Friday, April 30, 2010

Today was a pretty good day, even though I was woken up at 6;30 on a non school day. I made chocolate gravy and sausage gravy and of course biscuits. It was busy. Some ladies and I met up at the activity center and put Team Kaci fliers on windshields. then we ate at the rotary bbq. After lunch I went to Calley's. Had a feeling she needed some help. She did. She has been doing a lot and just want her to know that I'm here to help and it isn't all on her shoulders. We had several people pick up their shirts and lots of cookies dropped off. We will be handing out cookies to Kaci supporters as a small thank you. We have put them in individual bags tied with ribbon, which has been some work now. : ) Am thankful for the amount of cookies we got. I left Calleys in time to deliver a shirt, get supper on the table (crockpot meal), visit with glenna, and take part of supper to friends. We then loaded up and went to the carnival. I love watching the boys be so happy. they had a blast. the Mulls, Sassins were there. When they left we found tate, ryan and mya. The boys had a ball!!! we then decided everyone was hungry so we went to walmart and got stuff for nachos. : ) Went by braums and got some ice cream (chad wanted rocky road) and came home. Ate nachos and now all the boys are asleep. Well jude is asleep on me so i hope he stays asleep.

Chads eye started hurting really bad after we got home. So he went to bed. Bret still isn't certan what is going on. He is going to check it on sunday again.

Tomorrow is a busy day we have parade, set up booth, friend cookout, go work booth, come home, eat supper and then rodeo. So I'm going to bed. : )