Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday...i got the boys to mdo and got home. wasn't long the mail came and yeah my pictures came in!!! Chad was on lunch so we had to run back to walmart (the medicine i got for chad had been opened) and then i had to drop him back at work. I went to taco bell and got us lunch. i had a fun conversation with my sister. : ) i came home ate, fed jude, and started getting orders ready to go out. i went and got the boys and promised them the day before that we would get snowcones. they were pretty excited. we came home and i finished getting pictures ready to go out. Emailed my clients to let them know. One of them picked the pictures up around 5 so that i excellent. the boys got ready for bed. they have been really good. I stayed up finishing up some stuff. I finally got papers filed!!!! I got shutterfly pictures started (i send out pictures every month on shutterfly to share with family and friends), took a shower, fed jude, pumped and went to bed around 1:30 a.m. I started Jude off in his bed but the next feeding i brought him to bed and fed him whenever.

Friday...woke up and cade got ready for school. lane is use to staying home on fridays while i take cade to school. i did have to explain to him that he couldn't stay but could wear his pjs. : ) we got home and i eventually got ready for the day. we went and got cade and ran some errands. I told them if they were good for me during the errands they could have mcdonalds. We went to the bank, post office, shirt place (lanes lil bro shirt was peeling off). the boys were really good!!! so i got them mcd's. I was proud of myself because i didn't order anything for me. instead i got home and had a healthy, low calorie meal! I finished posting shutterfly pictures and sent them out, got a picture order ready to order. lane has been saving his money and wanted to get a toy from walmart. so we loaded up in the car to walmart. they didn't have what he wanted so instead he got a big bouncy ball which was only a few dollars. They have been super good today so we went and got snowcones. they already knew what they wanted. : ) cade said when we were leaving "tomorrow I'm going to get fireball!". And the snowcone addiction begins!!! : ) We came home, i fed jude, the boys changed into swimming trunks and we headed to the sassins. Today is baby tay's 2nd bday. The party was really fun. The boys had a great time, and i love being around everyone. Calley was creative and made a cow and horse cakes. taylor is into cows right now so it was cow/country theme (cute). We stayed for awhile, were the last ones to leave. it is hard to leave, of course jude was ready to go to sleep and the boys were wrestling so it was easier to get home tonight. : ) we got home, i gave them a bath and wiped jude down with a soapy washcloth, dressed jude, gave boys a bowl of cereal, brushed teeth, boys went to bed and jude finally went to sleep. man am i tired!! i took a shower and now ready to go to sleep. jude will prob. be waking up soon to eat but i'm not staying up to wait. who knows when it will actually be!!

thankful for ... great friends, loving family, my three baby boys, loving husband, the roof over my head, reliable car, a moody kitty, food in the cabinets, bed to sleep in, loving God, - oh the list goes on!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday... Man was I busy!! I ran errands, caught up on pictures and orders, bills!! Glad to get that all done.

Tuesday...I went to the store and decided we were having a family clean evening. Turns out it was a Cade and Momma clean evening. Lane fell asleep and daddy used jude as an excuse. well he went and looked for heidi's dog (one of the boys opened their gate) then lifted weights. he did clean his bathroom when he got home. We went to Brysons and played for a long time today. I took my laptop to get kambree' pictures done. I did!! here are some of my favs.

i made supper and lane konked out at 6! they played hard!!! Heidi made a yummy snack for us. jude slept for 5 hrs!!!!
Wed...When lane woke up i gave him a bath and we had a good morning getting ready for school. jude was so tired today. I took jude to go get his shots. :( he screamed when she was giving it to him. he stopped when she was done,had no tears and even smiled at me. i picked the boys up from school and they were in great moods. i invited bryson over to do water balloons. they were so excited, we waited for rylee to wake up from her nap. the boys just took it easy. jude has pretty much slept all day. he only played for alittle bit. :( poor baby!!! bryson finally made it. :) They had so much fun! i loved watching them and hearing the excitement.

I made supper and the boys got in the bath. they were down by 7:30!! i decided to see how jude would do with a bottle. Chad was hesitant to do it. but i explained to him it is just one bottle we aren't going to do it every night. he really needs to get introduced so i can have somewhat of a life. i really want to start working out at the YMCA so this is a chance for me to do that. He said ok, i just don't want anything to mess up you breastfeeding. You worked so hard to do it. i told him it would be ok. so here is chads first time to feed him and judes first time with a bottle.
jude did awesome. and yes i teared up but then chad distracted me. I was pumping at the same time. Jude ate 3 oz and I pumped 5 oz!
We took this picture the other day. it was in between feedings. don't you just love his smile?

Thursday... Well we got up and i took cade to school. Another great morning!! today is mdo so i'm trying to get jude fed to get lane there. then i'm going to walmart and then get cade. My pictures should come in today. So i have that and i need to file our bills away (get them off the table!!) chad hasn't been feeling very good. his allergies are bad. have been since we left for okc. he is going to be leaving with his dad today. hope he doesn't over do it! better get going!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We finally went on a family vacation. We wanted to do something fun and just spend time with eachother. We went to Oklahoma City and stayed downtown. But on the way to OKC chad realizes he left his hanging clothes on the bed. So he only had what he had on!! I did pack his underwear and socks so he at least had those. When we got into town on Wednesday we hung out at the hotel (that didn't have an inside pool!!) until Genea got off work. Zac, Genea, Aiden and my group walked to bricktown and ate at the spaghetti warehouse. It was a really great visit. After we ate we took the boys to the park. They had a ball. Cade did the monkey bars all by himself!! He amazed me! He also fell from the monkey bars and messed up his face a little. They all seemed to have fun, but it was time to go back to the hotel. My boys were getting fussy and kept getting hurt - man were they winey!!! Zac looked really good, better than what I was expecting. At the end of the night you could tell he had enough. : ) He was just so tired. I'm so glad we got to hook up with them!!!

Thursday we decided to go to the zoo. The weather was going to be the nicest. I was pretty excited to see the elephants. When we went to the tulsa zoo they didn't have any. So we got to where the elephants should be and the sign said that they were in tulsa!!! Oh well. I really like the night animals and of course the monkeys. The orangatan was showing off for us. I really like looking at all the animals but the orangatan and the gorillas just had a sad look on their face. : ( poor little guys.

Lane assured me that this turtle wasnt real and it couldn't bite him. I would say lanes favorite animal was the bear.
Amazed by the baby monkey (cade's age) he was so cute!!

Cade had to get on every statue and get his picture taken! Cade says his favorite was the rhino

Leaving the zoo - Chad and his kangroo pouch. LOL!! It was a perfect day for the zoo. Not very hot. We did miss out on some of the animals and the dinosaur exhibit. I KNOW!! they didn't have very good signs on where the exhibit was and it was time to go when the boys (lane) got really fussy. After the zoo we decided to go eat at ted's (mexican). we got directions to one close to our hotel. the thing is on the way back from the zoo chad missed his exit so we thought we could get there another way - and hour and a half later we were finally eating!! LOL!! YUMMMY!!! We were enjoying our meal and cade dropped his corndog! oh man things went down hill from there. he through a fit!! I MEAN A FIT!! Chad had to take him to the car. it was embarrasing and ridiculus. we were thinking about taking him to sonic and getting him a corndog but then the fit came and NOPE! After ted's we went to the mall. Chad really needed to find a shirt!! LOL! i didn't find anything and chad found 1 shirt. The boys werent so good, running all over the place!! we went old navy. Chad and the boys went in while i fed jude. I could tell chad wasn't finding anything there. When they walked out lane darted to the road and almost got hit by a car!! That kid just does not listen - you can spank, be calm and explain still he doesn't understand! Chad got in the car and cade and i ran into old navy - couldn't seem to break down a buy few shirts and pants for me. i did get some new flip flops. we then went to babies r us and got some things for jude with a gift card he received. We got him a bumbo and swimming trunks with a hat to match. We went back to the hotel pretty frustrated with the boys and thinking we might not like this family trip stuff. LOL!!!

The boys loved unlocking the door. We had to take turns doing it.
Friday we decided we would go to the science museum and incredible pizza. When we got to the museum i figured there is no way we can make it to IP for lunch. When we got to the museum, paid and inside we noticed all the kids!! there were tons of kids running all over (field trips). Lane was pretty overwhelmed at first. cade was ready to do things but there were kids just being rude! just keeping reading it gets better. : )

Astro Cade

Cades favorite thing the echo tube

We decided to go into the shipwreck room, i figured there wouldn't be as many kids since you have to pay more. I was right!
Lane in the hurricane tube. he got out before it was done!

Cades turn. he stayed in it the whole time.

I was excited to show cade the stering wheel of a boat. see the kid in the back, cade finally got in and this kid booted him away!!! ggrrrrrrr! i was pretty fed up with the rude kids and cranky lane. but it was time for the movie so we got some popcorn and went to it. It was cute and i got to feed jude. Lane was happy since he got popcorn.

After the show lane was a totally different kid. In a better mood and all the schools had left!!! we had such a great time!!!!

the big fish tank was one of lanes favorite things. he just kept looking.

This fish reminded me of lane. i had to take a picture of it!! LOL!!!

jude taking a nap!

the mirror maze was so much fun. the boys really loved this! i don't know how many times they went through it!!

We finished looking at most of the stuff and decided it was time for the big tree house!!!

all my boys fixing to chunk balls down.

After the museum chad and decided not to do incredible pizza. we spent enough money at the museum and the boys burned some energy and had a blast. We of course didn't mention anything to the boys. We left the museum and went back to the hotel. we walked to bricktown and ate at zio's. yummy!! they had a great deal. we got 2 big bowls of spaghetti and meatballs, and fett. alfredo with chicken for $20! we all enjoyed it. the sad part was that there were a lot leftover and we couldn't take it with us!! it would have lasted another meal!! : ( we went to the park and played for a little bit. cade was wanting to do more of the monkey bars and lane enjoyed the firemans pole. we didn't stay long because it was windy and cold. we walked back - the boys were so good!! We had to take turns at the corners pushing the walk buttons. Oh lane say the horses pulling carts and he was pretty excited. we went back to the hotel. I'm so glad we don't live in an apartment. i feel sorry for our neighbors - we are a loud family. we tried so hard to keep everyone quiet but you know. : )

we colored and watched tv. this is about the time cade realized we didn't go to incredible pizza. but he wasn't too upset.

happy jude!
we got up the next morning (saturday) and just took our time getting things together. We went and at a chili's and drove home. we check out a lake on the way that chad has been wanting to see. wasn't much but killed his curosity. i was glad to get home!! we all have stuffy noses, coughs.

Jude and his bumbo!

Here are some pictures that i took today of my 2 month old baby!!!

I have been trying to get picture orders ready and get pictures done!! chad left and said he would be back in a few hours ( it has been 6!) Lane just woke up from a nap and they are watching tv. just got jude down. : )
overall we had a good trip. the fussiness is just part of the age and i know i'm cracking down on things the next few weeks. cade keeps saying he wants to do it again. but chad and i are thinking not anytime soon!! : )

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jude 2 months

Jude had his two month appt. today. He weighs 10lbs 10 oz and is 23 inches long. : ) He is growing too fast. He is already getting to long for his 0 - 3 mths stuff. He was suppose to get shots today but I scheduled it for next week since we are going out of town today. I didn't want him to feel yucky the whole trip. The doctor agreed. : ) Just wanted to update you on my baby boy!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday... I was awoke by some footsteps coming into my room. Cade wispers "momma the easter bunny is here." LOL!! I got up and walked with the boys in the living room. Lane turned on the lights and the first thing they saw was Judes easter stuff. they were so amazed how jude got one. I had to finally say "what did you guys get". LOL! Cade had left out cupcake and milk for the easter bunny, so he checked to see if he ate it. He was excited to see that it was all gone. Lane said mom the easter bunny ate his cupcake, but he didn't throw his trash away! LOL!! I made breakfast, cleaned up, hid easter eggs inside (rainy and cold), took pictures of the boys - since i hadn't done that yet, took a shower, made a special lunch, talked to the boys about the real reason of easter (had been talking to them all week about Jesus), cleaned up that, of course fed jude through the day, then it was time to go to rick and glennas. Glenna had an egg hunt planned for the kids. Glennas daughters and their kids were there. It was a good visit and i had a great time. the egg hunt was wet and cold but the boys enjoyed it. Glenna made chicken salad - YUM!! i have been wanting some for a long time now. : ) thanks glenna!! We came home and went to bed.

the boys were not very good today. we have been having problems with them obeying!!

Monday...I slept in and the boys were awesome!! They were awesome all day!! I did some laundry. heidi called and asked if we would go to the park. So we met them there and the boys got to play for awhile. Heidi needed to get back home so i told her i would bring bryson when they started getting tired. they did NOT want to go. : ) they were having a good time. I came home and chad and cade helped me make supper. : ) made me feel good. Chad took the riding lawn mower over to his dads and took cade and lane, so jude and i got some snuggle time. : ) i don't get to do that with him very often.

My mom went to the doctor to take one more test before they got rid of the thyroid, but when she got there they told her she had to wait 6weeks before they could do the test!!! REALLY!!! Last week they told her she would be getting the procedure done in 2 wks and that she would be better in 6 wks!! Makes me really mad!!! I'm wanting my mom to feel better NOW!!!!

Tuesday... Got up and took the boys to school. we were just a little late this morning. Heidi called when i got back and said she would go get the boys from school and take them back to her house. she fed them lunch and took them to the park. the boys said that calley and her crew were there too. they had such a great day and were so happy. lane took a nap not long after they got home. THANK YOU HEIDI!!! it was so nice! i did some laundry - for some reason we still had a lot to get ready for our family trip. I didn't do a whole lot except spend time with jude, relaxed, and went by walmart to get stuff for the trip. i really needed it. felt like how mdo use to feel like before i had to run all over the place. after chad got off work he started cleaning out the pilot. Man the boys are messy!! i went out and helped wipe it down. i came in took care of crying jude, made supper, we ate, chad came home and ate. The boys were still being good, they got in the tub and i got them in bed. Jude was really cranky. i could not get him to go to sleep and knew it wasn't time to nurse. I finally got him asleep and cade came in the room and woke him up, then the phone rang. when i finally laid him down he was awake like 5 minutes later. didn't get much done while chad was lifting. i fed jude and now we are all packed except for a few pairs of pants that are in the dryer. wahoo. i do need to try and wipe down the kitchen before we leave. i already took care of the kitty and we are good to go. it is 12:26 a.m.!! holy cow!!! i better get to bed. i know jude will be waking up soon!!!

what a beautiful day today!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

wow it has been a week since i have written on here.

Tuesday... I enrolled lane in preschool for next year. we are going to see how he does. i didn't want to but chad said what would it hurt - give him a chance. this is true so I enrolled him. chad watched all three boys while i went down there. it took about 1 and half hours to get it done. i met calley up there and we stood in line together. it was nice to visit with her and not to have to stand there by myself. : ) I came home and had to go back up there for sorority for an hour. chad had the afternoon off because he had to get up at 3 a.m. and work until 10:30 a.m. He took a nap and then took over the boys.

thursday... was mdo and it was windy!! i got my braces tightened! the soreness began : ( april 1st was 1 year since i got my braces on. : ) yeah!!! - about 10 more months! I dropped jude off at heidis while i went to my appointment (first time to leave him somewhere). i was nervous that he was going to be fussy. when i got there he was konked out. so i went and got cade and took him to mdo. when i got back to heidis jude was still konked out. he finally woke up and i came home and fed him. then i got to eat. i didn't get much done because it was time to go get the boys. calley had a pampered chef party that evening. it was nice to get out even though i took jude. calley and keidi took turns holding him. i love pampered chef!!! i'm having a party and hope people come.

Jude also turned 2 months old!! he is getting so big.

Friday...boys out of school, driving me crazy. they were so energetic! I wanted to sleep in but that didn't workout too well because the older boys kept fighting. oh well. we made carrot cake cupcakes and they got to decorate them, i made breakfast burritos to put in the freezer and some in the fridge - (for easy breakfast). heidi, bryson, and rylee came over for a little bit. they hadn't been over her in a while. i had a freak attack later on about the clutter and all boys not picking up there stuff!! they just expect me to do it and i can't keep up! i had an idea for supper but couldn't find the recipe so chad said lets go out to eat. fine with me as long as the boys were going to be good. i was in a funk before we went but got in a good mood. we had a nice dinner, food was good, boys were good. we decided to go by grandpa and gigi's house. it has been awhile since i have seen them. it was a great visit. i prob. talked glennas head off! sorry glenna. : ) we stayed until 10!! sorry again for staying so long.

Saturday...what a night. jude actually let me sleep for 3 hours at a time!!! holy cow!! he has been eating pretty fast too. i actually have time to do things right now. i hope he keeps it up. chad left this morning to go antler hunting. the rest of us slept in -very nice. i got up and got ready for the day. the nazarene church had an easter egg hunt so the boys and i got ready and went to that. i thought we were going to be late. we made it and played some games inside. we found heidi and bryson and hung out with them. the boys had fun. it was cold outside and the hunt didn't last very long - which was good. after the hunt we left, grabbed mcD's and came home. i worked on pictures (orders and collages). Chad got home. he got bored and took a nap, the boys played in the rain, and i fed jude and did pictures. I made supper - which was really good and cleaned up the kitchen. The boys colored eggs. they had soooooo much fun. lane talked non stop!! there were lots of oooohhhhss and aaahhhhsssss. the boys had fun playing with all the colors. they of course showed me everytime they pulled out and expected a "cool" "pretty" "awesome" "ooohh" or "aaahh" : ) i did take pictures just don't feel like downloading them. the boys got ready for bed and chad left (card night). lane went to sleep easy but cade stayed up for a little bit. he wasn't ready for bed. he kept saying he was afraid that there was going to be monsters in his dream. we called uncle lee to put some happy thoughts in his head but he didn't answer so we called aunt sally. you could tell he felt better. he still stayed up for a little bit. i made pacifier attachers and started some laundry. cade finally went to be so i got out easter bunny stuff. oh cade left a carrot cake cupcake and a glass of milk for the easter bunny - his idea. i got the eggs filled and am ready for jude to wake up so i can feed him and go to bed (it has been almost 3 hours since i put him down).

i better check on jude and switch out laundry.

we are taking a family trip next week. just for us! we are so excited.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


today was a good day. i didn't get to sleep in like i wanted but it was ok. chad helped me get ready for my photoshoot so that helped my stress level out. i fixed cinnamon toast for breakfast which is always a big hit with cade and lane. chad posted some videos on my blog. my clients showed up at noon. it was a big group but they were fun. it was really laid back. i have taken part of their pictures before so they were comfortable around me. it took about 2 hours to take the pictures. jude did really good for chad. after i took pictures i ate and we thought of what we could do. it was really windy so we thought about doing another tumbleweed race. but then decided we should call the sassins. we got there around 3 and stayed until 8:30!!! you get sucked in when you go to the sassins. i don't know what it is but you just want to stay a little longer. : ) we had a great time. the boys did some good playing. i got to visit with calley (been too long). Josh made us his famous pizza. i have one word for it - awesome!!! chad said he believes it is the best pizza he has ever had! cade at two big pieces!! calley and i made a low fat dessert that was a HUGE hit with the kids. i really miss hanging out with them!! now we are at home. the boys did a great job getting ready for bed. this is the most calm night in a long time!! i just got feeding jude and fixing to go get my stinky self in the shower. i'm hoping jude will have a good sleep period for me tonight. : ) i'm pretty tired! chad and i stayed up until 12:30 last night. we watched a movie - SCARY!!! i like scary movies but i hate them!! i know lee but i'm too tense through the whole thing and then have stupid dreams!!!! i would prefer not to watch them very often. : ) i hope tomorrow we have another great day. i do have another set of pictures to take and then maybe it will be a beautiful day!! oh i'm taking kambree's (jimmy and keidi) pictures tomorrow but she doesn't really count cause she is so easy. she loves me so much she comes in smiling and stays that way. : ) i better go change a diaper and get that shower. ooohhh, no kids to bother me!! maybe i can actually relax. : )

The Great Tumbleweed Race

What better to do on a windy day in the Panhandle!

The video is really fun, but kinda long, so you might consider watching the fist 2 minutes, then using the red time bar at the bottom of the video to fast forward to about 6 minutes in and watch the exciting finish.
For best viewing, double click the video, then click the HD button.

Jude Smile Video

Shot this video of Jude this morning...His smiles brightened our day, hope they do the same for you!
For best viewing, double click the video then click the HD button.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Guymon snow

Jude playing in the floor.

Cades first gift to a girlfriend!! He was so proud! And she loved it and even wrote a thank you note!

Thursday... wow was i overwhelmed! it was just one of those days. i was tired and the whole routine started over again. took cade to school, finally calmed jude down and he slept so lane and i redid their room. Here is Lane on their bunk beds.

I took lane to mdo then went by walmart. I had to go by walmart and get an outlet connector thing for the boys room. I showed up at cades school early which gave me time to feed jude. i took cade to mdo and then came home. chad wanted to go out to eat so we went to mazzios. jude was cranky (has been the last few days). so i didn't really enjoy lunch like i wish i could have. i was a little rushed. it is hard to eat fast when you have to hold a baby.i came home and finished up judes collage.

I picked up boys and got home. i fixed supper which wasn't good. chad told me i should make the collage another way - which really made me angry because i put time in it - time is what i don't have!! Jude was fussy still but chad got him calmed down. I rushed through cleaning. it needed to be done soooo bad!! so got most the house done. chad left and i was left with the boys. still not in a good mood, the night ended up in me bawling and warn out.

Friday...Pet peeve, having to get up when jude is still sleeping!! we were snuggling and chad walked in and told me that i had 5 minutes before i needed to leave to take cade to school. the good news is that cade was all ready for school. : ) Here is a picture of jude asleep in his swing. you have to watch him because he falls to the side. : )

Lane, jude and i snuggled on the couch which was nice. but then i had to go get cade. we have had a good day so far. we at lunch, then i showed cade how he could play with jude. Sticking your tongue in and out. jude smiles and then gets his tongue going. very cute. wasn't long that jude needed a diaper change so i told cade that jude wanted him to change his diaper. : )

Cade being a helper he jumped to it. it was poop so i cleaned him off but taught cade how to do the diaper.

Jude was pretty happy in the floor so we got camera happy. Cade took some of these.

Playing the tongue game

doing some excersises and he found my finger!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

we made it back from wichita safely. didn't run into any bad spots. the boys were really good on the road!! which made it really nice.

i'm waaaayyyyy behind on housework!! i'm tired of the clutter but how do you stop it from happening. seems like as soon as i pick something up someone put something else down.

Monday... I found out why my mom isn't in the best health. She went to the doctor and found out she has hyperthyroidism. she goes next week to see a specialist. they will decide then how they are going to take care of it. hyper thyroid makes a person lose weight, heart races and many things that for some reason i can't think of!! when they take care of this she should gain 20lbs!! YIPPPPEEEEE!!!! i'm so excited for her to get "fat". : ) I LOVE YOU MOM!!! the doctor also found a nodule on her thyroid. they will do a biopsie on it next week. 10 percent of nodules are cancerous and is least common in hyperthyroid. I also learned that thyroid cancer is slow moving, therefore easier to treat and most of them are NOT life threatening. I'm pretty confident that it isn't cancer. I'm so glad that she went to the doctor!! she has been heavy on my heart and my mind. no matter what she may think - her kids still NEED HER!! it just makes me so happy that we are figuring out what is wrong and kicking it in the butt!! : )

tuesday chad and i decided we would take the boys to the movies. thought it would be fun for the family. do it on the weekday, less people at the show, easier to feed jude if needed. so all day we were all excited to go. after supper i asked the boys to pick up toys (we do everynight before bed). guess what they were not listening. we told them and told them. finally chad made the call to tell them we weren't going to the movies. : ( bummer!! it needed to be done to teach the boys but man i was sad!! maybe next week. Cade was heartbroken. i don't know if lane even soaks in punishment or not. so we did something different. lane fell asleep on his bed. i did my walking tape (finally started!!) chad decided to take jude and go to his dads. this is the first time jude has been out of the house without me. : ( I was glad i was working out to help with the stress of that. i took a shower and cade put the dishes away and we got some snuggle time. chad came back home a couple hours later. i was pretty antsy!! i was ready to have my baby back. he did say that he had a really good visit. glenna finally got some good snuggle time with jude. : )

Wednesday... I found out that a friend of some of the youth from our church in arkansas has a brain tumor at the base of the brain stem. : ( they did surgery today and removed it but had to put him in a coma. I think he just graduated from high school last year!! I pray that God heals him.

I also found out some other bad/good news. my best friend genea - her husband zac was in a car wreck about 2 wks ago. some guy hit him going 45 miles per hour and he was stopped. He got bad whip lash, concussion and a bruise on his brain!!! he has been going to therapy and now can move his neck 45 degrees each way (couldn't move it at all after the wreck.) a bruise on the brain has symptoms of brain damage. He gets dizzy, bad headaches, forgets - messed up short term memory, irritable. she said he is def. not zac right now. : (. the good news is that he will heal (could take up to 6 mths) and he is still with us!!! I ask for everyone that reads this to please pray for Zac, Genea, and Aiden. Genea has a lot on her shoulders - so much i didn't mention. She really needs some strength right now!

Chad and I got the boys a bunk bed today. we have been talking about it so i did it. I also got a good deals on mattresses. They are really excited about their big boy beds!! Chad is putting them together right now (11:24 p.m) He is close to being done. the boys are on the couch tonight but will wake up to big beds in their rooms. they are big!! it is only a twin size but man!! my boys are not going to get that big!! : ) LOL!

better go chad just said the beds are done. plus i need to get to bed!!!