Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I don't remember much about last week. Chad started on the kitchen so it has been a chore just to figure out how to live without it. : ) The boys and I took a rode trip to wichita this weekend.
Mamaw and Jude
Chad stayed behind to get the kitchen ready to install cabinets. My cousin got married in florida and was having a reception. We drove up there on thursday and Jude did not like the trip!! He cried for about 3 1/2 hours. I did stop at a park to feed him while I watched the boys play on the playground. Then we stopped and ate at McDonalds. Jude fell asleep and we hurried to the car to try and get some peace while driving. : ) The visit was really nice. I love spending time with family. My sister came on friday night with Lily. It was nice to spend time with mamaw and sally. The reception was out at my aunts house.
Aunt Lenita and Sally
It went really well. It was super hot though! My aunt rented a moonwalk so the kids were on that all day long. We left around midnight to go back to mamaws house. When we got to mamaws she was wide awake and wanting to talk. : ) Sally and I took showers and visited with mamaw until 2 a.m.

On Wednesday night sally calls and tells me that she just got off the phone with my aunt and that my great uncle from california - Uncle Dean - was going to be there! It was a suprise for my cousin. I was so excited!!!!! We don't get to see him much so I was happy that I was going to be able to make it when he was close. I know it was a suprise for Alvin but it was just as special for everyone else. : ) I LOVE YOU UNCLE DEAN!!!

Me and Uncle Dean (it was really humid and hot so my hair looks like dog poop!)

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast - chocolate gravy was of course part of that meal.
the kids and mamaw fixing chocolate gravy

I in the afternoon and got home around 7:30. The boys made chad a few things for fathers day. Cade made him a book and lane painted a car and of course they made him cards. They also made a card for grandpa was we went over there for a little bit. They just got back from utah and man were there pictures awesome!!

Chad got the kitchen ready to hang cabinets and last night (monday) I helped him hang up the top ones. WAHOOO!!!

i have been really busy lately - trying to get caught up on the house stuff - which am doing pretty good, and trying to get pictures done. I'm getting several people wanting to take pictures and not very many weekends to do it. Lots of things planned. : ) well i better get off here. All three boys are sleeping - very rare statement!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a week. Chad left on Monday and drove to arkansas. He worked from the office for the week. When he got there he realized he forgot his hanging clothes!! AGAIN!! He did that when we took a trip to OKC. LOL! He seemed to have a good time but he was ready to get home.

Calley, Josh and taylor came over on Monday and Wednesday and watched the boys for an hour so I could go excercise. It was so sweet of them to do that for me!! To top it off the trash was taken out and dishes were done!!So sweet!! Thank you guys!! They said Jude clung to Josh.

We continued our routine to park and eat at the school. The boys seem to be enjoying that. Thursday they went to MDO. Heidi came by and picked them up. Jude and I went and got my hair done. I have been wanting to get it done for awhile now. So I thought why not. Lets see what happens. Jude did really good. It was not stressful at all. I was going to get my toes done too but they place didn't have any openings. I went and picked up the boys. we went and got snowcones, dropped something off at Glennas and then went to walmart to return a shirt. When we got there I asked the boys if they wanted to get their haircut. They both needed one, but lane was so shaggy. Chad has been meaning to cut it but he stays pretty busy with the kitchen. : ) so I reeled them in but offering a prize and they got to pick the prize. I told them the things they could pick from (under a dollar!). They ate it up and got their haircuts!! : )

Taken this morning so his hair isn't fixed. But he looks so cute!

We came home and fed Jude and then we went for a walk/boys rode bikes. Calley met us up there. Lane got really tired and fell off his bike a few times so he was ready to go home before i wanted to be done but at least I got some kind of workout in. I wore Jude so that helped with the intensity.

Chad got home on friday - we were really happy to see him. I got to go to girls night out (only for an hour, they were going to the show and it just didn't work out with jude for me to go).

Saturday - start on the kitchen again. We got a late start. Jude and I slept until 10!!! Chad tore down the big cabinet which also has the oven in it. I told him to go ahead and do that so he could do all the patch jobs that will need to be done. He started sheetrocking the holes. The boys played outside, and I tried to get pictures done. Jude did not sleep all day. everytime i would lay him down he would wake up!! Supper we did pizza. After supper I fed Jude and we decided to do cereal for him. so i pumped to mix it with his cereal. Oh when i went to pump - I turned on the pump and a spider almost got on my finger!!! yuck! Anyway chad saved the day. We were all excited to feed jude cereal. Even though it was pretty much breastmilk in a spoon. : ) He seemed to enjoy it.

I also sprayed bugspray in every room but Judes and chads bathroom. I need to do that today. I'm so tired of bugs!!! I'm so tired of the spiders!!!

I'm also going to mow the lawn today so I can spray outside around the house.

Some Jude Pictures

He has gotten to be a pro at flippin. This is his favorite way to sleep!! So DARN CUTE!!

The next pictues are from this morning. He has gotten so strong with his neck. He is no longer a newborn. : ( : ) bittersweet! he loves to play!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This one is Jude and his trick of stretching. He has done the "superman" stretch since we got home from the hospital. He loves to stretch it out. It is funny because all i had to do to get him to stretch is raise his arms and say "stretch it out". He doesn't do it as much as he use to. it is def. a memory I would love to remember.

Cades preschool graduation video

Cades preschool graduation

here is a video from about a month ago. I caught the boys playing in the bathtub.

Here is a video I took of Jude today. He weighs 12 lbs 8.5 oz and is 24 1/2 inches long. Actually I think he is a little longer. : )

This video was last week. He rolled over for me. I don't know why the quality is so bad. I'm learning the whole process of getting the video from camera to computer to you tube. Bare with me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Baby is 4 months old today!!! Can you believe that it has already been 4 months! He is getting so big!!! We are going to the doctor tomorrow and will post how much he weighs. He is starting to get chubby. : ) I love it!
He loves sucking on his hand. He will not take a pacifier or a bottle. Chad still needs to work with him on that.

He blows rasberries all the time. He can roll over. Oh and he is more vocal. : )

He is so handsome!!!
I love you my bubs!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuesday Cade helped make a dessert! He loves whip cream!!
Wednesday ..Happy anniversary to me and chad! We have been married for 9 years now!! We didn't have anything planned. Our gifts is our new tv that we got the other weekend.

Steppin up in this world!!

my mom also had her radioactive iodine thing done for her thyroid. The whole procedure was really fast. I really don't know how she is doing now. I have tried to call her but no answer. The doctor had said that she would prob. feel really sick the day after, i heard that she was. Lee talked to her the other day and said she sounded really good. I hope to talk to her soon.

I had my ortho appt. on thursday. i was hoping to get rid of wearing rubber bands - nope! they are even right up front so they are easily seen! : ( oh well gotta do what i gotta do! My doctor said that I should have my braces off by christmas! Lets hope!!

I also decided on a fast decision trip to go to my sisters. Rick had called chad thursday morning and asked if he wanted to go camping last weekend so i said I'm going to my sisters. : ) It was my first trip with all three boys by myself. It wasn't so bad. The ride there was great. We had to stop and hour outside of ponca so i could feed my little man. The boys were awesome during that stop! When we got to Sally's, Uncle Jerry was waiting. I think he was pretty excited to meet Jude. I think he held him most of our visit. Lee Jay and Caci came to ponca to see us. It was their first time to meet Jude too. I'm glad I got to see them. I have missed my family! The kids had a blast -water balloons, sprinkler, bubbles, squirt guns, and uncle lee!! We had a great time and the boys were awesome except for going to sleep at night! : ) but that is understandable. Jude did really well. He pretty much slept with me. The ride home was total opposite of the ride there. Jude cried the majority of the time! It was a long trip back home. When we got home chad was already home from camping. He and Rick had a great time. Chad has really enjoyed being able to do stuff with his dad.

Lane 3 1/2 years, Lily 2 1/2 years, Jude 3 1/2 mths, Cade 5 1/2 years
My Handsome boys
Uncle Lee and his 5th nephew!!
Yeah water balloons - check out Aunt sally in the next one!!

Monday...The start of vacation bible school at the lutheran church. We got up and I took them to vbs. I was really excited for them. They had a great week. They really enjoyed going and Lane could even tell me some stories they learned about!! Everyday after VBS (except on thursday) a bunch of us met up at the school and the kids ate lunch. They have really enjoyed that and I don't have to worry about what I'm going to feed them or the clean up!! Thursday was Mdo so after VBS the kids went there.
The boys also started a library reading program on Mondays. The first Monday was a horrible day for me. The lunch room was loud with the sound of 50 million kids and then I took the boys to the reading program it is held at a building at the rodeo grounds. It was chaos!! I stayed because I didn't feel comfortable leaving the boys. Needless to say that was so hard on my nerves. By that evening I was numb. I told chad that I might just have a break down. I never did but man it was a hard day.

Thursday I had a dentist appt. Everything looked good. There is a couple of things that need to be fixed but can't until my braces are off. Which I already knew that.

Friday... Calley has been wanting to watch all 3 boys so chad and I could go on a date. It had been since the beginning of Jan. since our last date, and calley watched them then!! So we took her up on it. Chad and I went to naifehs and used some of my gift card I got in december. The food was really good. Afterwards we went to walmart. It was really windy outside so we couldn't go for a walk. We walked around walmart and calley called. Jude was ready for me. : ) We showed up and she had him calmed down. I guess he had a hard time. Calley said he cried for about 20 minutes after I left and she finally got him to sleep for an hour. She still wants to watch him though. :) When we were loading up in the car Cade said "dad how was your date?" It was so funny because he sounded like a buddy. :)
Finally got the exercauser out on Friday - Judes new favorite thing!!! WAHOO! Getting some chubbiness!!!

Saturday...The boys went with grandpa and gigi to go fishing. They were so excited!! I had pictures in a backyard I didn't know. I was a little nervous because of that and the wind. When I showed up the little girl was not in a good mood. We finally got her to have fun and got some cute pictures. Chad got started on taking down the cabinets! He had already had the floor done. So when I got home I started putting things in boxes. Oh man!! He worked all day and got the top cabinets out. We went and got the boys around 6 pm. While the boys were at rick and glennas cade stepped on some insect with a stinger! His poor foot is still swollen. I have been watching it to make sure everything is ok. I have been giving him benadryl and tonight before bed I put some cortisone on it. When we got home from dropping them off chad jumped in the shower to go to poker night and I ordered pizza. Hey you should have seen the kitchen!! I cleaned up the kitchen while waiting on the pizza to get done. I stayed up late cleaning and organizing. I finally got some stuff done in the laundry room!! I actually didn't get to bed until chad came home which was around 1:30a.m.

What a MESS!!! All I kept saying to myself and chad saying to me was "new kitchen, new kitchen, new kitchen..."

Sunday... I had another photo shoot. This time it was in rick and glenna's backyard. It was of 2 kids. It was a lazy day when I got home. No major things happend. i did go do my grocery shopping and chad and big boys went and flew kites.
Monday...We (calley, heidi and I) have decided to do park in the morning and then go to lunch at the school. We are trying to keep the kids busy. So today we went to the park, went and ate, we came home - I ate and fed jude, took boys to library reading program. It was so much better today. The boys didn't want me to leave so I stayed there with them. We handed in their folder with books they have read this week. The kids get "money" to get stuff from the programs "store". So Cade has been wanting to read books everytime I turn around. It has been some special time though. : ) They both got some stuff from the "store". After the program we went to walmart. I forgot a few things so we went to go get them. When we got home I got busy cleaning up a little. Josh, Calley and taylor came over to watch the boys for me while i went and workout. : ) how sweet is that!!! Not only did they come over here but calley did my dishes and josh took out the trash!! I say come over more. : ) LOL!! Thanks guys - your the best!! We got some 3D chalk at walmart - that was cool. The boys talked calley into letting them do it. I fixed supper and got some pictures ready to order. The boys went to bed late but that is ok. We were just taking it easy. Oh I made a dessert tonight. YUMMY!! i better get off here and wake up jude to feed him. : )

The boys have been really sweet by saying thank you mom for making my lunch, or thank you dad for taking us to fly kites.