Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wow, can you say behind?! I have been pretty busy with pictures lately. I have had a senior, family, and newborn. I have been trying to get the pictures done. I'm almost caught up in time to do a dogs picture and another senior.

Big news - Lane turned 4!!! I can't believe it. As I think everyone knows Lily and Lane share a birthday. So since Lane got last years bday weekend, Lily got it this year. Aunt Sally made Lane feel very special. Thanks Aunt Sally! She and Lily made him his own cake. : ) We did it on his bday morning. It was extra special because Uncle Billy, Aunt Christa and the boys came.

Happy Birthday My sweet Lane!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Priss!!! I love you sweet pea!

Here is siblings with their kids. Yes half of the kids are mine. LOL! : ) Love my family!!

When we got home on Sunday, We did presents with daddy.

Also that night Chad told me about a house I had called about a few weeks ago. It was sold when the sign went out in the lawn. We heard the people who bought it got a great deal. Well Chad saw the sold sign was off so i called about it.

Yep We bought it. It is a remodeling job! We are pretty excited about it. Def. working hard to get our house done so we can put it on the market. Then we get to start all over. : )

Chad got Lane a rocket for his birthday so on Monday we went and shot it off. Grandpa and Gigi came to join the fun. It was really cool and would have been an awesome evening if it wasn't for the mosqitos!!

This weekend we had Lanes bday party!

Lane's rocket cake - theme monsters vs aliens

We didn't have it where I had planned but that is ok. We still had a good time. There was a huge misunderstanding on the first location.

Here are all the kids who came, plus baby jordyn who was sleeping in her mommas arms.

Do you think he is happy? : )

The kids played hard, ate ice cream and cake, opened presents, did the pinata. The kids had a blast. Thanks for everyone who came to make Lanes bday a special one. Thanks Rick and Glenna for the decorations!!

Saturday morning Beta Sigma Phi had our beginning meeting. Just wanted to share the group minus a few ladies!

Just wanted to share some snap shots. Here is Jude right before a bath. Just thought it was really cute. He LOVES bath time. When he gets in the bathroom and realizes what is fixing to happen he squils! It is really cute!
This is the first time Lane and Jude has taken a real bath together. : )

This was tonight. Jude was playing in the hallway. He is crawling up on his knees now. He does still do the army crawl. He sits up really good, loves food, and can pull him self to standing on anything that will let him. He has started walking with his "hot rod". We will be taken videos soon of this. The video camera is dead right now.

I took a picture of me blowing on Judes cheek. He has a great smile!!

Me and my baby

Cade had checked out a book yesterday from the school library about puppets. So tonight the boys made some puppets. We haven't got to do a puppet show yet because lanes will need all night for all the glue to dry! : )

The boys are doing great in school. They are awesome on their bikes. Lane has some pretty crazy crashes but he continues to get better. This weekend would have been a hospital visit if it wasn't for a bike helmet. : ( glad i wasn't there to see it happen!!

Things are crazy here trying to get the house done and life thrown in there. It is hard to stay caught up on here.There will be more pictures that i will send through shutterfly. I better go so i can get cade and lane to bed.

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