Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wow - can you say way behind?

So trying to think of where to start. We finished the house on circle drive. Chads step dad came and helped us finish. We were feeling pretty overwhelmed and so thankful that he came. When he was here chad found out he had a hernia so he had surgery the next day! So glad for the help that i have, because it was a very stressful time with getting the house done, 3 kids, husband to take care of and all his duties. We all made it through. we are moved into the new house. Still not organized but we are getting there.

Halloween 09 - The boys dressed up as Alvin and the chipmunks. Gary gave me the idea and I ran with it. I must say they were so dang cute!!! We went to the fall carnival and played games and the boys loved the cake walk! Then halloween night chads mom came with me and we took the boys trick or treating.

Cade was also diagnosed with thrush. Poor baby!! His mouth was horrible but we got it taken care of.

Cade is 6!! I can't believe it! What a great kid he is! He is so smart and is prob. going to be some kind of architect/engineering guy or a video game junkie. : ) He loves building things!! He got several bionicals and legos for his bday which he masters very quickly. I made him a skateboard cake and had some of his friends over for a party. It was a fast planned party (like an hour). We got cade mario kart and i must say it is addicting!! we are all hooked! it is funny because just gets frustrated when cade beats him. : ) I'm not to shabby either. Cade is very sincere. Somebody asked me one time who is the better babysitter for jude. My answer was Lane if you want to keep jude happy and laughing but Cade if you want to keep him safe.

Thanksgiving - We had thanksgiving at my house but with Glennas cooking with Rick, glenna, allyssa and her kids, and dana and her kids. It was really great food and great company. Plus it made me get busy on getting some stuff situated in the house.

For thanksgiving day we went to colorado springs to chads moms. Food was great as usual and it was a relaxing time. Jude did get sick but at least we were there where i could take care of him and the other boys taken care of by the grandparents. : ) chad and i also got to go out and do some shopping for christmas. Black friday was fun. Bill got up with me early and I got what i wanted except for my bike. We got a camera for cade and a basketball goal for lane. : ) I"m so excited!!! A few days later (after getting home ) i made a walmart trip for groceries and there in the front was the bike!! so i snatched it up!! wahoo, even got extra's on black friday - a cricket expression! so excited to use it. Happy birthday to me. : )

We have all of our christmas stuff out which i love! Rick brought over some wood and so we got to build a fire!! we have a fire burning a lot. The cashier at walmart said "i smell something like a campfire" i started laughing and said that is prob. me!!!

Cade had his christmas program last night. He made me laugh. He wanted to do everything right so his face was total concentration. Makes me wonder if that is how chad was. : ) I could see chad up there in cade.

Jude is 10 mths today!!! oh wow how time passes!!!

a little about him
-size 3 diapers
-6mth pants but 12 mth onsies
-he can make baskets with his basketball goal
-loves playing with balls
-loves getting into the cabinet and anything else he shouldn't get into. : )
-walks while holding on to things
-he has stood alone for a few seconds but then realizes it and sits down
-loves food - cheese and bananas, cereal bars
-getting better with sippy cup
-does this nod thing that is hilarious
-boucies on his butt
-still loves the kitty
-likes to look for things
-starting to become a daddys boy, he loves being around daddy
-nursing about 4 or 5 times in a 24 hr period.

He is such a funny little guy. I'm so lucky to have my boys!!

Since I wrote about the other two I should write about Lane. He is getting better on his letters at school. He really enjoys going. He has been awesome at picking up stuff that he gets out. Loves loves loves going across the street to grandpa and gigi's. I think he would stay over there all the time if I would let him. Chad taught him how to start a fire in the fireplace - of course he doesn't do the lighter part but he can build it to have it ready. : )

I'm continuing to lose weight. Had to start back on my diet and excercise. Yes i get to workout again and man have i been sore!!

Chad has healed from his surgery and i love being around him. : )

So i can't post any pictures because chad is working and it messes up with his connection but at least i'm up to date!

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