supper and watched a movie. the boys fell asleep pretty quick. I stayed up and enjoyed the peace and quiet and watched WHATEVER i wanted on tv. Guess what it wasn't football or cartoons!!!! Chad came home and we talked a little bit and went to bed.

Sunday... Today I have family pictures to take. I need to pick up and get my head ready for that. The little girl is 1 which is sometimes the hardest to take pictures - because they run all over the place. I'm hoping we can stick her in a bucket!! : ) This is there first pictures so her mom is up for anything. I do have pictures on tuesday and thursday. Staying busy just hope my lighting is fine so I don't disappoint anyone - especially those who are clients!!

I better go and get ready for the day!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

i went to my meeting last night and had a great time! i ate waaaaayyyyy too much!! They had made fajitas - mmmmmm!! We did an ornament exchange and it was fun. I felt bad mine was cute but all the others were fancy including the wrapping job!! When I got home the boys were asleep in the living room. I did have to pick up a little (they made homemade pizza for supper). I also started laundry and got two loads on the couch ready to hang!! We went to bed around 10 and I wrote in the baby book a little.

Today is MDO (mothers day out)! Lane loves going. We dropped cade off and then came back home to fix lunches and wait until they opened. I got a phone call from the lady I just took her pictures and she already gave me her order! I dropped Lane off and went to my orthodontist appointment. I can't find the tylenol around this house!! it isn't hurting too bad right now. I came home worked on the picture order, went and got cade, dropped him off at mdo, came home and am uploading and going to get the order ready to press send. wahoo!! i don't know what else to do today. i need to figure out how we are going to take our family pictures!! i need to get the christmas cards done!! i have been on top of everything but that! did i mention christmas presents are done!! just waiting for a lot of packages to arrive! : ) well i better go and eat some lunch!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Tree:

Baby boy #3 oranment

Family ornament 08

ornaments we did today (more to read at bottom)


Cade -seashell (lane did one too)

Cades (puff balls and googly eyes)



Tuesday night...I took pictures of a new client. I'm always nervous when someone comes over and I don't know who they are. It is suprising when they come over and you know who they are!! I can't think of her maiden name but she has always been sweet and still is!! I worked on the pictures all night and got them done and sent to her! Wahoo!! I also got 2 orders ready to send! I went to bed pretty late but feel caught up. I hate getting behind on photography. Yesterday we went by the sassins (the boys and I) to drop off some stuffed animals I borrowed for pictures. The boys wanted to stay so we stayed for about 30 minutes.

Wednesday... MAN IS IT COLD!!!!!!! The wind just makes the cold stab you!! We did the whole school thing and came home ate lunch. I got a picture package in so the rest of the day was getting all that situated. One of them was a HUGE order!! I got them all done. I finally got the baby collage (that i have been working on forever) to look awesome, so I took it to its owner. : ) After that cade and i went to walmart to pick up a few pictures to finish up the orders. When we got home we decorated ornanments. Calley stopped by to show me the baby shower invitations! They are great! She did an awesome job! The boys and I finished the ornaments then I started cleaning up. Now all three boys are playing the wii!! They have been having some fun with that since we got the game back. Also Allyssa gave us another game that they didn't want. It is fun too!

I have the house picked up, need to fold laundry and i have sorority tonight. I'm excited to get out of the house for a little bit. we are doing an ornament exchange. the sad thing is, i have had mine so long I forgot what it looks like!! LOL!!

I better get a few things done before it is time to go. : )

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunday...Chad and i finished what we could on the tiling. he turned off the water to work on the pipes. It was in the morning and we didn't get water on until 6 p.m.!! Poor guy, he can do just about anything but sometimes it takes forever. : ) I don't really remember what else we did!

Monday...I had to go by walmart (just for a few things), go by insurance and get a card, go by tag agency renew tags, get boys. After I got home we layed on the couch. I fell asleep and the boys watched a movie. I have been hurting for a few days so I really needed to take it easy. I think it is because I'm carrying him so low. Chad wanted to go out to eat and since we don't see the sassin's much we invited them. It was nice! Tay is so darn cute!!

I met with Cades speech therapist to talk about his test results. He is below average on sounds and length of sentences. He qualifies for speech therapy so we signed him up.

Tuesday...I dropped boys off and came home. I work on Lily's christmas pictures and got those done!! Calley called and said Walls had some baby stuff so i met her up there. I got quite a bit of stuff. I'm glad she called. Heidi showed up to get some stuff too. I was a little late getting lane but not by much. Then we went and got cade. I talked to his speech therapist and she told me what to practice with him. Cade had a fun time and his starting to say G's! He has a long road ahead of him so we are going to work with him a little and not push it on him. When I got home I finished up Lilys pictures and fixed lunch. We all got to eat together. That is one of the reason that I love chad working from home. We didn't get to do that very often in arkansas. Chad talked to the boys about school. Cade is learning about pets so chad told him all the pets he had when he was kid.